22 C22 A Duel Between Friends

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The girl's dormitory is separated from the boys, so Druella and Tom had to separate. It's up a flight of stairs that's warded against boys. Tom was a bit worried about his new friend. Druella is his first real friend in this world, and she picked a horrible time to come into his life. He's just worried that the Slytherin girls will bully her for being close to the 'mudblood'. In these people's eyes, Tom isn't even a half-blood, He's a Muggle-Born that was sorted into the great house of Salazar Slytherin. Girls can be very mean when they want to be, and he worry's for his friend's safety. He knows that they are just kids, but who knows if one of them throws a curse at her and maims or worse kills hers.

As Tom was thinking of this, he found his room fairly easily. It was very easy to find as It had the words 'DIRTY MUDBLOOD' carved into the wooden door directly under his nameplate. Tom merely sighed and walked into his new room. Thankfully, nothing in the room was damaged. Tom knew things like this would happen, but it's still annoying to have to deal with it. Though he did prepare for this. He read about wards and found something that even someone of his skill level can do with a bit of difficulty.

He pulled his pendant sized trunk off of his bracelet, enlarged the trunk, and pumped a bit of magic into the lock to open it. Tom searches through his trunk until he found his carving tools. He then walked to the door and spent the next half an hour carving some fairly easy runes and arrays into the door. Although the runes are easy, that doesn't mean they were easy to him. He's only had a month of magic study and practice. Even with his perfect recall, he still needs more time to hone his skills. Tom can remember the runes and arrays perfectly, but he needs more time to practice carving them.

Once he was finished carving, Tom double checked everything just to be sure. He doesn't want the door to implode on itself because of faulty carving. As he saw that everything seemed good, he placed his hand on the center of an array and activated the ward. The door shone faintly for a moment as the ward was powered by Toms magic. The ward itself is nothing that special. It will reinforce the door magically and no one but Tom can get in, as the key to enter is Tom's magic. That will simultaneously keep people out and power the ward regularly.

Once Tom finished with his work, he walked out of the room to test it. Everything worked perfectly and as he was about to go back into his room, he heard a group of girls arguing. Worried that it may be Druella being picked on, Tom follows the voices to the stairs that lead to the girl's dormitory. As he was about to peek up the stairs, he suddenly heard Druella's voice yell the name of a spell.

"Depulso!" She yelled and suddenly an older female student came flying down the stairs and smacked into the floor.

As Tom stepped around the knocked out older girl, He could see an irate Druella holding her wand and threatening some other girls.

'Maybe I was worrying for nothing? She seems to be able to handle herself fairly well.' Tom thought as a small smile appeared on his lips. "Hey, Drue!" He called out. "Did you find your room already?"

Druella glances sideways towards Tom while keeping her wand trained on the frightened elder students. At first, they wanted to help Druella and explain that her friend is a dirty mudblood, but Druella just wouldn't listen. Seeing as she wanted to be friends with muggle-born filth, they decided to start bullying her as Tom feared. Except it didn't go well for them, based on the knocked out girl that just flew down the stairs. Now the elder students can't even draw their wands, as Druella has hers pointed at them waiting for the slightest twitch to send them hurtling down the stairs as well.

"Yeah, I did. Did you find yours as well?" Druella says as she shoos the older students away with her wand. "You can go now."

"Yeah, I already settled in. Do you want to go and explore for a bit before bed?" Tom says as he completely ignores the now retreating students.

"Yeah, let's go and 'Drue', really?" She says with a happy smile as the students have already left.

"I think it fits you." Tom says as they walk off.

Druella and Tom explore the Dungeons outside of the Slytherin common room. The castle is far too big for them to go too far, as it's already getting late. While they walked Tom decided to get a bit serious.

"You do know that being friends with me will alienate you from the rest of our house, right?" Tom says as they walk the empty halls.

"Yeah, but when I make friends I don't just abandon them like some people." She says referring to Orion and Abraxas. Well, maybe not Abraxas as he didn't talk enough to become friends with Tom.

"Alright, but what will your parents think? Aren't they hardcore blood purists?" Tom asks.

"Yeah, but it's not like I'm going to marry you. They'll be mad for a bit, but I'll work my magic and they'll get over it." She says with a small laugh.

"Alright, but if it's going to be me and you against the world, we need to take some precautions and start your training. I can't have my first friend getting bullied, hurt, or worse." Tom says and Druella raises an eyebrow at him.

"You do know that I was trained in magic years before you even received your acceptance letter?" She says with a bit of arrogance in her voice.

"Oh, really? I propose a bet. We will have a friendly duel. If I win, you will follow my training schedule." Tom offers with a confident smirk.

"What do I get when I win?" She asks with her own confident smirk.

"What do you want?" Tom asks back.

"Hmm, I want you to be my servant for an entire day." She says with an innocent expression.

"Alright, deal." Tom agrees easily. "This place is as good as any, so let's have our duel now."

"Hehe, I can't wait to have my own man-servant," Druella says as they stand 15 feet apart and take out their wands.

"We'll see what happens. Are you ready?" Tom asks as he pulls out a shiny gold Galleon.

"Yeah, how should we start this?" Drue asks.

"I'm going to toss this coin between us. The second it hits the ground, the duel will commence." Tom says and tosses the coin.

The coin flips through the air flipping as it makes its way to the stone floor of the dungeon floor. As they heard it hit the ground, each of them fires a spell.

"Locomotor Mortis!" Drue yelled as lightning sparked on her wand.

"Protego." Tom called as the lightning shot from her wand.

The magical lightning traveled through the air and impacted an invisible shield before it could touch Tom. The spell bounced off the shield and impacted the dungeon's ceiling.

Druella, who wasn't taking the duel seriously a moment ago, became extremely serious. Protego isn't a spell that first years are taught, as it's hard to picture something invisible. Even her parents haven't taught her that spell yet. When Tom saw her confident smirk disappear, he smiled and motion for her to bring it on.

"Titillando!" She calls and Tom side steps another bolt of magic, but Druella was hoping for this. "Stupefy!" She calls and aims her wand at where Tom is stepping.

"Protego, Locomotor Mortis, Stupefy, Expelliarmus." Tom says consecutively and a shield once again blocks Druella's attack. Then he fires the same leg-locking curse that she fired at him, and she sidestepped it fairly easily. Then came the last two spells, which caused her a bit more trouble. Although she was able to dodge being stupefied, in order to do so she had to dive to the ground. The second she landed on the ground, the last spell hit her, and Druella's wand launched out of her hand. Landing a few feet in front of where Tom is standing casually.

"It looks like I've won." Tom calls it as he steps forward and picks up her wand. "Training starts bright and early at 3 am every morning. Be up and ready by then, please."

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