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When Tom awoke from his sleep, his head was aching, but he could barely understand the change that happened to him. After getting used to the dull pain in his head, Tom sat up in bed and just stared at the wall. As he stared at the wall, memories from the two merged souls play in his mind. He feels as if he has lived as both Tom Riddle and this other soul. The memories of both lives play in his mind as he relives everything either person has ever experienced. While in this state, the matron enters the room and sees that Tom is awake. She immediately turns around and leaves the room to inform the doctor. Tom didn't notice her at all, as he is too preoccupied with the memories that are integrating into his mind.

He didn't know that their souls merged, but he does have the memories of another life inside his head. The memories that are now in his mind are of a boy named Gregory. Gregory lived in a world similar to his and died whilst crossing the street. Both of their memories had nothing to explain how they ended up merging though. That's right, merging. Tom isn't just Tom anymore. He may go by that name from now on, but he is a mixture of both Gregory and Tom. I guess that would make him a new person. The feeling of being two people and living such separate lives is definitely an odd one.

'How could Greg's consciousness make its way here to this universe? Instead of dimension-hopping, it could be some sort of time travel. Maybe it's one of my past lives that I'm remembering somehow? Does this have something to do with that odd letter?' He thinks and something clicks in his mind as he remembers the letter.

That letter was addressed to Tom M. Riddle. Hogwarts! The letter said that the school is called Hogwarts. Oh my god, I'm in the Harry Potter universe. This is just like those fan-fictions I've read as Gregory! Gregory must have transmigrated into Tom and now here we are. Isn't the person being transmigrated supposed to take over the body though? I don't think I've ever read a fan-fiction where they merge.

Whatever, it's not like I can do anything about it. At least I'm not Harry. That boy had to deal with way too much sh*t from a young age. Tom Riddle may not have had it good, but I can work with this.

From now on I'm Tom Riddle. I don't quite agree with the things the old Tom has done, but I'll just have to move past it. I may not agree with what he did, but I couldn't care less about the fact that he did it, and I certainly won't be apologizing for it. Tom was good at covering his tracks anyway, so I probably have nothing to worry about.

Suddenly, the door to Tom's room slams open, and in walks a worried looking matron followed by an elderly man with a stethoscope hanging on his neck. The man moves to Tom's side and starts asking him question after question. How are you feeling? Do you know who you are? Where you are? Why did your head hurt so much? Did you eat anything funny? Throughout these nonstop questions, the matron stood over me with a worried expression.

Once Tom answered every question given by the doctor, he says that Tom probably just had a really bad migraine and to let him know if it happens again. When the doctor finally left, the matron brought me food and told me to rest.

Dinner was pretty disgusting compared to the foods Gregory used to eat. The old Tom was used to the orphanage's horrible food, but now it makes him want to throw up. He knew that if he wasted this food, he wouldn't get any more as the orphanage isn't exactly rolling in money. With the thought that eating bad food is better than starving constantly repeating in his mind, Tom tries to eat as quickly as possible to get it over with.

Once his plate was empty, it was time to come up with a game plan. Dumbledore will be arriving in a week and he needs to come up with a plan. One, he needs to get a book on occlumency to protect his future knowledge. A lot of fan-fictions that he's read say that the twinkle in Dumbledore's eye is him using legilimency to read someone's mind. Tom already knows that Dumbledore is going to be suspicious of him. The Matron and the kids will probably say something about him, so there's a big chance that he will read my mind or at least try to.

The question is how will Tom learn occlumency in just one week? He could try to learn occlumency from scratch without any help, but that would take far longer than it would if he had a book that explained it. This brings Tom to the conclusion that he needs to go to Diagon Alley. He needs to buy a book on occlumency in order to study and get his mind protected. There is only one problem, Tom has no idea where to find the place. Even if he knew where it was, he had no way of getting there other than walking, and that could only happen if he's able to sneak out somehow.

Suddenly, an idea sparks to life in Tom's head. It may not work but it's worth a try. If it does work then he will have a book on occlumency by the end of the day.

'It's worth a try.' He thinks as he opens his mouth to speak. "If there are any house-elves that haven't bonded with a family, I'm interested in becoming your master." Tom stated out loud and wait for a couple of moments for any type of response.


"Mimsy is lookin' for a master to serve!"

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