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I’m The Definition of Invincible


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Dilan Retner was a young man who after long contemplation finally decided to off himself due to extreme boredom. Strangely enough however, he found himself opening his eyes moments after only to be greeted with a sight he wouldn't see anywhere but in his dreams. As a young man with countless fantasies that clouded his thoughts, of course he was ecstatic to learn that he was in a world filled with beings who could be labeled as gods in his previous world. However, he was inside of a novel he was binging not too long before killing himself, naturally this isn’t bad, if anything, this was great! With knowledge of the plot, everything both in and out of this world was his for the taking as long as he played his cards correctly right? Right!? Well that would be the case if he were not reborn into someone that had their death ticket signed long before his arrival. His death was written in stone, and he was powerless in making a difference. That is until he awakened, long after anyone was supposed to. He got a strange ability, one that he wouldn’t change for the world, with this, he could be OP the very night he awakened it, or any night for that matter, as if the ability wasn't enough, he got a system to boot. With this, he was the absolute definition of invincible! ————————————————— I was literally sitting on the toilet and just decided to do this. Thus, I have no idea if this will be updated at all let alone at a regular rate. Probably only when I’m bored or something, unless it does well of course. If that is the case, I might settle on 2 chapters a day. The harem tag is there but I'm not completely sure of it, there will most definitely be a lover but there's potential for more than one, 3 is definitely my max though. THERE IS FACE-SLAPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [The cover does not belong to me and I’m open to changing it any time. Provided I find something cool of course :))] PS: I have a horrible mind, though I haven’t made any plans for this novel, I can tell you that some horrible things will be done ex. Rape, Torture etc.


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