8 Special Advisor

The SCP Foundation has divided the institutional facilities under its jurisdiction into Site, Area, Sector, Unit, and other categories by size, collectively known as Sites. These sites are usually disguised as government or corporate backgrounds, such as Site-14, where Yang Xue is located, which was claimed to be the headquarters of a pharmaceutical company.

Most sites hosting high-risk anomalies have extreme countermeasures and failsafe, such as built-in nuclear warheads. Of course, this mechanism should be used only as a last resort.

Recently, many things have happened in Site-14. Among them, the most influential is the termination of the SCP-682 experiment that failed, made a big mess of the test site, and was eventually reinstituted.

Zhang Jue's role in this event was immeasurable, especially since he was immune to the effects of SCP-053, which was surprising. Word of mouth has spread, and now Zhang Jue has a high reputation at Site-14, and many staff members wanted him to join the SCP Foundation.

That Dr. Li, who wanted to harm him, had become a dog that everyone shouted at. Deputy Site Director Huang Xingwen immediately decided to lock up Dr. Li and wait for the Foundation to do further investigation and treatment.

The third day after this incident, the Site Director who went to the headquarters for a meeting, Yang Xue's uncle, Yang Wenbai, finally returned. After a brief encounter with Deputy Site Director Huang Xingwen, he beckoned to see Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue arrived at the Site Director's office, led by Yang Xue. "Hello, Mr. Zhang Jue."

Yang Wenbai stepped out from behind his desk and shook Zhang Jue's hand with a smile on his face. Zhang Jue inclined his head and extended his hand. Yang Xue was a little surprised. This wasn't like something her uncle would do, to be too polite to Zhang Jue, a little bit vigor.

She wanted to leave but was called back by Yang Wenbai. "Xue, don't rush to leave. You, as a representative of the staff at this site, happen to be a witness."

"Witness?" Yang Xue was unsure.

Zhang Jue said, "Site Director Wenbai, say what you have to say. There is no need to make so many twists and turns."

Zhang Jue's words were a bit rude, and Yang Xue wanted to say something to round things off, but she found that her uncle didn't seem to be angry.

"Mr. Zhang is quick to speak. Then I won't beat around the bush." Yang Wenbai took out a document from the table, and his expression turned serious.

"Mr. Zhang Jue, on behalf of the SCP Foundation, I would like to officially inform you that you have passed the Foundation's examination, and the Foundation will lift the restrictions on you and grant you legal status, and at the same time, we also extend a sincere invitation to you to join the Foundation and contribute to the survival of human society. Mr. Zhang, are you willing to become a member of the SCP Foundation?"

When Yang Wenbai finished, Yang Xue was slightly stunned; the thing she had thought about most in the past two days was how to convince her uncle to let Zhang Jue join the Foundation, but she had not expected her uncle to bring back the Foundation's stamped documents directly.

It had only been three days since Zhang Jue had assisted in the containment of SCP-682, and her report had just been written, so where did the Foundation executives learn about this?

Yang Xue was confused, and it seemed that the top management of the Foundation did have a lot of secrets that were not known to anyone. But she hadn't mentioned it to Zhang Jue yet, so she didn't know what his attitude would be.

Yang Xue glanced at Zhang Jue, but the latter's face was expressionless, and he could not tell whether he was happy or angry.

Zhang Jue said calmly, "Identity is my condition."

Seemingly expecting him to ask this question, Yang Wenbai replied, "Your status was specially approved by the O5 Council (The Top Leadership of SCP, 13 people in total) as a special advisor to the SCP Foundation, a B-level person, and granted Level 4 Security Authority."

Special Advisor? Hearing this, Yang Xue faintly stared. She had worked in SCP Foundation for many years and had never heard of such a title, thinking that it was indeed a special approval from the O5 Council and there was a high possibility that this position was created for Zhang Jue alone.

As for the security authority assigned to Zhang Jue, it was even higher and more frightening.

Generally speaking, the SCP Foundation classifies personnel into four levels, A, B, C, and D, according to their importance, and security privileges are divided into six levels: 0 (For Official Use Only), 1 (Confidential), 2 (Restricted), 3 (Secret), 4 (Thaumiel), and 5 (Thaumiel).

B-level personnel with level 4 security clearance are already higher than the vast majority of the Foundation's personnel and arguably just below the O5 Council members. At Site-14, he had almost the same authority as the two Site Directors, only slightly inferior in rank.

She quietly glanced at Zhang Jue. What secrets were hidden in this man's body could make the Foundation's senior management pay so much attention. She gradually became curious.

Having said that, Yang Wenbai kept his mouth shut and waited for Zhang Jue's reply. Zhang Jue pinched his chin with his thumb and forefinger, seemingly weighing the pros and cons. Yang Xue's heart was a little nervous.

She wanted Zhang Jue to join the Foundation; the knowledge in Zhang Jue's mind would allow a lot of research to go smoothly and reduce many needless sacrifices. On top of that, she had a selfish thought, if Zhang Jue could be immune to the effects of the SCP anomalous trait, could she ask him to help her, to find her father.

After a very long period of silence, Zhang Jue opened his mouth. "Site Director Wenbai, I admit that the conditions offered by the Foundation are very high, but trying to pull people in, the Foundation seems to have fallen behind on the most important point."

Hearing that his words were wrong, Yang Wenbai faintly froze and raised his eyebrows, "Oh? What is it?"

At this moment, Yang Xue's heart was already thumping. No one knew her uncle better than her. He seemed kind, but he had a heart and an intelligent mind. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been the Site Director of The SCP Foundation for more than ten years.

The way he raised his eyebrows was a harbinger of anger. Yang Xue was afraid that Zhang Jue would make an excessive demand and let the negotiations break down. She wanted to tell Zhang Jue that the terms offered by the Foundation had actually been quite sincere and could even be considered an honor.

No one else other than him had ever been offered such a high deal. But it turned out that she had overestimated Zhang Jue's lower limit.

"As a recruiter, the SCP Foundation has no idea what his employees really want!" Zhang Jue shook his head, gritted his teeth, and said, "What bullshit Level 4 Authority, do I use to lay cubs - how much do you work a month, how are your working hours arranged, 996? 007? are there five insurance and one gold, how much is the year-end bonus, is there a share of stock? This is a fucking problem. This is what I fucking care about, right?"

Zhang Jue looked agitated, a bit furious, and threw out a bunch of questions, spittle flying around. Yang Wenbai was baffled by his questions. As the Site Director of the SCP Foundation, his focus was on the world-class issues of destruction. He didn't expect these questions raised by Zhang Jue.

On the other hand, Yang Xue covered her forehead with her hand, feeling her brain hurt. She wondered if there was some kind of shadow in Zhang Jue's childhood, how he had grown into such a freak!

"Fine, fine!" Yang Wenbai hurriedly waved his hand, stopping Zhang Jue's barrage, "I'll call and ask right now. I promise to give you a satisfactory answer."

"That's more like it." Zhang Jue grunted, "Site Director Wenbai, I'll say it upfront, if the final result is unsatisfactory to me--"

Yang Wenbai hurriedly answered, "Then I'll deduct it from my salary to you, Mr. Zhang, that's fine with you, right?"

"Well... okay." Zhang Jue nodded, still somewhat reluctantly.

Yang Wenbai cried and laughed, saying, "Then the matter of joining the Foundation-"

Zhang Jue hummed, "Since you're so sincere, Site Director Wenbai, I'll reluctantly agree - you can't back out of a deal you promised me."

"That's fine by me." Having settled the essential matter, Site Director Wenbai was in a good mood, and he smiled, extending his hand once again.

"Then Advisor Zhang, welcome to be a part of the SCP Foundation."

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