1 Sayin wishes

"SO CHILD PICK YOUR DAMN WISHES ALREADY!" God says pointing at the paper "Heh.. Don't worry I will I will chill down"

'Alright First wish to write down is to be a planet' 'second is to have a planet system and an anime system' "Okay god I'm done!" Says Ashiro handing the paper to god. god reply's "WHY AN ANIME SYSTEM IM SO TIRED OF MAKING THESE STUPID MF SYSTEMS I MEAN YOU LAZY PEOPLE THAT'S WHY IM ALWAYS CHANGING FATE TO DROP THESE PEOPLE OMFG," God says while Ashiro is whistling

"God-san it is not a bad thing like I am gonna have to work I won't get stuff in the future without working for it first but no promises :)"

"Ugh fine there you go"

"Here we go!"


"Hm it is a bunch of stars and ..I'm a first level planet i'm a rock" "System what galaxy am I in?"

[Galaxy 82-B Remains undiscovered in-universe 28-C]


[Level till becoming a core sized rock: 100]

-He becomes level 100 on chp 100-

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