2 The Holy Emperor!

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Lorne looked at the two merchants with shock from the boldness of what they said. Were they so bored that they actually wanted to listen to him talk about the King of Lolan in the tavern?! Were all the merchants nowadays so restless? So much so that they dare bring up topics like these?

Lorne immediately shook his head.

"You guys are making things too difficult for me. I dare not speak of this. How am I to so casually speak of something like this?"

Charles immediately smiled and patted Lorne on the shoulder.

"It's fine. It's just a healthy discussion. Do you think I can sue you for this? It won't do me any good if I do anyway.

"This discussion would just be a figment of my imagination. Everyone has their own opinions, let's compare it and see if you think the same as us, boss."

Lorne pursed his lips as he hesitated.

"If you really insist, the king is the incarnation of a God. Since he is the incarnation of a God, he should have the image of a God.

"He's a few meters tall. He's big and strong. His voice is as loud as thunder.

"His face looks dignified. There are thousands of golden lights that shine behind him. For every step he makes, the divine light would illuminate his way.

"On the battlefield, he can easily take down thousands of soldiers with just a glance. His one shout could shatter mountains, and his one stomp could destroy the very world we stand on!"


Lorne became more and more excited as he spoke. He even stood up and described the so-called 'Image of God' to Charles and Vincent.

At first, the two businessmen only twitched their mouths. Later, Vincent could not hold it in anymore and began to laugh loudly as he clutched onto his stomach. He laughed so much that he even burst into tears.

Charles immediately glared at the laughing man, but then he too burst in fits of laughter that followed closely after.

It was not until a while later that the two stopped laughing.

"I say... boss... how can there be such a divine incarnation in this world?"

"Don't tease us anymore. Say something serious. We're really curious about what you personally think about the king's image."

Charles and Vincent looked at Lorne with curiosity.

Lorne saw that he did not fool them, so he could only sigh and sit down.

"If I were to speak the truth, you two must promise to not share it with anyone else!"

Charlton immediately nodded.

"Boss, don't worry. We're just bored, we really have nothing to do, so we want to listen. We're not fools, why would we casually publicize these things?"

Lorne nodded. He believed in the sincerity of these two merchants. Anyway, he knew that in the past, King Kyle was one of the rare kings who did not get punished by the people.

Even if he decided to share a little bit about what he knew, nothing bad should happen, right? With this conclusion, Lorne carried on with what he was saying.

"In fact, according to what I said earlier, our king really is a rare good king. He could even be called the Great Emperor of Saint Ming!"

Charles showed a faint expression of joy when he heard that, but he quickly hid it. 

Lorne, however, did not see Charles's expression. He just continued on with his rambling. 

"The great Lolan Empire would not have today's prosperous achievements if it were not for him. The current king is absolutely indispensable!

"The King of Lolan is a rare and good king. I know that his deeds shall be sung through the ages!

"Previously, when the Lolan Empire encountered a schism, the nobles split up and took over a part of the empire. This issue brought endless disaster to the people, causing many lives to experience poverty. In White Horse City and West Sun City, there were countless starving people. The people sold their children for money and all they ate was dirt. It was a tragic sight.

"Fortunately, the King of Lolan established a unified country and gave the people a stable financial environment to live in. He also created a new law to help the people of Lolan get through the desolation and poverty after the war that happened between the nobles...

"Not only that, but he's also a tolerant and magnanimous man. He humbly accepted all the criticism and suggestions from his people. Moreover, he had the demeanor of a great king!

"Up to this day, under his leadership, the Lolan Empire has become the most powerful empire in the world!

"How could such a king not be called an absolute Saint?!

"Therefore, I believe that the current King of Lolan is a saint, a king that would reside in history books forever!"

Charles's eyes were full of astonishment after hearing this.

"Boss, do you really mean what you say?"

Lorne did not think too much of his excitement and nodded affirmatively. "Of course, there are only the three of us here. I'm just telling you what I feel. I don't need to please anyone, so obviously I'm being sincere about this."

Seeing this, Charles could not help but drink finish his wine.

"Your evaluation is much too generous. If the king knew about this, he would be very happy. He might even give you a lot of rewards."

Lorne waved his hand nonchalantly.

"What's the big deal? There are many people who say such things in front of the king. I'm not one to lag behind either."

Although Lorne said so, Charles knew that these words had a completely different meaning from what other people had said. Knowing this, Charles could not help but feel even happier.

Seeing that the food on the table was finished, Charles happily took out a bag full of coins and threw it at Lorne.


After Lorne caught it, he instantly felt the weight of the money bag. It was so heavy, that the many coins in the bag made a lot of metallic sounds when tossed over.

"Boss, what you said was very interesting. Here's the payment for the food."

Lorne nodded to the two men with satisfaction. It was because of these extra coins that he had the mood to talk to the two men.

After all, people had to eat.

"Take care, you two. You're both welcome to visit next time!"

With that, Lorne began to clear the table.

However, what he did not see was that the moment Charles walked out of the door, his back suddenly straightened, while Vincent's posture bent slightly.

After the two merchants walked out of the door, a large number of people in linen clothes immediately surrounded them from all directions, protecting the two.

Charles, who was friendly and unassuming just a moment ago, suddenly turned majestic. His face turned serious, and his every move was full of the natural temperament of a superior.

"Rosen, what do you think of this tavern boss?"

"Your Majesty, this tavern boss is an honest man. Those words he spoke of just now were indeed from the heart. Based on his view, the king is the Holy King!"


That's right, these two 'merchants' were actually King Kyle and his minister, Van Hatton Rosen, who had gone out to experience the people's conditions.

A month ago, Charles, who was also known as King Kyle, had gone out to observe his people's condition. While doing so, he accidentally stumbled upon this tiny tavern and was immediately attracted to Lorne's cooking. So every now and then, he would visit him to enjoy the delicacies.

Every time he came here, he would ask Lorne some questions about the people to see what his people were like. Not only that, but he would also try to ask if his people were suffering from anything that he could assist with.

Lorne had never noticed that Charles was actually King Kyle. He only knew that these two merchants enjoyed eating in his very own tiny tavern at the corner of the street. After all, he would have never considered the king of all people to enter his tiny tavern. 

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