1 Collecting the bounty.

"Here's the promised reward." The old man gestured to his bodyguard. He nodded and opened the trunk of the car. Inside, there was a suitcase about half a meter long and half a meter wide. The bodyguard took the briefcase with difficulty, it seemed to be quite heavy. Sweat fell down his forehead as he handed the suitcase to the man in front of his master. He exhaled a sigh of relief when the man took the briefcase.

Theo took the suitcase in one hand and frowned, but relaxed it quickly. Theo looked at the briefcase in his hands with an indecipherable look. He seemed to be thinking seriously about something. The old man waited for Theo to open the case to check the payment so he could leave at once.

"Code" The old man heard a cold, distorted voice from Theo. The raven's beak-shaped mask covering the lower half of Theo's face worked as a voice distorter. This didn't surprise the old man; this was the second time he had interacted with Theo, so it wasn't strange to him, although he wished he could escape because of the chills it gave him.

"Y-Yes! The code is 0-0-0-0," The old man replied, his voice shaking.

Theo nodded, not doubting the old man's words at all. He entered the code and opened the suitcase. Inside the briefcase were two hundred packs of 500 euro banknotes, each pack containing 100 banknotes. The old man looked at the suitcase with bright eyes and an evil look in his eyes. He rubbed his hands as he looked at Theo with an anxious look.

"Now that we've made our payment, we're going to leave. I hope you understand that I can be seen in public with an assassin after my older brother has been murdered." The old man was nervous as he looked around.

It was true that he wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible, but it was not just because he was afraid of being seen next to a murderer. Theo did not respond immediately to the old man, he was still looking at the briefcase carefully. The bodyguard saw that he didn't want to talk and was furious.

"Why don't you answer? Don't you know who you're talking to? My teacher is Frank Willis, the owner of Willis heavy industries. No one is richer and more powerful than he is inside city K, even the provincial government has to take his words seriously. Do you think a hired killer has the right not to reply to his words?" The bodyguard reprimanded him arrogantly.

"Calm down, Ah Fu. Don't be like that, Reaper has done an impeccable job, and we can't be rude to him."

Although the old man said that, he had no intention of apologizing to Theo. What's more, he had a proud look and an arrogant smile on his face.

Theo looked away from the briefcase and looked Frank in the eye. Unconsciously, the old man took a step back.

"I know perfectly well who you are, Mr. Frank. I would not have accepted the mission without knowing information about you." Theo replied, calmly.

The bodyguard then summoned up his courage and stepped forward. "Since you know who my master is, why aren't you kneeling to apologize for your disrespect?"

Theo then looked at the bodyguard. A single glance from him caused him to retreat again, standing behind his master.

"Lack of respect? Don't joke with me. Don't you think it's you who are disrespecting me?" The look on Theo's face sharpened, without leaving his eyes from those of the old man. He did not pay unnecessary attention to a simple useless bodyguard and focused on the boss.

The old man shook slightly and forced himself to remain calm. He gave Theo a forced, unnatural smile.

"I don't know what Mr. Death is talking about, when have we disrespected him?" The old man asked carefully.

Theo looked at the suitcase and answered calmly. "There's no money."

Cold sweat ran down Frank's back.

"It's impossible, we've counted it, and there are the 10 million euros of the payment."

Theo shook his head.

"The weight of the suitcase is a total of 1,570 kg. The suitcase and banknotes weigh a total of 2,710 kg, so the banknotes weigh a total of 1,140 kg. Bearing in mind that a 500 euro banknote weighs a total of 1.14 g, you can safely say that there are a total of 1000 500 euro banknotes. That makes a total of 5 million euros." Theo explained as he looked into Frank's eyes.

Frank was completely shocked. He didn't expect this man to be able to calculate the money by the weight of the bills and the suitcase. Right now, he wanted to escape, but his legs didn't move. He no longer thought he was looking at a man or a murderer, but that he was looking at the reaper and sensed that a single movement and would end up accompanying his murdered brother.

"How can that be? We've checked the suitcase twice to make sure we're not wrong." Frank was trying to get out of it, his legs were already shaking and his urge to urinate was getting out of control.

"Frank Willis, married to Micaela Willis and father of Alissa, Austin, and Jay Willis, where's the money?"

The old man's face turned pale as he listened to Theo's words. Scared, Frank fell to his knees on the floor.

"Please don't kill me, don't kill me. Don't touch my family, don't touch it!"

Theo watched Frank go into despair, with no emotion wandering in his face. He slowly approached the old man.

"Don't come near him! Kill him, kill him!" The old man, hysterical, cried out with all his might.

"Don't worry, master. I will protect you." The bodyguard confronted Theo.

Standing face to face, the bodyguard and Theo looked at each other. To look at Theo, the bodyguard had to tilt his head down. He was about two meters tall, while Theo was barely one meter and eighty centimeters tall. Theo was apparently thin, and the bodyguard had strong muscles.

"You may be a good assassin, but you're not that good in close combat. I'll show you what a real fight is!"

"Tiger fist!"

The bodyguard did not hesitate and lunged at Theo. Just when he thought his fist was going to hit Theo's face, Theo turned his head slightly and gave him a soft pat on the stomach. Alarmed, the bodyguard retreated quickly.

«That was close, if it comes at me with the fist, it could have suffered internal injuries.»

Just when the bodyguard thought that a strange sensation passed through his stomach and...

"Gah." The bodyguard threw up a breath of blood.

He wiped the blood that was falling down his lips and looked at Theo, the fear in his eyes could not be hidden.

"What was that?"

"A palm blow," Theo shrugged.

The bodyguard clenched his teeth and pulled an object out of the back pocket of his pants.

"You may be better at martial arts, but I don't think you can dodge bullets."

Theo looked at the gun in his hands and nodded.

"A Beretta 92 fs 9mm parabellum, not bad but not spectacular either."

Theo took a step forward, and...

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The frightened bodyguard shot three times at the point-blank range. He put the gun down, thinking he had killed Theo.

He was going to fire a sigh of relief when a hand grabbed his neck. His pupils shrank as he looked at the intact Theo.


Before he could open his mouth, Theo had already broken his neck.


Theo dropped his body and never gave him a second look. He looked in the direction of the car, Frank had already run towards the BMW and was starting it.

Seeing that the car was already leaving, Theo began to murmur a few words.

Frank was already celebrating for having escaped alive from the meeting. He did not mind losing a bodyguard who was pure muscle and zero skill, he was sole to show in public.


Frank saw a silver glow from the rearview mirror and turned his head to see what it was, only to find his head being cut off by a sharp blade.

"... Oh, poor mortal."

Theo picked up the suitcase that was on the floor. It wasn't the 10 million of the mission, but it was still 5 million euros. He was sure his mentor would appreciate the money, although it wasn't something Theo cared about.

Theo took Frank's body out of the car. The car was a BMW M760li XDrive, about 200,000 euros, and it was a shame to leave it lying around. Surely the old stingy was going to receive the car without hesitation, although it was not something that mattered to Theo.

He got in the car. Theo noticed something when he was about to start the car, he looked at the co-driver's seat and found a young man about 25 years old sitting. Theo relaxed when he saw who he was.

"What are you doing here, brother?"

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