5 Chapter 5: A Helping Hand

Mike and Ryan they were talking about what happened the other day while they were waiting for Denisa to arrived here. Suddenly Ryan says "Hey man, I was talking with you about the phone thing, do you know what happened to me, I received a call this morning from my mother, do you know what she told me ...?", when Ryan talks about

the thing with his mother, Mike is about to laugh but he resists temptation and instead smiles and asks him "Nop, what happend, what was the she told you don't keep me in suspense".

Ryan looks at Mike for a little bit and the says "Man you won't believe me but mom called me this morning and asked me if I was drunk last night because she told me that I called her and told her, -That I love her more like a man than a son- I don't even remember calling her yesterday".

"Are you serious Ryan, did you really said that to her, you crazy man but, hahaha that's so funny. Don't worry about it, I don't think your mom is angry at you".

While Ryan and Mike where talking, Denisa enters the door and looks to see what table Ryan is sitting at, after seeing him she goes to his table saying "Hi guys" and sitting down between the two.

Ryan immediately starts a conversation with her, meanwhile Mike uses [Inspect] on her, after a few seconds the blue screen appears with her details.

-Target Details-

Name: Denisa Aleeb

Age: 20

Health: Healthy

Will: 16 (20)

Tip: "The host is advised to try to hypnotize targets with more will than him if he wants more points"

Chance of success - 10% good luck host :)

After seeing Denisa's details, Mike was surprised to see something different at will status. Mike tries to think about what it means (20) but before he can continue thinking, he is interrupted by Denisa's question "So, Ryan can you tell me what was the yesterday call about?".

Ryan was thinking how to answer her question, because he doesn't remember what he said to her on the phone. Mike waking up from his thoughts he answers her question instead of Ryan "Well, I think Ryan called you yesterday because he wanted to ask you, if you want to date him. I was there when he made the call but because Ryan was drunk he kinda forgot about the conversation with you on the phone, so he called you now to ask you again when he is awake."

Both Ryan and Denisa looked at Mike when he explained Ryan's reason for the call yesterday, both where silent because they start thinking about what Mike told them. Denisa was wondering "why Mike answers the question instead of Ryan, even if Ryan was drunk he should remember at least something from the conversation", while Ryan thought where "That's why I called her, why I can't remember anything from yesterday, this thing and mom calling me this morning, wtf happend".

While Denisa and Ryan were lost in their thoughts, Mike says in his mind [System] and a blue screen appears in front of his eyes and then he start putting points in the [Will] status.

-System Panel-

System level: 3

Points for next level: 100/1000

Hypnosis Points: 700


Name: Mike Reed

Age: 19


Health: Healthy

Will: 10


Inspect - Inspect a person and see his details, host must see the target.

Hypnosis - "Host can hypnotise a person at his choice, host need to look at the target in the eyes or to touch them when he usses this skill, the skill is based on the host will, the more will host has the better chances are to succed, if the target has lower will than the host hypnosis will have a 90% chance to work on the target. Host can rise his will by puting his HP (hypnosis points) in will stat." -"Host can make the target to remember the order and execute it as if it were normal for the target to do such a thing!"

- Trigger for waking up the target: clapping your hands

- "Host can use [Hypnosis] on the target of his choice without looking at them in the eyes or touching them, but the host needs to be close to the target"

He sees that he has 700 HP and don't wanting to waste time Mike puts 100 HP in the ]Will] stat. Thinking taht with the 100 points used he will have 110 [Will].


Health: Healthy

Will: 11

After seeing how much he raised, the status [Will], with 100 points Mike almost screamed in anger, he put 100 points and Mike only raised it by 1 "Fuckkkkkk this shit!, I can't believe it's only raised by 1, omg I'm so angry".

Now knowing that he has to add 100 points in status to increase by 1, he knows that he will need a lot more points, especially when HP can also be used for the store. But knowing this does not make any difference, because he will still have to put points in the status and for the store so he has to collect even more points. Thinking this Mike sighs "well, even with this bullshit conversion points I still need to do it, so another 400 points...fuck me [System]"

-System Panel-

System level: 3

Points for next level: 100/1000

Hypnosis Points: 200


Name: Mike Reed

Age: 19


Health: Healthy

Will: 15

After doing all of that Mike uses [Hypnosis] on Denisa.

-System Notification-


- "Target will is higher that the host do you still wish to continue?"

Failure - "If the host fails to hypnotised the target, host will lose the sight of an eye, you have been warned!"

Chance of success - 80% good luck host :)


Mike "Yes"

- "The host succeeded in hypnotized the target!" -

- "The host can make the target to do anything for the host!" -

- "After the host gives order to the target, the target will execute the order and won't remeber anything that happend after the order is executed waking up without knowing what happened" -

- "Host can make the target remember and execute the order when the host wants by clapping your hands as the trigger" -

After using the skill, Denisa's eyes dims a little and she doesn't move just staring in front without saying anything. Mike then looks at Ryan and repeat the same thing using the skill on him too.

Takeing a deep breath Mike looks at Denisa and start ordering her "From now on Denisa you will listen to me and do whatever I want as if my orders are the first priority for you to do and this will happen when you will hear the trigger and that's when I clap my hands. For now you will yes when Ryan ask you to be with him, If you understand your orders then node your head, after i clap my hands you will forget that this conversation had place". Denisa nodes her head without any problem."Good"

"Ryan after I clap my hands you will ask Denisa to be with you". Mike looks at both of them and after a few seconds he claps his hands and both of them come back as if nothing happend. Looking at them Mike wishper to Ryan "hey man what are you waiting for ask her out", and Ryand does just that and without any surprise Denisa accept his conffesion.

Some time passes and the 3 of them are having fun, Ryan excuse himself and goes to bathroom, wihle Ryan goes to bathroom Mike wants to test how well his orders work. *Clap hands* after a few seconds Denisa looks at him and smiles waitning for his orders, Mike gives her a order "Show me how well you can kiss and do it fast".

Denisa approaches him, kisses him hard with her tongue in his mouth exchanging saliva, both tongues fighting in a duel. After a few seconds, they break up and Mike claps his hands for her to return to normal. Mike smiles at her and she looks at him wondering what happend and why she has a different taste in her mouth. Ryan comes back and the 3 of them hang out until they need to go home.

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