1 Prologue

Earlstone was a proud tribe with bustling markets with trade and fishing ports packed with people. The people are a mix of humans and hybrids, who are a mixed group of people with animal characteristics, features and abilities. Nothing is out of bounds for them, from a strong sense of smell or hearing to claws, fangs and wings.

The chief, however, has an undying hatred for hybrids. The tribe isn't entirely sure why but many had their suspicions. Chief Azer Earl lost his wife Ariel during the birth of their child. Sadly he didn't lose just his wife but his daughter Arah as well.

He ruled with a strict hand as he believes it to be the only way to control the "animals" that hybrids are. Azer believes them to be cursed beings, often telling children they exist solely because they committed sins in their past lives and as they age they'll fall into their more animalistic urges as well. But they had to be kept around for their skills as the naturally heightened senses, stamina, strength and that some could even use magics of different types. Though this has led to them being left as workers and hunters, most much against their will. Most even forced to live outside or in the barns and stables with the actual animals. Though most agree with the chief there exist silent onlookers of the disturbing treatment of them, but stayed silent out of fear of being exiled or executed on the spot. Those who agreed adamantly with Azer were met with praise whenever they actively participated in assaulting or humiliating hybrids, some even given more food and better homes

The maltreatment of hybrids is not limited to Earlstone. Many other tribes treated them this way either it be for their own or similar reasons. Though there does exist smaller groups whos name will vary depending on who is asked. Some will say it's a rebellion that should be crushed at all costs, while others say it's a safe haven for all alike. The only issue is finding this group. Villages have been raided and people killed, but not once was the body of a hybrid found and if there was a body they seemed to be dressed differently from the people of that tribe. Though the one thing that remained consistent was that some of the corpses had large slashes and several large brown feathers surrounding them. That was the largest clue of all, slashes could be made by weapons or claws but feathers of that size only had a limited pool of hybrids to pick from.

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There was one hybrid in the Earlstone tribe who held many theories to the mysterious killer. This man's name was Cal, a lizard hybrid of an unknown species with shoulder-length blond hair that contrasted greatly against his tanned skin which was only enhanced from working outside all day. He's fairly tall standing at 6'3 and quite muscular from all his work as a lumberjack. Most took to fishing or hunting or any other job that allowed for a more social setting while the lumberjacks spent all their days out in the forest alone or with a partner at those few rare times. Cal preferred to be alone. He found other, hybrid or not, to be too much. He often found himself lost for words or came off as aggressive. So after some time he played into the role and let his temper show, gaining him the reputation of a potentially violent hybrid and one to steer clear of unless you want trouble. Even then this didn't stop everyone from coming near. Occasional women from other tribes would always try to talk to him saying they could change him. The other person who was always near was his best friend Tanen, the two have been inseparable since childhood much to Tanen's parent's dismay. But these two promised each other that no matter what happens they would never leave the other till one or both died, whether it be on the battlefield or of age.

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