1 Warnings and Synopsis

K'Aldriants Collection

Volume 1 - The Final Frontier

Volume 2- Ravenack- the Final Frontier

End of Times

Volume 3- Hybrid- the apocalypse

Hybrid- Klaus apocalypse

Volume 4- Gargoyles

Volume 5 - A Gargoyle's Wrath

Volume 6 - KÁldriants's revenge

Notes: This is a LGBT science fiction novel. Contains scenes of explicit sex, violence and pansexualism. If you don't like the theme, the romance of klaus and Spike will not please.

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The book Frontier Final will refer to scenes that were not written here. are available from Amazon. Mature reading.

Author: Fate CK Adams

The story will be reposted in a new version, showing Klaus and his involvement with the plot and the K'Aldriants. Brief book trailer available.

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