Nen Ability (Spoilers ahead)

Nen Ability name: Tailed Fox Spirit

Nen Type: Specialist

Nen Ability Description: The User's Nen takes the shape of a 9-Tailed Fox spirit and lends Nen boosts relevant to the number of tails that appear when cloaked in Ten, the Nen is absorbed from the world itself and the Fox spirit acts as a medium between the user and the world.

Tail boosts:

No tails is base power

1 tail is 2x base boost

2 tails is 4x base boost

3 tails is 8x base boost

4 tails is 16x base boost

5 tails is 32x base boost

6 tails is 64x base boost

7 tails is 128x base boost

8 tails is 256x base boost

9 tails is 500x base boost

Nen Rules:

3 tails will start to corrode the user's life force and prolonged use will permanently damage the user's life force and possibly lead to death without proper training.

4 tails will send the user into a state of madness that sends them rampaging until beaten unconscious or delivered to death without proper training.

5 tails will destroy the user's aura nodes making it impossible to use Nen ever again after long periods of usage without proper training.

6, 7, 8, and 9 tails will cause immediate death to the user if there is no proper training to physical form to withstand the power multiplier.

Training to perfection will release the limiter on the user putting them into a state of a deity in the eyes of the people, and a simple punch could destroy mountains.

Nen Hatsu:

Nen powers can enhance strength and transmute aura into the 5 elements, fire, water, earth, wind, and lightning that can use emission for attacks. In the 9 tails state, users can combine all the elements into the 5 elements orb that can be conjured and manipulated into weapons. (truth seeking balls but less on crack)




Major spoilers that are to be revealed in later chapters as Soren explores his Nen abilities in depth.

The Fox spirit is formed from the world as a supernatural being that absorbs the Nen of the world, the fox is hosted by Soren making Soren a Jinchuriki of sorts. Soren will be able to converse with the fox spirit in the future and will find out that there is more that the Fox can do than just power boosting and elemental transmutation, The fox spirit being a creature created by the world has access to 100% of all Nen categories and can also be used in a summoned state that will give the fox free reign, and just like Naruto, 9 tails mode will be available that summons a gigantic Nen fox made of energy that keeps Soren safe as the Fox is released to fight.

The reason for me adding to this chapter now rather than later is because someone who felt so offended wanted to be a douche and try to claim I knew nothing about HxH and that I was using things after he spoke about them. So now I've written all the spoilers I wanted to keep for later incase another douche comes along, but I can say that having the fox take over was an idea I got from a kind sir on reddit after the battle was taken there... Fuck you, mikelovin4... LOL

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