80 Genetic Limits

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Chapter 80: Genetic Limits


Yasuo landed on the green grass with the sun shining upon him. all around him is a green beautiful hill with all kinds of flowers everywhere, at the top of the hill two buildings could be seen, Yasuo's cozy house and a large metallic building filled with some kind of inscriptions all over it.

His black combat boots squashing the grass with each step he takes, his usual black pants, and a black sweater as the small clanking sound reverberated around him due to the long-chain earring on his left ear with a peaceful smile on his face as he looked at the strange scene in front of him.

The scene of all the strange creatures all over the place, from weird-looking and colored animals to flying weapons flying around the lab as if protecting it. There are even small tanks moving around but the weirdest of all and the largest creature from the bunch is a dragon-looking alike creature standing above the lab and looking around.

The light blue dragon looks exactly like the real dragon the Zoldyck has near the top of the mountain, the one they use as transportation though this one is much small and different color than the long yellow dragon.

Suddenly a light pink wolf that's resting in front of the house started howling once he noticed Yasuo then only a few seconds later, Alluka started running from the house as she got the signal from the wolf, she ran only for Yasuo to control her to fly towards him as she started hugging him and he held her in his arms, "Hehe Onii-Chan, finally back!"

She then displayed her bright white teeth, "Hehe, I took the liberty of messing around a little bit! what do you think?"

Amusement could be seen on Yasuo's face as he looked at all the different creatures playing around with all kinds of color painting a rainbow over the green hill, well it can't be called a green hill anymore, "I can definitely see that though a little bit is an understatement, well, it's interesting so you can make as many as you want... just go easy on the colors, this many are too way heavy for my taste..."

Alluka didn't disagree, instead, she nodded then continued to say in a spoiled tone, "I knew you'd say that and I thought so as well but I wanted to try everything then dissolve the useless ones but... All of them are too cute! How can you expect from me to that to them!"

Then her expression turned into a joyful one not hiding how proud she is of herself as she said, "But to make up for it, I made something amazing!"

She turned her face looking at the blue dragon at the top of the lab and called, "Ninion! come here and breathe fire to the sky!"

And the dragon did as it started flying towards the two and it strangely seemed to have heard her clearly even with the vast distance between them and Alluka not shouting that loud. Once it reached a certain distance it roared to the sky with fire flowing out of its mouth increasing the temperature around it though that didn't seem to affect it.

'Weak but no that bad, its speed is quite slow and its fire breathing's range is quite low... well, it's not bad as a start...' Thought Yasuo as he started patting the dragon after the latter landed next to them.

"Hmm, is it not possible even after you have read what I sent you?" Asked Yasuo after noting something, the feathers feel real, in fact, the whole dragon feels real but that's only the exterior as Yasuo can see its interior clearly, it's filled with light blue energy with no blood, nothing else.

Yasuo sensed something more interesting though, the energy's color differs from creature to creature with it mostly being the same color as it's exterior and sometimes a mixture of different colors if the creatures are colored as such, 'The color of the energy probably doesn't mean much, it's probably just a result of Alluka's imagination and what she's thinking when painting but that in itself is interesting...'

Alluka shooks her head saying, "I read all of the information you sent me but I still can't make them more real, they're always empty on the inside, when I make a small cut on any one of them the same thing happens, the energy starts to slowly flow away until the cut closes by itself though it takes some time."

One thing Yasuo found about Alluka is while she couldn't awaken Nen, she still became able to see Aura though that only happened after Yasuo tried to awaken her Nen numerous times and she can do so without the need for 'Gyo', her Aura always remains static in contrast to normal non-Nen users whose Aura flow away slowly, these are important observations he is keeping in mind...

'Is this perhaps a limitation of her ability? she can't make things too real or more like creating an actual life is impossible even for the entity huh, or is it just forbidden? Oh well, I wished for the ability just so she can have fun with it so it doesn't matter for now...'

Yasuo then spent some time playing around with Alluka and seeing her progress in her ability then headed to his lab as a dark purple crow with a vertical dark eye appeared standing on his shoulder.

A naked body of a brown-haired eyeless woman is floating in the middle of the lab with more than fifteen scarlet eyes hovering around it, these are the scarlet eyes Yasuo got over the years and the dead kurta clan member Yasuo stole recently, he has been keeping them safely in the locked lab freezer and only got them out using his control domain while he was playing with Alluka...

I close my eyes as I walk towards a specific room and I take a deep breath, "Hopefully it works without severe consequences else I will have to choose another alternative..."

One thing Yasuo found about his domain's range recently is that it's reaching its limits as the progress became incredibly slow once he surpassed the 300 meters radius mark and it only got slower the higher it goes and now at the 400 meters mark, it looks like it stopped hardly increasing at all and this is something Yasuo predicted but didn't expect it to come this fast... He didn't expect his brain to reach its limit so soon.

Yasuo's brain capacity when it comes to how much Nen his brain can handle at a second ceased to improve at all a long time ago, since the time he was at Greed Island, that's why he never went back there to use Angel's breath again, because it became useless.

And now, his domain stopped expanding as well and he attributed that to the most likely suspect, his brain is limiting him though his genetics are limiting him is a more a fitting description and that says a lot considering how far his genetics took him. The fact that Yasuo's domain control's core is his brain could either be a weakness or an advantage.

Though Yasuo found that as his Aura pool gets larger and larger, his domain's range also increases with it though nowhere as significant as when he increases it consciously and he needs his domain range to be a little bit higher to increase his future plans' success rate more and this is where the kurta clan's scarlet eyes come into play, they increase one's physical strength and Nen power significantly which is incredibly helpful to him.

I walked into the room with the body and the eyes following after me painting an interesting picture, the fully engraved room with a strange device in its middle, the genetic elixir machine.

I designed the machine to be able to handle bodies of larger sizes so it can definitely handle this one, I threw the body and all of the eyes into the upper and larger metal ball after I opened it.

I focused completely with my eyes still closed as I started outputting my dark purple Aura towards the machine with the latter devouring it like a hungry whale, a hunger that didn't seem to cease for hours to come, something only possible with Yasuo's horrifying Aura pool that surpassed 300000 Aura units.

I changed the tube earlier, the tube in which the liquid will pour in since the tube needed for such a large body is much bigger than for just one scarlet eye. By the end, the tube became filled with a light red liquid.

Yasuo controlled the tube to follow after him as he left the room with a small tube flying from the freezer towards him, the tube has a liquid that looks extremely similar to the one in the large tube, the liquid is the result of his past experiment using the genetic machine and its the result of the scarlet eyes.

He poured the liquid into the large tube then sat down in a meditative position as he started studying the liquid and it's much more than it seems...

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