1 Chapter 1

* ring *

* ring *

* ri- *

" Sigh how annoying. " Satoru muttered as he stopped his alarm clock.

Getting up from his bed, he walked over to the kitchen in his apartment and made himself a cup of coffee.

Satoru yawned as he poured the coffee into a mug and walked to the balcony. He opened the doors and stared at the familiar sea...

" Hmm seems I'm still asleep. This coffee needs more kick to it. " He muttered as he walked inside and made himself a stronger coffee.

He walked outside after taking a sip.

All he could see was the ocean.

" Okay. Who pranked me? " Satoru muttered as he stared at the sea.

" Sigh fuck it I'll check later. For now which city am I in? "

Satoru put the mug in the sink as he got dressed wearing his usual clothing. He put on his blindfold and walked out the door.

He walked down the stairs and started walking around town. He noticed people looking at him but that was normal since he was wearing a blindfold.

' Where am I? I'm still in Japan since all the people here speak Japanese, but the buildings look way different.

Let's check this place from above. '

Satoru clasped his hands together as he teleported above the place he was before and looked at the island.

' I'm on an Island!! ' Satoru thought as his jaw dropped.

' How the fuck did those fuckers get me to a fucking island, made my apartment look the fucking same and not wake me up at all?!!

Wait who's that kid? ' Satoru thought as he looked at the kid sitting on a tree with a fishing pole.

' Let's go see what he's up to? I have time before I can go back. '

Satoru disappeared and stood on the tree next to the kid. He made no noise as he noticed the kid was concentrating.

He waited with the kid as the string moved. The kid had a smile on his face as he quickly grabbed the pole.

Satoru looked at the kid and his mind broke. He didn't move as he aimlessly watched the kid bring out the giant fish from the lake.

" Yes I did it!! " The kid cheered as he then grabbed the fish and ran off to the town.

Satoru jumped down from the tree and stared at the blue sky above.

' Okay. So I'm in HunterxHunter. That kid was Gon and now I know that this isn't a prank.'


" Okay I've said my piece. Now let's get to the harbour and get on that boat. This world is very interesting and there's so much to do. " Satoru muttered with a smile as he remembered everything he could about the world from reading the manga.

" Well then let's go. " Satoru thought as he jogged towards the harbour.

Once he reached he saw Gon showing off the giant fish he caught to everyone in town. Satoru watched as Plot took place as he waited.

' Unfortunatly I don't have any money from this world so I can't buy any sweets for the trip.

Sigh I'll just have to wait till the exam is over so I can get a bank account and get a ticket to heavens arena.

Once in there i can get all the money I want while using bets on the 200th floor to earn more money. Then I can by all the sweets I want. ' Satoru thought as he had a happy expression on his face.

Soon the boat cane as Satoru got on. The other competitors stared at him but Satoru ignored them and immediatly went down below deck to find a place to sit.

' It'll be awhile till the storm comes. I was able to use limitless and can still sense the cursed energy I have. Everything was normal. Lets see if I still have cursed energy or has it become Nen like in those fanfics. '

Satoru sat down and started sensing for his Nen. He didn't use negative emotions as he searched.

Nothing happened. He used his six eyes on the people around him.

'Hmm I can see their aura nodes. Let's see if I have them. '

Taking a look at himself, Satoru noticed that he didn't have any aura nodes.

'I see. I have cursed energy still while everyone else has Nen. That's good to know. Well either way it makes no difference. ' Satoru thought as he grinned to himself.

' Speaking of which, the storm is about to hit us. Let's see how their faces will turn after the storm ends. '

The storm hit as the boat rocked heavily against the waves. Turning left and right a fast pace.

' Here it comes. ' Satoru thought as he grinned.

The boat suddenly felt weightless as everyone floated in the air for I few seconds before coming back down and hit the floor.

Satoru stelretched out his legs as the boat hit the water and landed on the floor easily.

' That was fun. These guys are really weak. ' Satoru thought as he watched the other people throw up from the ride.

" Well whatever let's head upstairs. " Satoru muttered as he left the cabin.

As he walked while humming on of his favorite songs he saw the door open and saw the captain.

" Yo captain. How's the weather? " Satoru asked.

" The weather's fine. I've been in worse. Either way this is great. Go up to the control room. I'll get the others who have survived. "

" Roger. " Satoru said as he saluted before walking past the captain to the control room.

The captain just looked at him as he left before heading down. Soon he brought the other 3 people who survived.

" Well since your all here let's begin? " The captain said as he looked at the 4 of them.

" What are your names? "

" I'm Gon! "

" Kurapika. "

" The names Leorio. "

" Satoru. "

" Good. Now why do you want to be hunters? "asked the captain.

" Whoa! Your not the examiner so what with the third degree?! " Leorio asked as he pointed his finger.

" Shut the fuck up and tell me already dumbass. " The captain said as he looked at Leorio.

" I will. My dad's a Hunter. Being a Hunter to him was the most important thing and I want to know why. Thats why I left Whale island. " Gon said happily.

" I see. "

" Oh I'll go next then. The reason for me is to have an adventure and not have to worry about money for travelling, so I can spend the money on sweets. " Satoru said with a grin on his face.

" Do hunters get payed a lot of money? " Gon asked.

" Nope. But they have a lot because by having a hunters licence, you can pay way less than the actual amount. Think of it as a permanent coupon that you can use. " Satoru said as he lectured Gon.

" That's cool. I didn't know about that. " Gon said as he listened to Satoru.

" Hey why did both of you tell him? You don't have to. " Leorio said as he pointed at them.

" But he asked us to say. It's not a secret. " Gon said innocently.

" He's right. But for me I just don't care. " Satoru said.

" Well then good for you. I'm not telling him. " Leorio said.

" I agree with Leorio. " Kurapika said.

" Oi. That's Mr. Leorio to you. Respect your elders. "

" But why not dodge the question... " Kurapika ranted as Satoru got bored, so he decided to look at the weather outside.

' Damn those waves are huge! I wonder what would it feel like to surf on them. ' Satoru thought as he imagined himself on those waves.

' That would be pretty fun. '

" I said take it back. "

Satoru looked behind him as he saw Kurapika with a pissed off to face as Leorio was at the door.

" It's Mr. Leorio. " Leorio said as he walked out the door. Kurapika then follows with the pissed off face still on him.

" Hey where are you 2 going? I'm not finished with you to yet. " The captain said.

" Meh. Let them go. " Satoru said casually. The others looked at him as it was the first time he spoke since his intro.

" They arnt in danger. A small fight like this will be over quite quickly. Anyway, who what's to go outside and watch. I bet neither wins and it will be a draw. " Satoru said excitedly.

" Mr. Satoru. What's a bet? " Gon asks casually.

" Ehh?? You don't know. Well I guess we have to teach you. Let's go I'll teach while we watch them fight. "

" Okay. "

" Capatin. " Said the man at the steering wheel.

All the people inside looked out the window to see a giant waterspout in front of them.

" Get the sails lowered now. " The captain said.

" Yes sir. "

" Anything I can do to help? " Gon asked.

" Yep. Just follow me. "

Satoru followed them outside and stood by the wall as he watched Kurapika and Leorio fight.

' Have to admit, anime didn't do Kurapika justice. He looks more like a girl here. If I didn't know the series I would've that he was a pretty cute girl. ' Satoru thought.

He watched as Gon jumped off the ship to catch that one sailor and Kurpika and Leorio grabbing him.

' I have already seen this but Gon really has a few loose screws in his head. '

Satoru walked over to them and grabbed Leorio and Kurapika by their followed and pulled them up.

He then put them on the deck as he knelt down.

" You're one crazy kid you know that. " Satoru said as he looked at Gon.

" Wait Why didn't you help? " Leorio asked as he pointed at Satoru.

" Simple. I wanted to see what would happen."

" Hey guys. Is it me or is that waterspout getting closer? " Said back round character 5.

" Shit it is. " Says Kurapika as he looked at the water spout.

' Seems like my presence has caused a butterfly effect. Well no matter this isn't a threat to me at all. ' Satoru thought as he grinned.

" Well then. Let's take care of that. " Satoru muttered as he got up.

" Wait Mr. Satoru how will you.. " Gon started as he looked behind him toward Satoru only to find an empty spot.

" Where did he go? " Leorio yelled.

* boom *

They heard something behind them. They looked behind and saw the giant waterspout disappearing.

They stared in awe as the threat was averted.

" So what are you guys staring at? " They heard from behind them.

They looked back and saw Satoru standing in front of them with a smile on his face.

" Crisis stopped. " Satoru said with a thumbs up.

" Mr. Satoru, how did you do that? " Gon asked excitedly. Leorio and Kurapika looked at him as they waited with curiousity and awe evident on their faces.

" Simple Gon. It's because

I'm the strongest. "



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