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HXH: Dragged In A Nutshell


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["HELLO, former mistresses! I made some adjustments so people would know you two and have some identifications! Oh! the information is on your phone so please check it out!! As for the bags on the table, it is filled with things all you need, it's unique only to the both of you so it's anti-theft and clusterfuck proof!! You don't have to worry about getting it lost either because it'll come back to you after 3 seconds!"] Avery and Ellie found themselves in a pinch, with the incoming school year after two months, they must go back to their own world. The problem is, without any power nor money they can't find the race of genies with just dumb luck. And thus began the cliche of all times. (A Hunter X Hunter Fanfiction) ROMCOM Warning: This is a Romantic / Comedy Story, so if you want to read, please do so, if you don't want to then skip it, burry it, burn it, throw it under the oceanic floor. Ellie x Hisoka Avery x Illumi It's hard for me to even do this (Romance), so you my dear reader, you need to tolerate this story... This book is a request from someone getting through depression. That's why don't bother seeing dark content here because I plan to make this a happy one for that person ❤️


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