Husband's lovely wifeHusband's lovely wife

Husband's lovely wife

by sally112425

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On their wedding night, Zhi Ruo was scared and nervous. It had been hours that she was sitting on the bed awaiting her husband thinking, "This is the first time I will be meeting him...Shall I run away?" Looking around warily with her bright eyes Zhi Ruo thought again to convince herself, "Anyway he will not be able to find me, after all who marries without meeting even once" Convincing herself Zhi Ruo had just stood up from the bed when she heard the sound of door opening completely startling her. Quickly going back to her original position she sat down with rapidly beating heart. The door opened and a handsome man entered: Qing Shan moved towards the bed with a steady pace that was neither hurried nor slow. Zhi Ruo: What are you doing? Qing Shan: What a husband should do... ..................................... "What are you doing?" asked Qing Shan who had woken up hearing voices from the kitchen. Fighting with the steak on the pan Zhi Ruo answered with a smile, "Cooking for my husband." "Is it good, husband?"asked Zhi Ruo with coquetry Shoving the black, completely burned steak inside his mouth Qing Shan answered with a subtle smile, "Yes wife. It is the best steak I ever had. It is amazing. No chef can make it better than you. My wife is the best." Grabbing her bowl of cereals Zhi Ruo proudly said with a sarcastic smile,"Ofcourse, I had to make it best. After all my husband should remember to keep his distance from other women. Eat...eat...Shall I fry another one?..." "Y..yes wife"saying Qing Shan started eating the completely burnt, tasteless steak without wasting anything. ............................ Since getting married, the almighty boss became a wife slave and everyone was filled with limitless dog food. ............................. Join the author on- Discord- https://discord.gg/mkgRky6 Instagram- author_sally112425 Facebook- Sally Author https://www.p-a-t-r-e-o-n.com/Sally112425 https://ko-fi.com/sally112425 You can talk to me about any thing, if you have suggestions about the novel I would be happy to listen them. Apart from being an author I am a motivator and a psychologist as well. So if there is anything I can help you with, go ahead.

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