12 True Feelings

I look at the skies as I sigh while playing my piano in front of my family in this certain event, As I finish my playing everyone applause and smiled at me.

"Well, what did we expect from Cupid, He knows everything."

"I would die just to let him marry my daughter."

"He is so handsome,"

I heard them said and I just ignored them all, I didn't make it to Bohol because of this unexpected family reunion of us with my parent's friends of course and they bought their daughters for me to meet.

"Mom I want to go rest," I said and they said yes as I sit on the couch and check my phone if there's a message from Anne.

"You're waiting for her text aren't you?" I look up and saw Lucy.

"Lucy! When did you arrive?!" I look shocked and she smiled at me as she hugs me tight. "I miss you guy's so much! I just got here today and I immediately went to this reunion," she said and smiled.

Fun fact Lucy is my cousin on my mother's side that's why we knew each other for a long time.

"Where's Anne?" She asked and I explained to her that Anne is on a trip so is Lucca. "Geez that Lucca is still the same Lucca I know since we were kids, Do you think she likes Anne?" I froze when she asks those stuff.

"I know that he likes Anne," I said and her face is not shocked at all. "Then?" she asks again waiting for me to tell her everything. "Anne confessed to me these past weeks and she haven't heard my answer yet because she passed out when I was about to tell her." Lucy looks at me as she smiled genuinely.

"What's your answer to her confession then?" she asks as my jaw clenched. "I told her that I-"

"Lucy! Oh my is that you?" I look at Mom and Dad approaching us as Lucy stand up and kissed my Mom on the cheeks as a greeting. "Aunty! It was a pleasure meeting you again," she said and greeted my father too.

"We were so glad seeing you at this party Lucy, how's your modeling?" they ask Lucy about a bunch of stuff and I was on my phone the whole time waiting to see an update from Anne.

I bet she's mad because I ditch her out but still I texted her a hundred times but there's no reply, not even a single one.

Even Lucca didn't update me on what happened to them, if they landed safely in Bohol and what are they even up to now. I bet Lucca is having fun with Anne now.

"Hey," I look at Lucy as she pats my shoulder. "You okay?" she asks and I nodded as an answer. "I heard from Lucca that you have a girl now, Where is she?" she asked and looked around.

"That was just a fling nothing so serious about it," I said and stand up as I walk to the garden to have some air.

"You know what I don't know what are you up to because your action is so hard to read, But whatever happens make sure that you won't regret it, Okay?" I smiled at Lucy and nodded.

"I just wish she'll be happy someday," I said to myself as I look at the stars.

"She will knowing you, you'll just do everything for her." I smiled at Lucy and sat down on the chair. "I could still remember you and Lucca fighting because who made her cry when she confessed to her crush when we're in elementary." I smiled remembering that.

"Anne is just so straight forward whenever she likes someone she always tells them on their face and gets broken afterward," she added and look at the skies.

"How about we go to Bohol too after this party?" she asked and I was speechless. Will Anne be happy to see me?

"I-I just don't think that Anne will be happy seeing me," I said and she smiled. "Your her friend after all if you'll just explain that this stuffs happen then it would be okay for her." I realized that Lucy is right, If I just explain to Anne what happen she will automatically forgive me.

"Yeah sure why not but how can I escape from my parents?" I ask because my parents don't want me to hang out with Anne. After all, they kind a feel that Anne likes me and her social status is not what my parents want me to date.

Anne is not that rich as you could see and they have a simple life which my parents don't agree with because knowing rich people they want the best among the best.

"You have me remember, Plus I miss them both and I want to hang out with them so what now? Is it a yes?" Lucy looks at me and waits for my answer as I nodded.

"YES! Finally, I'm gonna call my family's private jet okay?" I nodded as she left me in the garden.


I look at my phone and saw Lucca's chat...

From: Lucca

Were in Carmen smarty pants signal here is so hard to find.

He also sent a picture of Anne in the Hilly mountains.

I guess she's having fun without me.

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I smiled sadly and look at the picture again, Even if I'm not there she's having fun because Lucca is there beside her as I remember what she said.

'Oh come on, where friends and that's just for show...'

You stupid girl how can you be so insensitive about the happenings around your surroundings!

I clenched as I watch the picture of her in the hilly mountains and tears suddenly fall on my cheeks.

"Stupid Princess..."

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