40 The Incident

"What are you doing here?" I asked my grandfather as he smirks at me. "Why? Can't I visit my beloved grandson?" he asked. Gladly Cupid and I already made the plans and letter so there are no interruptions at all cost.

"As you could see you'll be grounded for the meantime." He said as I stand up. "Why would I be grounded?! I didn't do anything!" I said as he smiled. "That's why you grounded Because you haven't done anything yet." I got confused by what he means by that.

"You're confusing me!" I said as he laughs and sits on the sofa.

"As you could see I received a report that you're slowly losing your old self now, You haven't done anything to hurt anyone when you always do that stuff with the staff around here." He said because he had a point.

I didn't get my hand lay on them or do something that would make them quit their jobs. I use to be a demon maybe the point of this is to reflect on what have I become after Anne took my attention.

"And as you could see, You hired a very good disciple," he said as his butler start to attack Terrence but I shot their arms first.

"See that?" he asked as my hands are shaking while all of them are looking at me. When did I learn to try saving someone in need?

"You're becoming a weak kid now Lucca, I don't want you to grow up as a weakling Mafia," he said as Terrence looked at me like he can't believe that I protected him from that danger.

"I think this is the dose of Anne's charm on you, I want you to deeply think about it while your grounded," he said as he left me and Terrence in the room. "Why did you do that?" Terrence asked as he looked down and can't look at me.

"Why do you have to save me?! AM I NOT WORTH PROTECTING YOU THAT YOU COME UP WITH THE THOUGHT TO PROTECT ME?!" he shouted as he was so furious about it. "I didn't mean to, My body just moved by their own will as I shot his butler there I came back to my senses," I explained.

"Anne is no good for you Boss," He said as he looked at me with a poker face. "I know but I can't just resist her," I said but Terrence just left the room without saying a word.

Until Anne's birthday came and I was locked up by my room. "TERRENCE! BRING ME OUT OF HERE!" I command as he looked at me outside the window because the iron grills are just too strong for me to breakthrough.

I look at the time and I'm super late now and it's about 6 already.

"I command you to let me out of here!" I added as he bows down and went inside my room to act like he was giving me food as he handed me the knife as I run away.

"LUCCA ESCAPE!" Terrence shouted like we didn't plan this at all as the guards tried capturing me.

But I was hit by my Grandfather's cane in the head causing my head to bleed. "You cannot go now Lucca," he said as my Dad stopped him but he still hit me five times with his cane. The pain is not the issue here but Anne is waiting for me out there.

"Dad that's too much!" Dad said but my grandfather didn't listen.

"ACHILES!" I said as he stopped hitting my head. Achiles is my Grandfather's name and now that I called his name he knew what I meant about it.

"You better be aware of the danger you'll bring her whenever you're nearby her side." He said as he left.

"Are you okay?!" My Mom asked but I rejected her hands. "Take me to the park," I said as Dad nodded, Terrence came too as I rush towards the park even though I knew that Anne went home already but my heart is still hoping to see her and I did.

She was sitting in the park and she's patiently waiting for me. I didn't know what to do but I just hugged her from behind even though I felt dizzy and my head is already bleeding too much. The smell of shampoo in her hair smells good.

"I'm sorry I'm late," I said as she was about to face me but I hold her forehead. "Don't look at me," I said and I was panting since I run around the place hoping to see her here and she is here.

"I'm glad you waited for me, I thought that you went home," I said as I felt relieved when she holds my arm. "I would like to go home but I ended up waiting here for you." She explained as I press my warmth on her because she's cold, she might wait here for a long time.

"I see," I whispered. "You know I was very thankful that you approached me that day," She said as I just keep on listening to her. "I want to thank you for approaching me that day, It gave me hope that I can still make some good friends no matter what happens," she added.

'No, you don't need to say that, You can't be my friend.'

"And if given a chance will you be my-" I didn't let her finish.

"You need to go home now," I said as he let go and turn my back against her. "But I want you to be my friend!" She insisted as I knew she's facing my back now but I already started walking away from her.

"Lucca!" she called but I didn't stop walking slowly away from her.

"I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU!" she shouted as I stopped walking. "We can never be friends and I want you to forget about me," I said because I knew that this is the right thing to do in the first place, Terrence is watching on us too somewhere in those dark places.

"But-" I didn't let her finish. "I'm a bad guy Anne," I said as I face her knowing that my head is bleeding. I was hoping for her to run away as she saw me bleeding and the proof of me being a bad guy but he just stood up in front of me even if she's trembling in fear.

"Your life will be a mess if I continue being involved with your normal life," I added as I turn my back against her but I know to myself that I wanna stay with her no matter what. But still, if I'll bring misfortune to her life just like what Cupid predicted then I will rather be her shadow than her friend.

"No!" She insisted as she hugged me tightly, this warmth is all I ever wanted to feel on my own.

"No matter what you are I'll embrace that just don't turn your back against me!" She said as I don't know what to respond at all.

"Just don't leave and turn your back against me!" She repeated as I look at her and smiled sadly, she knew how to push my buttons. "You are impossible to deal with," I said as I wipe her tears because his crying in front of me now.

"Just promise to stay with me forever no matter what happens, I will accept everything about you, and from where you came from just please don't turn your back against me." she pleaded as she raised her face and look at me in the eye.

This girl is still too young to understand what the hell is happening and what offer is she insisting on a demon like me.

I just nodded because I have nothing to say at all, I saw her car as I look back at her. "I have to leave now," I said as she got the clue that it's already time to go.

"Let's play some other time okay!" she said as I nodded and handed her the necklace with two rings on it. "Keep this and always remember that I will be by your side," I said as she nodded and ride her car.

Terrence went on my way as I kneel because I was getting dizzy and wanna pass out. "You need to go home now," Terrence said as I nodded. When I woke up I heard from Cupid that Anne got herself into an accident as I run to the hospital even though my head is still not okay.

"Cupid!" I called as he was about to punch me when Terrence stopped him. "I cannot let you do that," Terrence said as I look at Cupid, Her eyes are a bit red. He was crying!

"This is all your fault and those bullshit mafia thing of yours!" Cupid said. "Calm down Cupid! How was Anne's situation?" I asked.

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"The doctor said that she'll be in a coma! And if ever she'll have a chance to wake up she might get some amnesia and forget about us!" he said as I look at Terrence who has no reaction about it.

"I see, this is what the old man was saying huh," I whispered as I look above the hospital lights as my tears fell.

This is the first time in my life that I ever felt this way about my life and the only thing that came into my mind is that...

'I hate being a Mafia, I wish to be a normal person.'