1 Sweets

"I like you!" I look at the girl in front of Cupid who is confessing her feelings towards him. The jerk Cupid Salvajes just look at those chocolates and look at her like she was just a piece of sh*t.

"Back off," he muttered and went to our room. I look at the girl who is now crying like a baby. "Hey, Anne!" I was shocked when they knew my name because I'm just not used to people knowing a nobody like me.

"W-What?" I asked and they come after me giving me those chocolates. "Make sure that he will accept this," they said as they walk away comforting their friends. I went inside our room and drop the boxes of chocolates in Cupid's desk.

"Eat them, I don't like sweet things," he said and put the boxes on my table. "What is this another confession?" Lucca Belladoma said as I nodded and look at the boxes of chocolates.

"This is good." I look at Lucca eating one of those chocolates and slap his arm. "Ouch!" he said looking at me like what's the problem about him eating those chocolates when we both knew that Cupid won't even have a bite in it.

"Hey, you should watch our practice next time." I look at Lucca as he starts strumming his guitar. "What are you gonna play?" I asked and look at Cupid reading his book like he always does when he's in the room.

"It's a secret for now," he said I jokily punch his arm and pout. "Why would I even bother going on your practice if the song your singing is a secret?!" He laughs hard causing everyone to look at us. "Shut up!" I said as I put a huge chocolate fudge in his mouth.

When the class started and our topic was History we were having a surprise quiz it was deeply different at all because I didn't study even a single thing about it. I look at Cupid asking for help but he didn't bother looking back at me.


Fvck it Anne your Mom's gonna kill you if you'll have a lower grade than last year's grades!

"Pssst.." I look at Lucca who sees that I'm struggling with the answer and let me copy his answer that made me calmed.

When we were done checking as the teacher return our papers I look at my paper and my jaw suddenly drops seeing the results. I look at Lucca as he waves his paper showing me his score.

"Damn it! 3/50 and your even proud of it fvcker?" I'm pissed now why did I even bother copying from him when I know that Lucca doesn't know anything too. Damn it! I look at Cupid well I'm sure he got a full perfect score he's Cupid you know the smarty pants.

"I'm disappointed in you today Cupid. I know you can do better, If you have problems you can go to the teacher's office so we can talk about it." Cupid didn't say a word and I look at his paper. It's 5/50 and that's freaking impossible for someone like him when he's been reading the book the whole time.

"Hey what happened?" I asked him but he just smiled at me saying...

"I can't concentrate studying when the both of you are talking about stuff that I'm not involved." my eyebrow went pretzel. "What?" I ask when he's about to say a word but Lucca cut him off.

"What happened to our Mr. Smarty pants!" he teased and Cupid just didn't mind him at all.

"What are your plans after school?" I asked and both of them looked at me. "What?" I asked. "I'm not that busy after club practice," Cupid said because he's the Captain of the basketball team.

"Me too I don't have any in mind after school why?" Lucca asked. "We can hang out on a karaoke bar and have some chips!" I said happily because my parents won't be home for weeks and I want to spend my week freely and happily.

My parents are kind a strict and I know that they just want what's best for me but still, I needed freedom for me to be not that ignorant about things. Well, they have trust in Lucca and Cupid because they've known them since I was a kid. After all, the three of us are close friends.

Oh including Lucy but Lucy Hail isn't here she's currently studying abroad for now but she usually comes home during breaks and summer. She is the definition of a goddess because of her beauty, I've also seen her in a magazine because she's a hot model in the states and was really into fashion and travels.

She is a good friend, in fact, she still has in touch with us even if she is far away from us. This type of friendship is really rare and need to be treasured.

"Okay." both of them agreed as I smiled.

"Yes! So I'll be waiting for you guy's after practice!" I said as I start thinking about the songs that I will be singing in the Karaoke. Only my friends knew about my real voice, not even my parents know that I'm good at singing. I just don't want others to know I don't know why but I just don't like it.

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That's why both of them didn't bother asking about my club because singing is the only thing I'm good about but I just don't want to show the world that I'm good about it.

"Hey, Lucca!" I look at Terrence as he waves at Lucca, Terrence is their club drummer. Lucca went to him as they were talking about something.

"Hey, Anne." I look at Cupid as he handed me a plastic-wrapped with cookies inside. "You made this?" I ask as he nodded. "I thought you don't like sweet things?" I asked as he looks away from me.

"But you like it."

"What?" I asked again hoping for him to repeat it because my classmates are noisy and his voice is so soft.

"I said I bake that because you like sweet things." I was caught off guard by what he said.

Why would he do such a sweet thing for me?

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