17 She used to be MINE

I gulp when the producers are looking at me intensely as the beat starts.

"It's not simple to say

Most days I don't recognize me

These shoes and this apron

That place and its patrons

Have taken more than I gave 'em

It's not easy to know

I'm not anything like I used to be

Although it's true

I was never attention sweet center

I still remember that girl"

Their faces lit up as they look at me and couldn't believe my voice, My Mom and Dad look so proud of me as I sing.

"She's imperfect but she tries

She is good but she lies

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She is hard on herself

She is broken and won't ask for help

She is messy but she's kind

She is lonely most of the time

She is all of this mixed up

And baked in a beautiful pie"

I look at them as I closed my eyes...

"She is gone but she used to be mine" I sang and hold my microphone tightly.

"It's not what I asked for

Sometimes life just slips in through a back door

And carves out a person

And makes you believe it's all true

And now I've got you

And you're not what I asked for

If I'm honest I know I would give it all back

For a chance to start over

And rewrite an ending or two

For the girl that I knew"

It was a talent show actually and I think there are 500,000 people here and I feel so sad in my song, I miss cupid, I wanna go back to him.

"Who be reckless just enough

Who can hurt but

Who learns how to toughen up when she's bruised

And gets used by a man who can't love

And then she'll get stuck and be scared

Of the life that's inside her

Growing stronger each day

'Til it finally reminds her

To fight just a little

To bring back the fire in her eyes

That's been gone but it used to be mine"

I wish my song would reach into his heart, How can I move on when after all of these years I'm still into him.

"Used to be mine.." I open my eyes and look at everyone as I pause and smile sadly as my tears fell.

"She is messy but she's kind

She is lonely most of the time

She is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie

She is gone but she used to be mine"

As I finish my song everyone clapped and stand up as I bow down. Yes, It's been 4 years since we live in Cebu for good and I am still stuck at my first love and I'm about to graduate Accountancy and Business Management course.

I haven't had any contacts to them now, But I have-

"Lucca!" I shouted and hug him tight as he brought some flowers.

"You did great," he said and kissed my cheeks. "When I went to Cebu, Lucca followed me here and studied his Doctors degree at Cebu Doctors' University Hospital, It is located in Osmeña Blvd, Cebu City

(Cebu Doctors' University Hospital, known as Cebu Doctors' Hospital until 2006, is a major tertiary private hospital in Cebu City, Philippines. The 300-bed hospital was inaugurated on August 20, 1972. It is a private stock corporation that has an alliance with the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres.)

"You did great Anne!" he said and I can feel that he is so proud of me.

Maybe you guy's will be shocked why Lucca is studying Doctor's degree when he is a mafia, He is still a Doctor but Mafia by choice as you can see, He started liking the part of being a surgeon from a mafia who kills life into a doctor who saves a life.

"You did well Anne," Terrence said and congratulate me. Well, Terrence of course never left his side at all.

"After graduation would you mind going back to the states?" Lucca asked out of the blue as I was stunned and stopped for a minute.

"W-Why would I go back there?" I ask when he raised his phone and it shows that I got in and were going to have a live band at my old school to have a reunion with my alumni. Which includes Cupid of course.

"So?" Lucca asked and of course, I said yes!

This is a perfect time for me to move on especially I think Cupid had a girlfriend now. Thinking like that makes me stupid at all.

"Anne!" I look around and saw Mom and Dad running towards me as they hug me tightly.

"You sing well Anne, How about we have some dinner?" Dad said and everyone agrees on that especially me.

Well for the four years that I was here I never got to have a boyfriend, I mean there are lots of boys who want to go out with me but hey, I just don't feel that silly spark anymore the way I felt about Cupid.

"Lucca I heard that you will be inheriting your parent's company." Lucca smiled and look at me.

"What?" I asked. "Maybe Anne will take care of my company after our marriage." He said and showed me the ring I gave him in the past years. He is wearing it so am I.

"You Idiot!" I said and just keep my attention on the food but can't help to blush at all. I just felt the butterflies in my stomach since then whenever Lucca starts to joke like that, As my heart beats fast.

As dinner went off I went to Lucca's place to hang out, Terrence place is just beside his and would give the 'Boss' his privacy.

Lucca held my hand and let me sit on his lap as he hugs me slowly. "Shall we get married when we get there?" Lucca asked I'm used to his jokes since then.

"Nah stop that Lucca," I said as I heard him giggle. "I love you." I heard him in a slow and soft voice.

"I love you too Lucca." Yeah because were friends.

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