14 Shattered Heart

Lucca was about to catch up with Anne but her parents stopped him. "Can we talk for awhile Lucca?" Anne's mother said and Lucca agreed.

They went inside their nipa hut and sat down as they look at Lucca.

"Do you like our daughter?" they asked in sync as Lucca was stopped. "Of course I like Anne she's my friend after all." Anne's father shakes his head.

"That's not the point here young man, We are asking you if you like our daughter differently?" Lucca went silent.

"No sir, I don't want to cross the boundaries of our friendship," he said with a serious tone.

"I see because since we're Anne's parents we just want the best for her and on what side she'll be happy with." Lucca smiled at them.

"And he likes Cupid, I bet you know that too." Lucca nodded. "You're a great friend Lucca, We are so happy for Anne to meet a friend like you." Lucca again nodded.

"It's my pleasure sir," he said and fake a smile.

Terrence sigh as he heard those stuff from his boss. Terrence went to look for Anne and he saw Anne at the riverside.

"Hey," Anne almost fell into the river but Terrence immediately catches her.

"Oh my gosh Terrence why are you here?!" Anne asked in shock. "You know that Lucca is a Mafia boss right?" Anne nodded and realized that he's Lucca's bodyguard.

"That's why I felt like someone is watching over us," I said and he nodded. "Lucca has 20 men around him everyday even at school." Anne was shocked to hear that from Terrence.

"My boss usually doesn't have friends and always stuck at the mansion with the smell of blood and steel," Terrence added. "You've been working with him since he's a kid?" Anne asks and Terrence nodded.

"My dad serves with their family since then so am I, I grew up being there beside him." Terrence looked at the clouds and smiled.

"He met a girl and save her life," he added. "The girl is usually alone and was about to be abducted but he takes her place instead, I was abducted too actually."

"And then what happens next?" Anne asked and Terrence smiled at her. "Those guys got killed since were talking about the heir of Belladoma's here."

"I see the guards killed those men," said Anne.

"No," Terrence said and look at her with a serious face. "He killed them all." Anne froze and couldn't believe it.

"He started to know how to kill since we were two years old. I got to learn how to kill animals at four so he is, blood and steel are the smell that was used to." Anne couldn't believe what she heard from Terrence.

"That girl was his first love," Terrence added. "Who is that girl?" Anne asked.

"I'm not in the place to tell you that," he said and stand up. "Because I was about to be abducted too but I was saved by someone," Anne said with confusion.

"Do you think I'm Lucca's, first love?" Anne asks as Terrence was about to talk when Lucca came. "Hey Terrence," Lucca called as Terrence bow down on him.

"I received a message from the mansion, Can you do something about it?" he said as Terrence nodded and start making a call as he waves goodbye to Anne.

"What did he tell you?" Lucca asked as he sits beside Anne. "When I was a kid I was about to be abducted but a guy saved me, Are you that guy?" Anne asked out of the blue that made Lucca freeze.

Lucca was about to say something but Anne's parents called them because they need to eat for lunch as they leave the riverside.

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When they were having lunch a sudden knock came and as Anne's Mom opens the door Anne smiled and let go of her spoon as her jaw drop.

"Hey, guys!" Lucy said while waving at them Cupid was just standing behind her. "Lucy!" Anne shouted and run to her as she hugged her tightly.

"Hey, when did you return?" Lucca asks and can't even imagine that Lucy was in front of him. "L-Lucy..." He added as Lucy smiled at him and hug him tight.

"I miss you so damn much," Lucca said as he hugged Lucy so tight. Lucy formed a smile on her lips.

Anne can't even look at Cupid straight in his eyes, She just doesn't want to face Cupid today.

"Anne I can explain-" She cut of Cupid. "It's okay you don't need to explain at all," Anne added as she invited them inside. Lucy talked about lots of stuff as they were eating as Cupid look at Anne the whole time while Anne ignored his presence.

After they were done eating Lucca called Cupid and explained what happen when they were together.

"She asked about the abduction." Lucca started as Cupid froze. "I was about to say something but her mom and dad called us for lunch," Lucca added.

"Why are you telling me that now?" Cupid asked. "Because we both know that you are the person who saved her," Lucca said as Cupid didn't respond at all.

"She doesn't need to know that-" Lucca cut him off. "She'll think that I save her that day since Terrence told her about the abduction!"

"I can't tell her that Lucca, You know my situation and my parents won't be happy if-"

"So you're going to hide in your parent's shadow again?" he asked Cupid as Cupid was stunned.


"Tell her, because she's already confused now," Lucca said and left Cupid stunned. As she saw Anne coming in his direction.

"CUPID!" Cupid look at Anne who is running towards him now.

"What do you want?" Cupid asks and took Anne's hand in the night sky.

"What's your answer?" she asked out of the blue as I let go of her hand. "Cupid it's okay if you..." he didn't let Anne finish.

"I like you." Anne's face lit up as she heard those words from Cupid.

"But as a friend," he added and look at Anne as he smiled, You can see on Anne's face her disappointment but she hid it with a fake smile but her tears keep falling.

"Okay, Thank you for your honesty Cupid," Anne said and run towards the Bahay Kubo and Cupid was about to reach her but stopped himself.

'Damn it Cupid...'

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