5 Ruined Plan

It's Saturday but it's not a rest day for me because I'm going to the park to have some practice together with Cupid.

"Hey. " I look at Mom as she was watching me fixing my dress. "Are you going on a date? " she asked and I just literally rolled my eyes. "I'm going out to practice Mom not to go on a date. " she put her point finger into her lips like she was thinking while looking at my outfit.

"What?" I asked and look at her. "Well you usually wear jeans and shorts rather than a dress," she explains while looking at my dress. Well, I'm wearing a floral off shoulder dress and sandals.

"I'm wearing this not to impress someone but to get used to it because I'm gonna wear a gown. " she just nod like she's not convinced and went out to my room.

Will Cupid like it? Well, I've got my nails done too on a nail salon last night and it turns out pretty. Maybe Cupid will like the color of my nail because it's his favorite color, color blue.

Also, I bought some shiny hair clips and it suits my dress well.

Wait, What the hell am I talking about I'm not trying to impress Cupid here I just-

"Anne let's go I have some errands to go to." I immediately go to the car as I arrived at the park I realized that I left my phone in the house. But I was too late to tell Dad about it because the car is gone already.

I also left my wallet in my Dad's car and as I look above I think it will be raining soon. I looked around but Cupid's nowhere to be found as the rain started to fall and I was wet as hell here on the bench waiting for him.

But there's no Cupid.

I was mad, sad, and cold. I just don't know what to do first.

"Anne! " I was relieved when I heard someone calling my name. "What the hell, Why are you here? " I asked Lucca as he is holding an umbrella. It's still raining hard and the raindrops hurt like they were some sort of little hands punching my body so hard.

"Cupid didn't come?" He said as he leaned his umbrella on me.

"When did we start our friendship?" I asked out of the blue while looking on my sandals. "Since when we were in grade one I think, " he answered and sat beside me as there's nothing I can hear but the pouring rain.

"Why did we become friends? " I asked and I look at Lucca. "You didn't remember? " He asked and I just shrugged. "I just remembered Cupid but I can't remember you on where did we start being friends." Lucca sigh hearing that from me.

"I was 8 back then when I saw you crying here in the park. " he started. "You were crying because Cupid didn't show up. Well, I know Cupid since we were born because both of our parents are best of friends. " I nodded trying to remember what he's saying.

"It's raining hard just like this. I thought you're going to find a shelter for you not to get wet but you just sit down and never move a muscle," he explained. "I'd already know you since then because your Cupid's friend but you never get the chance to know me, " he added.

"When I come up to you, You were burning like hell and I went to the nearest hospital. Well, I have butlers and stuff so it was easy for me to take you there and let Cupid handle the rest. " Lucia said as I look at him smiling at me.

"I really do want to be friends with you but I was just watching you the whole time being around with Cupid. When we got into elementary school it was a cloud nine feeling when you start a conversation with me." He said as his voice sound relieved.

"You know what Lucca, I'm starting to like Cupid," I said and his expression is not shocking at all. "Do you not care?" I asked and he just smiled at me as the rain started to fall harder.

"I already know that you might come up with that feeling I mean you've been together since then, " he said and I just smiled. "Do you think Cupid might at least accept my confession? Well, he's known as the heart breaker because he keeps on turning off confessions." I said and Lucca didn't answer.

"I-I don't know, " he replied. "That's it I'm gonna confess to him now! " I said with determination. "I don't think that's a good thing," he said.

"Why won't it be a good thing? Never mind I already made up my mind." I said as I stand up because the rain is gone and the sun is about to shine again.

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"Whatever happens my mansion is always open for you." He said and left me in the park. Cupid arrives a minute after Lucca was gone.

"Anne!" Cupid called rushing and panting. "I'm really sorry, I got an errand to do and SH*T your wet! " He said and get his handkerchief as he was about to wipe my face but I stop him.

"If you keep doing this stuff for me then it would be something else." I looked at him and smiled. "What are you saying? " I asked.

"I said I like you, Can you like me back? " I asked out of blue and caught him off guard. "Y-You should-" I didn't finish hearing what he's saying because my body becomes weak and numb as everything else went black.

If only it's a yes from him then I would be the happiest girl on earth.

I realized that I like Cupid since then but I just taught that it's just friendship that I wanted.

Ever since we were kids, he's someone that I can see my future with.

"I really like you. " I murmured.

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