8 Naive

It's a little awkward here because we are having lunch together with Cupid and I can't even start a conversation with him.

Lucca was still reading the script while eating our lunch because tomorrow is a big day for us. Tomorrow is the school festival and Lucca and I agreed on a song to sing in the live band.

But Cupid doesn't know it yet because we want to surprise him about me singing. "Hey," I called Cupid and pass him a tissue because the spaghetti was on his face. He looked at me as he bites his lips and accepts the tissue.

"How was your practice?" I ask so that it won't be awkward here on the table. "It was tiring but fun." I smiled as I heard that from him.

Ever since then he was really into ball games. He has an athletic body and a smart brain so what could go wrong, he's a description of an almost perfect human being.

Well as for Lucca I guess he has the life that he wanted. He loves guns and singing is his passion. Well, I've been in his mansion for days since we always practice and I've seen him practice some punch in the garden. He's a hottie actually but a moron.

"What are you going to sing Lucca?" Cupid asks out of the blue aa Lucca stops reading the script and faces him. "Well it's a secret for now so you better watch our live tomorrow," he said and wink at Cupid, I thought Cupid will be mad but he just did a poker face.

"Well then, I'm looking forward to your performance." He said as he stands upbringing his tray. "I've got to go." I nodded as he left us at the table.

"Why didn't you tell him that you are going to sing?" Lucca asks me as he leans on me and his face is close to mine.

"I just don't know where to start," I said and he looked at me disappointed. "What did you even like about him?" he asked and I just shrugged because I didn't know too to myself if where did it freaking start.

"I just suddenly felt it," I said and grab his hand and put it in my chest. "Just like you said it goes Lub-dub, Lub-dub, Lub-dub," I said as I smiled but his face is so red, Well I can immediately notice that because Lucca has pale skin.

"Y-You know that you're leading my hands on your boobs right?" he said and I looked down seeing his hand on it.

"Sh*t you IDIOT! PERVERT!" I shouted and run away as I can hear him saying. "You're the one who guided my hand, Anne!"

As I walked out to the canteen I saw Cupid talking to someone but I cannot see who is he talking to because there's a tree. I don't know but I was curious and saw the girl's face as Cupid kiss her.

This is the second time I saw Cupid kissing her and this time my heart is aching.

I was about to run when I saw Lucca standing a meter away from me, He is looking at me with pity like sh*t I was stopped when he went near me and wipe the tears on my face.

"Is this the reason why Cupid didn't answer my confession?" I asked but he just shrugged. "One thing is for sure, He's going out with someone else now," he said as he grabs my hand and takes me to the library.

"Why did you take me here?" I ask. "To let you have some quiet time as you could see," he answered and look at me.

"We need to focus for tomorrow's event Anne." I sigh and nodded because Lucca is right, I have no room to feel this pain anymore.

"I just wish at least I can hear his answer on my confession." Lucca stopped reading the script and sigh. "Why? For you to get hurt? For you crying like this again?" he asked as my fist clenched.

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"At least I got my answer and I'll start to move on, Not like this that I'm always clueless on what's happening to you guys. I'm always left out." I said as my tears starting to fall again.

"That confession, That might break us apart." I look at Lucca and he just smiled at me as he kisses my forehead. "But if ever that happens, I'll be always on your side," he said and that made me relief.

"Hey this Christmas break I'm going to my grandmother's city." he knotted his eyebrows. "In Bohol?" he asked and I nodded. "Mom wants to visit there for a while," I said because I just remembered that after this festival Christmas break is coming.

"Can I come?" he asks and I was shocked about it. "Why would you go with me? Had you forgotten that you're a Mafia?" I whispered the word Mafia and he giggled about it. "But Mafia work is no fun, It's more fun teasing you." He said as I pinch his arm. "Cut that off."

"I can ask your parents then."

Yeah just like what I've thought Lucca was here in my house kneeling in front of my parents, That's how badly he wants to come with me. "Please let me join you." I look at him and rolled my eyes he's pathetic, I know Mom and Dad won't let him come-

"Sure Lucca you can always join us whenever you want even if you don't ask our permission on marrying our daughter it's okay!" I was shocked hearing that from Mom. "MOM!" I opposed but she just hissed.

"I'm going too." I look at the door side and saw Cupid. "Wow, I think this might be a fun trip, right Anne?" I just run into my room pissed, Now Cupid is going to tch how awkward Christmas will be!

"Anne!" I heard Lucca shouting outside so I open my window and saw him waving at me. "Take a good sleep tomorrow will be a big day." I smiled at him and nodded that silly Lucca.

I was stopped when I saw Cupid beside him.


Just by that one word, my heart is racing so fast, Damn stop being too naive Anne!

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