2 Kiss

"Anne Loreniana!" I was shock hearing it from my father, It was his first time calling my full name out of blue. It's just because Cupid and Lucca are sleeping in my bed together with me of course.

"What the hell are you doing young girl for letting this two-man sleep in your bed?" Mom asked and both of them looked pissed.

I look at Lucca and Cupid hugging each other sleeping soundly. "I-I thought you'll be back next week?" I asked. "Go out! We need to talk." Dad said and went out first.

"Mom believes me nothing did happen," I explained she just looked at me and ignore me.

When I was about to go downstairs they were noisy and I thought I'm doomed about it so I tried listening to their conversation. "This is so great both men are handsome and they're into our daughter!" Mom said with excitement.

What the hell? And I'm here being nervous about what they've seen but now they're talking about me going out with one of them.

"Hey look, my vote is on Cupid. Cupid is a great and intelligent boy." I rolled my eyes as I heard my Dad saying that. "Nah darling my vote is on Lucca he's freaking hot, When you'll just see him singing you will fall for him." my fist clenched as I heard them voting upon their bias.

"Now your voting seriously?" I asked as both of them are shocked. "Y-You heard us?" Mom asked as I nodded. "Why are you even voting in the first place when we're just friends. " I said and they look confused.

"So why the hell are they sleeping in your bed? " Mom asked as I started to explain what happens. "You did what?! " Dad exclaimed because they cannot believe that we went to a karaoke bar and drink a lot until we drop out on my bed as they take me home.

"You know what Anne, You're so grounded." He said and look up and saw Cupid and Lucca awake. Cupid is still in the zone looking in One direction while Lucca is yawning.

"Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Loreniana." Lucca greeted and yawn again. "I should start making some breakfast. " Mom murmured and went to the kitchen.

"Anne help me here too!" she added and I went to the kitchen and started helping her.

A week later and our school festival is coming up. My classmates are planning to have a play about 'A Young Girl Yearning to be Loved' it is a story about a young girl who's been searching for one but she's been broken by her first-ever love of her life.

It was way too dramatic and they're having a debate about what story are they going to role-play. "Ms. Loreniana do you have any suggestions? " I was frozen for a bit when the teacher called my name. "Princess in Shadows. " Everyone went quiet and looked at me.

"What is it all about? We haven't heard about it." of course they won't know that story because I'm the author of that book. Well Cupid and Lucca know but they're not here, they're busy having their practice for the upcoming school festival.

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"It is a story about a girl who's been hunted because of her blood relatives that are greedy on their fortune. But the girl went missing after they even start to plan how they would get rid of her. And then she met a man and fall for him not knowing that he is one of the shadows delivered by her relatives to look for her." I explained the flow and everyone is looking at me being quiet.

"Wow that was a great story Anne, that should be our role play. " the class president agreed with the teacher as everyone nodded. I just smiled and went back sitting down as I looked at the window. I saw Cupid with a girl I think they're talking.

The girl was giving him another gift. I looked at the girl saying something as Cupid nodded walking towards her as he kissed her.

I was shock-like who would even dare to kiss someone if they're not going out. WAIT! Are they going out?

Is it necessary for me to feel uneasy like this?

I look back at the window and saw Cupid waving at the girl. Is Cupid a playboy? And they seriously pick the wrong spot to kiss because I saw them! I freaking saw them kissing!

"Hey! " I look at Lucca who's holding my sleeves now, he's back from his practice and he's panting. I think he runs from his club room to come here in our room causing him to pant this hard like he's out of breath. "I'm hungry let's grab something to eat. "

"Y-Yeah sure why not, "I answered and look at the window again but Cupid's not there anymore. "I'll text Cupid that was going to-" I stopped him by getting his phone and now he's looking at me confused. "Hand it over Ms. Loreniana. " I shook my head.

"You can't u-hmm I think we would be disturbing his practice if you'll do that I-" he stopped me by leaning close to me as I can smell his minty breath. "Just admit it that you just want some alone time with Mr. Hot like me. "I rolled my eyes as I slap his phone on his face.

"Aww..." he moaned as I slap him again. "You pervert! " He just laughs like there's no tomorrow as my eyes rolled on him. The door suddenly opened and I saw Cupid going in.

I was frozen when I saw his face having some...

"Dude, did you just kissed someone? " Lucca asked as he pointed Cupid's face having a lipstick smooch in his lips.

"Yuck dude you're gross!" Said Lucca while laughing out loud, Cupid just looked at me and I didn't return his gaze. I don't know how am I supposed to react in this kind of situation?

"Whatever you say it's not a big thing, " he whispered as he went out of our classroom leaving me here like a statue.

"What did he say? " Lucca asked and went near me.

Fvck is kissing not a big thing?!

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