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"Why did you say yes?" Lucca asked me as I was eating the Caramelized cake in his garden.

"Well you helped me a lot with some stuff's and this is just my way of saying thank you as an Ex fling I guess." I smiled at him as he looks stunned.

"It's been a year Lucy," He said. "I miss you." He added as he hugs me tightly, I fake a smile and hug him back.

"What song will you be singing for the Alumni Party?" I asked he look like he didn't prepare at all. "Don't tell me you're going impromptu again?" I asked as he nodded. "You never change Lucca," I said.

"You changed a lot, Lucy." I look at him and smiled. "Yeah, a lot of things happen as you could see." I showed him my tattoo on my back. "I had my tattoo way back 3 years ago," I said and smiled at him.

I was about to go inside when he called me...

"Hey Lucy," he called. "Hmm?" I look at him and I can see that he's nervous at all. "Am I still your-" I cut him off.

"Pfft! Oh please, Lucca doesn't even start with it." I said as I smirk. "I already move on, And you already had made your choice four years ago," I said and left him hanging.

As I went inside I look at Laven standing in the hallway as she was leaning on the wall. She's wearing black jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt.

"What?" I asked and she just shrugged and went away. What's her problem anyway?

"Lucy?" I stopped when a familiar voice came out of the blue. "Anne," I said because I cannot believe that she's here at Lucca's house.

She hugged me tight and I don't know how to respond at all. If I'll hug her or slap her for giving my cousin Cupid a hard time, But I cannot tell her that Cupid did all those stuff just for her it's not like I didn't want to but I am forbidden to do so.

"Yeah, it's been a long time," I said and gave her a fake smile. "Yeah, You loo different now!" She said happily as she examines me from head to toe. "I've seen your magazine you look so great!" she said but I am speechless as I look at her.

I guess I'm not the only one who changes a lot here but also her. Her face is different also she had short hair.

"Did you met Cupid?" that's the only thing I want to hear from her. "No." She answered and smiled sadly.

"Why?" I asked again I mean did she move on or what?

"I don't know where he is at all, Do you know where we can find him?" she asked and I gulped. I need to wait after the Alumni party.

"I think you should focus on the song you're about to sing," I said as I smiled fakely at her but she grabs my hand and let me look at her.

"I'm sorry." She said before she let go of my hand and went to the garden where Lucca is.

She should be sorry, She stole the only man that I loved the most. The past four years it was hard forgetting Lucca He didn't bother texting me at all.

I communicated with Terrence but he just said that it's forbidden for him to tell his boss doings because that is Lucca's private life were talking about.

I miss him a lot, I want to kiss him and tell him that I miss him a lot but I just can't. I mean I can't because I know that he loved Anne since we were kids and I'm just his excuse since when we knew that Cupid like her too.

I was an EXCUSE!

A freaking rebound just to clean the air with both Cupid and him. I was used and I fall hard for him.

"Hey," I jump in shocked when Laven pop out of nowhere.

"What now?" I asked. "How strong are you?" she asked. "I'm stronger than you think," I said and smiled at her but she just smirks, and that gives me chills.

"Come with me," she said as she grabs my hand and we went to her room. As she opens her curtain and I saw Anne and Lucca were holding Anne's cheek and he is talking to her and that broke my soul.

"I guess you not that strong at all," she said and left me in the room as I see my reflection on the mirror, I look like a mess.

No, I am a mess right now.

I feel sad about it, seeing Lucca still being in love with Anne after all these years even if it's just one-sided love. I kneel downed and cried a lot.

"Lucca don't!" I shouted.

"I HATE IT!" I shouted as hard as I can. "Why can't it be me! I was there the whole time! Why Lucca!"

"You said you will marry me! I was your Lucy!" I shouted as I saw them laugh and hug each other.

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"You look dumb Ms. Hail," Terrence said.

"SHUT THE FVCK UP!" I shouted. "Do you want me to help you forget about Lucca?" he asked.

He grabbed my hand and let me in in his car. "Where the hell are you taking me?" I asked.

"Can you please shut your mouth up just for this time okay, let me do it?"

"I swear Terrence I'll kill you if that's a sh*t!" I shouted, I just saw his eyes rolled and focus on driving.

Looking at Terrence now he is a handsome guy and a complete hottie too.

"Do you think I'm hot?" he asked.

"NO, YOU ASSH*LE!!!" I shouted and rolled my eyes.

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