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Lucca looked at the window and saw the island that they're landing on and can't help but remember the past years happening before he left states for Anne.


Anne murmured Hurry Cupid as she rode the cab and went out of their sights. Cupid can't help but cried a lot that day.

"What? Anne is going to study in Cebu?!" Lucy asked and Lucca nodded as Cupid is at his bar counter drinking some whiskey.

"Silly we should stop her!" Lucca shakes his head. "We cannot stop her and she wanted that space for a long time to forget about Cupid.

"Then it's a game over for Cupid," Lucy said and drink the milkshake the maids have prepared for them.

"I'm going." Lucy stopped and look at Lucca. "Come again?"

"I said I'm going with her." Lucy stands up out of furious and slaps Lucca in the face.

"Are you freaking serious?! Why would you go that far for her!" Lucy said but Lucca didn't bother answering it at all.

"Fine then, Choose! Anne or me?" she asks and Lucca didn't bother answering it at all.

"Anne Loreniana," He answered as he stands up as Lucy was about to slap him again but Terrence stopped her.

"I cannot let you hurt my boss, Once is enough my lady," Terrence said as Lucca went out.

On the ride, Terrence asked Lucca...

"Boss, Why did you choose her over Lucy?" he asked and Lucca was just staring at the window.

"I can't help it, Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to be by her side at all cost, But these hands are keeping me away from her," Lucca answered and look at his hands on how dirty he is.

"But she accepted you, Boss, She even saw the blood on the mansion but she didn't stop being your friend because of your consistency," Terrence said.

"I can't reach her at all but at least I will be there by her side along the way," said Lucca.

"You are in love Boss," said Terrence but Lucca just smiled and look back at the car window.

"No, I'm just a good friend."

End of flashback...

Lucca looked at Anne who is now sleeping soundly at his shoulder as they arrive in the states. "Anne wakes up," Lucca said as Anne open her eyes and look around.

"We're here already?" she asked and Lucca nodded.

"Honey!" Anne's Dad shouted as her Mom collapse. "Dad what happens?!" Anne ask.

"Call for an emergency!" Lucca shouted as Terrence immediately dialed 911.

When they were at the hospital Anne is trembling in fear as she is praying to God hoping that her Mom is okay.

"Doc, How's my Wife?" her Dad asked and look worried. "Your wife has a Myoma and she needs surgery as soon as possible." The doctor added.

(A myoma, commonly known as a fibroid, is a benign (noncancerous) tumor that develops in or around the uterus. Fibroids are medically known as leiomyomas and are tumors of the smooth muscle, the tissue that normally makes up that wall of the uterus.)

"Please sign this so that we can schedule her for her operation." The doctor added as he handed some paper to Mr. Loreniana, Anne burst into tears as Lucca comforted her until she falls asleep.

They were left in the hospital so that they could take care of Mrs. Loreniana as she is sleeping for a while now so is Anne.

"Boss we need to go, Your father is already furious so is Laven." Lucca looks at Anne and gets a grip on himself.

"I can't-" Terrence cut him off. "Boss you've already done enough rebel to your family, please stop..." Terrence said and make a call to a car their getting into.

"The car is ready Boss," Terrence said. "I can't-" before Lucca finishes the door open and show Mr. Loreniana.

"Sir, We need to go now," Terrence said as he bows down. "Can you take Anne with you, Lucca?" Lucca was shocked to hear that from Anne's father.

"I know her Mom won't like her to see her on this kind of stage. We will call you more often and tell Anne that it's okay and everything will be fine at all." He said and smiled gently.

Lucca carries Anne like a bride and walks to his car, When they went home he let Terrence take Anne to his room as he fixes and clears things up with his parents and Laven.

"You shit!" Laven said as she throws her helmet into Lucca's face but Lucca immediately catches it.

"Hey, Hey easy my little sister," Lucca said and kiss his sister's forehead. "After you left everything on me you're just going to act like nothing happen?!" Laven said and smack his stomach.

"Arggh that hurts Sis!" Lucca said as Laven didn't bother looking at him.

"Were glad your safe." His Mom said and kiss his cheeks.

"Terrence said your furious Dad, Are you mad?" His Dad stand up and stood in front of him.

"When will you give us our grandchildren?" he asked but before Lucca answered Terrence suddenly came.

"Boss I already put Anne in your room." The silence filled the room.

"Who is Anne?" His parents asked because they were away the whole time and didn't bother monitoring their son and daughter since they have assistants.

"Yeah Anne," Laven said and rolled her eyes, She knew Anne for a long time but Anne didn't know her or seen her face since she's the princess of the Belladoma her life is in danger and needs to be kept secret.

"You already had a girl and you didn't bother telling us?" his dad said and Lucca just shut his mouth.

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"Lucca my dear, we don't care if that girl is rich or poor as long as she delivers our grandchildren well then there ain't no problem about it."

Lucca saw Terrence giggle as he glare at him. "We are not together Dad, Mom she's just a mere friend," Lucca said.

"But you need to show someone at our family reunion! Or else your grandparents will be so angry!" His Mom said.

"Even if you're not dating you can ask her that request right?" his dad added.

"No Dad I-" Lucca was about to say something when someone cut him off.

"I'll do it."

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