3 His Secret

Guess what now guys, I've been chosen to play the role of the Princess since I know the story and emotions. Lucca is laughing right now beside me as he hears the news.

"Seriously?!" he said and look at me. "You ahahahahha, " I just pouted and look at him with knotted eyebrows.

"Who will play the role of the shadow? " He asked I just shrugged because I don't know yet. I don't think Cupid and Lucca is one of the Prince because they have other things to do.

"Cupid agreed!" my class went crazy hearing that from the President. As the girls went to me and ask to let them have the role. I looked at them smiling and said.

"Sure, I'll be the director then." because I just don't like it, The part that I'm playing a huge role. What if things go wrong and I'm one to be blamed on, I just really hate those stuff.

Well I like a little thing about me being the Princess but the negative part is eating me up.

"Hey, hey! Anne got the role so don't bother asking that on her. She's playing the Princess role!" I look at Lucca as I pinch him hard. "What the hell are you doing I don't like having that kind of role. " I whispered on him but he just smiled.

"Your good at this stuffs so why not enjoy it. " I just rolled my eyes as I heard that from him when he's been laughing the whole time when he heard that I'm going to play the role of the leading lady.

"Lucca's right everyone, I'm not gonna play the role of the Shadow if Anne won't be doing the role of the Princess." I looked at Cupid and reminisce about what happened in the past days.

I've always got bullied because of these two. They were the face of the Campus, Lucca is famous not just here but outside the school too. Well, he's been working on a bar that Cupid's family-owned and also a freelance model.

I really don't have an inch clue about Lucca's family and I've never met his parents since then. I can't even remember when did our friendship start.

While Cupid is famous too because he's been born with a golden spoon in his mouth. I heard his dad owns a lot of companies, resorts, bars and resto, and other stuff. Well, her real mother died and he's been living together with his stepmother I just don't know yet about their family issues because Cupid is not the type of guy who'll just share his stories just like that.

These two people have a lot of fans but only hanging around me. That's why for girls I'm an enemy to be targeted in their spear.

But right now nobody tried to bully me nor touch me. I just don't know yet but I think Cupid and Lucca have something to do about it. I looked at Cupid sitting at his desk and went to sleep. Damn that jerk why did he even kiss another girl?

Wait why do I even care about Cupid kissing another girl? Like I'm just his friend in the first place of the story.

The next following days, I looked at Lucca's desk but he's not around today and I'm a bit worried about him. Well, he's been absent on three consecutive days and didn't bother sending an excuse letter or reaching out to us.

Lucy hasn't replied too on our group chat maybe her schedule becomes hectic.

I went to Cupid who's reading a book and sit beside him. "I'm gonna go out and check Lucca after class. " he looked at me and went back on reading.

"If I were you I won't do that. " I was confuse hearing that from him. "He's a friend Cupid what if something bad happens -" he cut me off.

"Something bad really did happen. " I froze for a second and start asking again. "Wait did you know something about his absence and you didn't bother telling me?! I'm sick of worrying here! " I muttered he just keep his mouth closed.

"Tell me what happen," I said and look at him with a serious face while waiting for his answer. "Just don't." I clenched my fist and went back to my sit. If he's not going to tell me then I'm gonna find that out on myself.

I looked at Cupid as our eyes met I stuck my tongue out and rolled my eyes. A bit childish right? Whatever.

When school passed I went out and immediately go to Lucca's house. The door was open so I just let myself in and I saw blood around their mansion.

When I heard some voices coming into my place I'm hiding on the back of the blooded sofa.

"What the hell did they do to that guy?" I was trembling in fear not to make any bit of noise, And I can smell the freaking blood on me it splash on my face when I hide behind the sofa.

"I bet he's going to kill him. " I was shocked. They're going to kill Lucca?! Sh*t I need to save him now! I don't know but my feet just suddenly run towards the direction of the stairs and I know this guy's sawed me and now chasing me.

"What are you doing young girl get back here! " I heard them shout as their footsteps are coming towards me.

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"Ahhhhh!" I heard a painful scream coming from a room and I was about to open it when a hand with a handkerchief covered my mouth as everything went black.

When I woke up I was blindfolded and tied up.

"Boss there's an intruder from a FLU University. " damn it I was wearing my freaking uniform. "W-Who are you?! What the hell did you do to Lucca! " I said and tried to escape the rope they tied me up.

"Should we kill her boss?" a man said and I heard him ready his gun.

"I-If you'll shoot me I swear I'm gonna hunt all of you! " I shouted.

"It's your time to call someone to help you, who are you expecting to do that? " a voice asked.

"Save me, I'm scared, Save me Cupid! " I shout as I can feel a light touch on the back of my head and my blindfold went off.

"It's Lucca who saved you. " Lucca said and smirk as he licks the blood splash on my face.

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