15 Goodbye

"Lucy!" Lucca called as he ran into Lucy after he left Cupid. "Why are you-"

"SHHHH!" Lucy shut him out with her hand as she grabs Lucca and hides on the tree. "We are eavesdropping and this is bad Lucy," Lucca said.

"It's gross hearing that from a mafia-like you who butchered and kill people like a piece of trash," Lucy said and smirk.

"Whatever," Lucca said and smiled as he looked at Lucy intensely as he kissed her out of blue. Lucy was stunned but kissed Lucca back.

"I miss you," Lucca said and smiled at Lucy, Lucy playfully bite her lips and look at Lucca.

"How can you miss someone you always see every Saturdays?" she asks because Lucca always take a flight with his private jet just to see Lucy every once a week and yes, They are not dating but they have mutual feelings for each other but Cupid and Anne didn't know.

"I wanna ruin our friendship, We should be lovers instead Lucy," Lucca said as Lucy giggle.

"I heard you singing that song. Are you imagining me as Anne?" Lucy asked and Lucca nodded.

Lucca was about to say something but he saw Anne running away from Cupid and was crying.

"You go talk to Cupid, I go talk to Anne," Lucy said as they part ways with Lucca.

But when Lucca was about to go to Cupid he was stopped by Terrence. "What now?" he asked as Terrence shake his head like going to Cupid is a bad idea at all.

"You should not meddle on someone's life boss," Terrence added. "But I'm going to comfort-" Terrence didn't let him finish.

"Your going to talk to him again about it boss, what's best, for now, is to leave them alone and let them learn to form their decisions. Trust Cupid, He knows what he's doing." Terrence added as he let go of Lucca's arm and went to a darker place.

Lucca took Terrence's advice and went inside the nipa and got some sleep. The next following day's Cupid and Anne didn't bother talking at all and were going home now.

"Anne," Lucca called as Anne's eyes looked disaster because she's been crying for few days since then.

"My agency called and they noticed your talent. Do you want to make a cover?" Lucca asked as Anne's parents were so happy for her but Anne didn't react at all and just answered 'okay'

When they arrive home Lucca and Lucy went to Cupid's house but it was bad timing because Cupid was slapped by his father as they entered the house.

"Oh, good thing your friend arrived here." Cupid looks at Lucy and Lucca as he bows down his head in shame.

"What's happening here, Uncle," Lucy asked. "You know that he is bound to marry Aphrodite right?!" his father voice eco in the whole mansion.

"But he keeps on insisting to let him be with that silly love of him! Love won't bring you happiness in this world Cupid! Money is!" his father said as he sits n the couch and looks at Lucca.

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"Take a look at Lucca Belladoma he's inheriting his family's underground business! That's an example of a good son-"

"You're missing the point, Sir," Lucca cut Cupid's dad off.

"I inherit my family's business because since then I like the smell of blood and steel. It's wrong comparing your son to me when we are both different persons." Lucca said and went to Cupid's side.

"My friend here is having a hard time sir just to please you, But Cupid I'm telling you that's enough already," Lucca added as he taps Cupid's shoulder.

"I love Anne Loreniana Dad," Cupid said out loud. "And even if you take everything away from me the girl I'm marrying with is her and I will give her my proper and real answer in her confession," Cupid said as his father stand up.

"You fool do you think you have the guts to earn and live a happy life if you're marrying someone like her who has no richness at all?!" His father reacts.

"Antonio shut it!" his Dad was stunned when he heard his wife's voice.

"Let Cupid decide for his future wife, But we are going to give you a chance to prove to us that you will strive even without a rich family. I will cut all your allowances and also we are not paying your tuition even in college. We won't be supporting you not even a penny." his mother's words were so authoritative.

"And lastly no one should help you not even Lucca and Lucy. And you cannot give Anne your answer not until you graduate your degree and prove to us that you survived this test." his mother added and went back to her room.

"You heard the lady Cupid, You may pack your things now." Cupid's father said as he looks at Cupid with disappointment in his eyes. "I'm telling you for the last time Cupid, Anne will not do any good to your life." his father added.

As months passed and they graduated high school as Cupid is still the valedictorian in the class. Anne never talks to him anymore not even a single hi or good morning.

"So where are you planning to go to college?" Lucca asked and Anne just smiled sadly.

"I'm moving to Cebu for college." Lucca gasp. "That's far," Anne smiled and look at Lucca not even minding Cupid's presence.

"I'm really glad that I met you guys," Anne said with purity in her tone.

"And I'll start moving on with my feelings to you Cupid," Anne said as she waved her goodbye to everyone.

'Is this the end?' Anne murmured in her mind.

'I still want to know if I still got a chance to hear from him that he likes me' she said in her mind.

Anne looks back at Cupid and smiled.

"Hurry Cupid," she whispered as she turned her back from them and ride on the cab.

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