4 Friends Boundaries

"Where the fvck is Anne?!" Both Lucca and I froze as we stare at Cupid slamming the door open. "U-Uhmm I'm here. " I said as I raised my hand awkwardly.

"What the hell Cupid I told you to look out for Anne so that she won't come here. "Lucca said as he was holding a teapot and poured me out some tea.

"I warned her not to go here but she's a stubborn lady!" Cupid muttered as he looked at me angrily. "Hey, Hey chill out both of you," I said to cool their heads off.

"C-Can you just explain to me the situation so that you know I could at least know what the hell is happening here? " I said calmly trying not to freak out, well actually I'm freaking out but I'm just hiding my shivers to act cool.

Wait seriously, Anne?! You still have time thinking to act cool rather than digesting this happening to your brain?!

"Well, it happens in the movies, right? I mean like this stuffs? I mean I'm a writer right this stuffs happens in a novel so this digestion is easy as pie." I said and smiled fakely.

"In general, food takes 24 to 72 hours to move through your digestive tract. The exact time depends on the amount and types of foods you've eaten. The rate is also based on factors like your gender, metabolism, and whether you have any digestive issues that could slow down or speed up the process." I rolled my eyes hearing those words from Cupid.

There we go the Smarty Pants...

"I'm a son of a Mafia boss, Both parents are Mafia's that's why you never heard about them since then." I nodded and looked at him with a serious face.

"Then I guess that's all. " He added. "And Cupid knew about this?!" I said shocked and he nodded. "Why didn't you tell me? " I asked. "Because it's a dangerous secret that might put you into danger." I was frozen and trying to process it in my brain.

"Okay. " I said.

"What okay?" Lucca asked.

"Well, there's nothing else for me to ask. " I said as I pack my things. "Your leaving? " Cupid asks looking at my bloodied uniform. Damn it I had forgotten that I was covered in blood!

"You can go to my room and at least change into something before you go home," Lucca said and guide me into his room.

Well for a shock it's a normal room for a teenage boy. "U-Uhmmm what clothes should I wear? " I asked him and he just looked at me as he laughs hard.

"Here wear my new boxers and t-shirt. " I just pouted as I enter his room holding his t-shirt and boxer.

Days past I was busy practicing my lines for the play and I'm also busy avoiding Lucca. Well, now that I've cool off I just realize that he's a bad guy because as he said he's a Mafia.

What good things come up from a Mafia-like him? Nothing right? It's either you have tons of money or die in the battle of Mafia's. I really rarely just can't imagine myself being dead now.

"Hey, Anne Focus! " I looked at our class president and smiled. "I'm sorry I just got distracted," I said and start saying my line.

"I love you-"

"But you love her? What kind of love is that?! I can't see it! I can't touch it, I can't even freaking feel it!" I shouted at Cupid's face but his face is serious and emotional.

"Is that your definition of love?" he asked and I was blank because his face is so near to mine that if I move an inch we might kiss.

"CUT!" I came back into reality as I saw Cupid smirking. "What's your deal, Anne?!" I just apologized to them and ask for a water break. My eyes followed Cupid and saw him going to a door and was talking to someone as he received some C2 solo and a snack.

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"Yow I'm back from practice. " as I heard Lucca's voice I immediately stand up and was about to walk away when he grabbed my hand and pulled me near him.

"Oh no, You do not ignore me Anne Loreniana you won't like what will I do if you'll keep on ignoring me, " he said and hold my waist tighter as my classmates are looking at us also Cupid.

"F-Fvck did you just blackmailed me?" I asked. "No Ms. Anne, I'm giving you choices, " he said and smiled at me. "Just let me go you freak. " I said and he does as I say.

"Yow dude did she brought that?" Lucca asked and Cupid throw the C2 solo on Lucca's face but Lucca immediately catches it.

"I bought that for myself you sh*t so shut your mouth up!" Cupid said and went out. "Who is she? " I ask but Lucca just shrugged smirking.

"What the hell, why am I the only one that doesn't have any ideas about what's going on in your lives!" I said and he just leaned in me.

"There are some stuff Anne that you should not know, Unless if that person wants privacy about it." I pouted and watch my classmates making the props.

"But aren't we friends?" I asked but his face is blank. "Friendship is not everything you should put that on your mind. We're not married with this kind of relationship for us to share everything. There are some boundaries about us, about our relationship and about our privacy."

"Yeah, your right. " I said and smiled at him when he bites my cheeks. "WHAT THE FVCK ARE YOU DOING. " he just laughed out loud and everyone ignored us maybe because they're used to Lucca teasing me and Anne that's me shouting and throwing shit on him. I threw my shoe on him as he ran away from me.

"You're just too cute when you're thinking a lot, " he said and went out as my thrown shoe didn't get near him.


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