9 Cheek bite

I was trembling in fear as I saw Lucca on the floor dead and the blood began to run on the floor. "Lucca!" I shouted and went to him as I began to cry.

Someone just shoots him in the back, The blood tainted my dress as I cried looking at the dead Lucca. "Please don't die now, Lucca! I need you!" I shouted as Lucca looked at me and smiled gently.

"There's something that I need you to know."

'What the hell Lucca that's not part of the script you should be dead now.'

"I will miss you every day and I will forever love you even if we're in a different world. I wanted to stay longer with you, I want to be there when you cry, I want to be there when you achieve something that can make you happy and lastly I want to be there when you marry the man you love even if it's not me, I'll watch you from afar." he started to fake a cough tsk so professional.

"But I guess I won't be there anymore, I guess I'll just remain as your shadow," he said and close his eyes gently.

"Lucca! LUCCCCAAAA!!!!!" I shouted and cry in tears as the audience started to clap. "The Princess and the Shadow." we all said as we bow down. I can see the student faces being amazed at us and clapping loud.

Lucca's hand went into my waist as I look at him. "You did great," he said and smiled. "Thanks, you did great too even if you just making up your lines," I said and rolled my eyes. "Well, you know that I'm not that great at memorizing stuff but hey at least it works right?" I just giggle and hug him.

"Thank you for participating, It was a huge help," I said and he just smiled at me where I forgot that we were still in front of the stage. Lucca kissed my forehead as everyone started to shout.

"Are they a couple?!"

"They're good together!"

"I can't believe it!"

"Their chemistry is something else!"

I pinch Lucca's back and I can see that he flinched and fake a smile at me. "You idiot," I said as I pinch him harder as the curtains closed he run away immediately.

"Come hear you MORON!" I shouted and catch him when I saw Cupid holding a bouquet. "Congratulations." He said as he gives the Flowers. I genuinely accept it as I said my thanks. "Your game is starting right?" I asked because he's wearing his sports attire now.

"You are you gonna watch?" he asks and I nodded well of course I will watch it. "Then I'll do my best to make you feel proud of me," he said and went out.

I look at Lucca staring at me and the flowers. "What?" I asked. "And now your falling for him just for that bunch of flowers?" He asked. "N-No!" I murmured and kick his leg. "Ouch that hurts!" he exclaimed.

"Let's go change our clothes, We are about to watch Cupid play," I said and went to the wardrobe to get changed.

When I'm done changing I saw Lucca looking at me as he smiles.

"Tsk, What do you want now?" I asked. "You just look cute when you pissed off," he said and pinch my cheeks.

"Now everybody thinks we're dating!" I hissed and walk fast to the gym where Cupid's game gonna start. "Hey wait for me!" I heard Lucca said but I didn't mind him at all.

"Go Cupid!" I stopped when I saw the girl Cupid is kissing on the player's sit. "Hey Anne," I look at Lucca but his smile went out when he noticed the girl on the players sit.

"Should we not watch his game?" he asked but I shook my head. "No, Were his friends, Let's just support him," I said and went on the bleachers and sit down.

"Salvajes 3 points!"

"Salvajes 3 points!"

"3 points in a row from Salvajes!"

I just clapped a bit and look at Cupid smiling as they're winning.

When the game finished I look at Cupid hugging the girl, Yeah right that confirms that he's dating her.

"Anne we won!" he said happily and show me his trophy. "Yeah, Congrats," I said as I fake my smile looking at the girl.

"Congratulation Smarty pants!" Lucca said as he hugs Cupid. "Who is she?" I asked and the girl just hides on Cupid's Back.

"She's Mica my fling," he said and hold her waist. "What?" I ask again. "Cupid! Let's go we still have to change clothes." I look at him and smiled.

"We better go to Lucca, We still have to practice for the last time," I said and look at Cupid smiling while Mica is by his side.

I'm sad right now, I wanna cry.

"Hey Anne," I look at Lucca as he leans on me and kissed my tears. "I'm here don't worry, We still need to focus on the evening event." I smiled and nodded as I wipe my tears.

"Stop kissing me you pervert!" I shouted and kick his ass off.

He was about to run away when his phone rang. "Why did you call?" he asks in a serious tone, His aura suddenly change from an angel Lucca to a devil one.

"I see, So this event is going to be a disaster huh?" he asked and smirked.

"Try your very best then to protect me." He murmured and end the call.

"Why? What would happen?" I ask he just smiled at me. "I want to tell you something about Terrence."

"What about him?" I ask. "He's my assistant," he whispered as I nodded my forehead.

"So?" I asked again.

"Your a bit slow aren't you? He's a mafia too and my bodyguard." My jaw drops as it sank into my mind.

"He just called today that our live band will be in huge trouble knowing that I will be in there." I nod because what do we expect for having a mafia friend.

"Tch just makes sure that I won't be dead today then it's fine," I said as he grabs my neck and kissed my cheeks.

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"You PERVERTED IDIOT!!!!" I shout as she runs fast away from me.

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