6 Change of Plans

"You have to slow down Anne! " I looked at Dad and sigh. "I know I'm sorry. " I said but my mind was bothered by Cupid's answer.

I didn't get to hear what's his answer and now I'm here home and sick, it's Sunday and my mind is still on yesterday's happening.

"Anne are you listening! " I looked at Mom and cried in my pillow. "Darling, what's the matter? " She asks and pats my head. "I did the most embarrassing thing ever!"

"And what is it?" Mom asked and I just shrugged. "You're just having a fever Anne you don't need to think about stuff." I looked at Mom as tears started to fall in my eyes.

"Mom I'm sorry. " I said and she just smiled at me causing me to get chills because she usually nags at me when things like this get happen.

"It's okay, I just want you to have fun in your teenage life and always remember that I'm were for you, You can talk about your problems to me, you can talk about anything to me." I was just speechless hearing those words from my Mother.

Well, I'm not used to this stuff and it's new to me. "Lucca is here," Dad said as Lucca entered the room. Mom went out and give us some space.

"So how are you feeling now?" Lucca asks I think he's talking about my confession. "I-I didn't get an answer," I said and he looked like he's not interested in my confession at all. "I'm talking about your fever Anne," he said and sat on my study chair.

"I'm okay for now," I answered and look at him while he's swirling my pen. "Why didn't you get the answer that you want from him?" he asks.

"I fainted and the last thing I remember is now I'm here in my room sick," I explained when he went near me and put his forehead into mine. His lips are so near and I can feel my cheek burning red. "Your fever is higher than I thought," he said and took out a box of donuts.

"I bought this when I was going here." I smiled and nodded. "Why did you skip practice? You still have a practice for the next week's event right?" he nodded as an answer.

"It's fine I know the chords and I've been practicing so much now," he said and took my script. "Now let me help you practice your lines." I don't know but those gestures melt my heart.

He skipped his practice just to be here with me and help me practice for our role-play.

"I love you-" He said but I cut him off.

"But you love her? What kind of love is that?! I can't see it! I can't touch it, I can't even freaking feel it!" I shouted at Lucca's face but his face is serious and his emotion is there too.

"Is that your definition of love?" he asked.

"Then what is your definition of love?" I asked he smiled at me and guide my hands into his chest. "Lub-dub, Lub-dub, Lub-dub can you hear it beating so fast? I can even sense butterflies in my stomach, My happiness is all around me when I'm with you, I love you." I was stopped for a second.

"Hey! That's not part of the script you idiot." he just laughs. "You know I'm not good at memorizing, though it sounds good right?" he asked and I smiled. "Your good on words I can even feel my heart exploding you playboy!" I said when he grabs my hand and kissed it.

"Please take care of yourself, Princess," I get my hand and pat his neck. "And now you're changing your character into a freaking butler." as both of us laugh together when the door opens and I saw Cupid.

"Are you feeling well now Anne?" he asked and I nodded. "I think I'll just go to my practice now," Lucca said as he was about to stand up but I stopped him. Didn't he even think how awkward for Cupid and me to stay in one room?

"Just stay," I demand and he did what I say. "I was here to tell you that I might not be able to participate in the role-play."

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"Why?!" I asked because this is so unbelievable is it because I confess to him that's why he finds it awkward?!

"Why are you deciding just now Cupid when the event is on next week? Do you even have a brain?" Lucca said and I can sense that he is pissed off. "I just got the schedule of our game today and I cannot insert the role-playing thing with it." I clenched my fist hearing those words from Cupid.

Am I disappointed?

I'm so disappointed as you can see I am disappointed. I don't even know where to start my feeling if I'll feel sad or angry or whatsoever it is, I'm pissed too.

"If that's the case then I will do the shadow role then." I look at Lucca. "But everyone knows that you are busy on your song," I said because the only reason why Lucca is not being asked to do the role is that because he is really busy in his practices because they're doing a live band.

"I can do it no need to worry about that," he said and smiled at me. "Now I shall take my leave. Take care Anne," I just nodded at Cupid as he leaves my room.

I don't know but slowly I lost my interest in knowing Cupid's answer because as you can see he's doing his best now to avoid me just like this. I looked at Lucca who's now starting to read the lines.

"Will our friendship be broken just for that silly confession of mine? Well, I do like Cupid but this friendship matters to me the most." I said as Lucca closed the script and looked at me with his serious face.

"Then you should not confess in the first place if you thought about that."

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