11 Can't come?

"Lucca, we did it!" I said as I hug him tight. It was a success! Everybody enjoyed our songs, and I had fun singing in front of them. Lucca hugged me back.

"Yeah, you made my dream come true." I looked at him and smiled. "Yow Lucca, Anne! That was a blast!" Terrence said. I nodded at him. "You're way too good to bro!" Lucca said as he put his arm on Terrence's shoulder.

"We should probably celebrate?" Joseph said and I nodded.

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Days passed we were preparing our stuff because we were going to Bohol and Cupid is here in my room too.

"I didn't know you'll be singing that day." I clenched my fist as I heard that from him. "I j-just want to-"

"I guess Lucca liked you." I was cut off by what he said. "Come again?" I ask. "I know you're his Jenny," he added as I laugh. "Oh come on, where friends and that's just for show-"

"A boy won't go too far for you if they didn't like you!" I look at him and he looks pissed and devastated.

"If Lucca's on the way I cannot go with you on this trip," he said and left me in the room hanging. If Cupid won't come isn't it a good thing for me since I want to move on?

But I badly needed to know his answer to my confession.

Dialing Lucca...

("Hey Anne, I'm-") I didn't let him finish.

"Can we meet up in the park?" I asked and he's just silent on the other line.

("I cannot meet you in a crowded place, Just come over to my house if you have something to talk to.")

"Okay, I'll be there."

As I went inside Lucca's Mansion the maid shows me the way through the garden where Lucca is sitting and having tea.

"Hey," I called out he look at me and smiled.

"Yeah, what brings you here?" He asks and let me have a seat beside him. "I want to talk about the trip." he nodded as a sign that he's listening to me.

"I know it sounds rude but can you not come?" He looks at me and smiled. "Why?" he asks calmly.

"Cupid thinks that you like me and I think he can't give me his answer if you're there." I don't know how to describe Lucca's reaction now.

"Oh okay," he said and take a sip. "That's it? You're okay about it?" I ask and he nodded.

"But I'm afraid that you have to do something for me to be happy and to remember you here while your gone." I stopped and look at him.

I look at my ring, I have two rings on my thumb and my ring finger since the ring on my thumb is bigger I put that on Lucca's ring finger.

"Here take care of this," I said and smiled he froze as he looks at the ring on his hand. "Are you freaking proposing?" he asked I slap his arm hard.

"You idiot you ask for something that can let you remember me while I'm gone!" he looked at me as our eyes met he looked away.

"Your unbelievable," he said and clench his fist. "Damn it," he murmured. "What?" I asked and he shakes his head.

"Whatever happens there call me every time or text me if you need someone to talk." I smiled and nodded. "And lastly let me do this for the last time," he said and kissed my cheeks.

"I will miss you," he said and I smiled at him as I messed up his hair. "You silly," I said as I stand up. "I guess this is it, Lucca, I can finally get to hear Cupid's answer," I said and he doesn't look happy at it.

"Hey, look at me, I'll be fine okay?" He just smiles and pats my head.

"Yeah you're Anne after all," he said and wave his goodbye to me.

As I went inside the cab he muttered something but I didn't hear about it anymore because I closed the door already.

When the day of the trip came Cupid didn't show up at all like literally. "Sweety," I look at Mom and was about to cry. "Hey," I look at the man beside my dad.

"We called him because we know you needed someone to talk to rather than us." I look at him as he smiled at me.

"I'm sorry I'm late," he said. "I got some problem with my car and driver that's why-" I didn't let him finish.

"Lucca!" I shouted and hugged him tightly.

"Yeah, I'm here don't cry." I don't know but I feel devastated now. " I'm glad you make it Lucca, I was shocked when you said that you won't be coming with us." Lucca smiled at my Mom. "I guess a change of plans then," he said and look at me as he wiped my tears.

"Stop crying your beauty doesn't match your tears," he said and kissed my head.

"You pervert!" I said and pout. "Let's go?" He ask and I nodded.

I look back hoping that Cupid will show up but Lucca hold my hand and smiled at me. "He won't be coming anymore," he said and smiled at me as he grips my hand tighter like he's not going to let me go.

"Lucca," I called and he looks at me as we are about to board the airplane.

"Do you like me?" I asked because I'm kind a curious about what he thinks about me and what Cupid said to me that he won't go this far if he didn't like me at all.

"Yeah, I do," he said and show his hand where the ring is. "We're getting married too." He said and I kick his butt.

"When will you answer my damn questions properly you sh*t!" I shout as I catch him.

I guess this will be a long trip together with this moron.

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