11 Injured - Plants - Pill - Chapter 11


the sound of a sharp blade cutting the meat sounded and Marcus was hit and crashed down the rock behind him.

He had no time to look for his injuries but it was clear that his both hands got cut by the Human-Mantis,

If he did not use the "Ko" to block the incoming slashing attack from the Mantis, the attack was going to first cut both arms and gravely injure his body which will make him no better than dying.

As Marcus looked back at the frenzied "Human-Mantis" he noticed that it was looking at him with cold-eyes and preparing it is next attack

Marcus then closed his eyes and started thinking.

"The blunt attack does not affect him, I have to attack with slashing attacks, but right now my arms are injured, it is most likely that I could not use my hands to perform a slashing attack, I have to with piercing attack."

After a little plan Marcus had no time to prepare his attack, because the Human-Mantis already started running towards him at full speed, because the first attack of the Mantis was successful and it managed to hit, the Mantis itself gained a boost of confidence and forgot all the plans,

It just attacked with pure bloodlust no plan whatsoever.

Marcus did nothing this time and just waited, with his one finger close to his abdomen, as he waited and the distance between him and the Mantis became only five meters, and then he used all of his "Aura" and concentrated his "Nen" on his right-hand point finger and whispered.


As he whispered he used all of his physical power to lunge towards to Mantis with attacking with his finger coated with all of his nen,


After a piercing sound, Marcus started gasping and taking deep breaths, on his finger, there is the head of a Mantis,

As Marcus concentrated all of his nen into one point and then used "Transmutation" give his finger piercing effect and "Enchantment" to make his finger strong and powerful, after these, he just used all of his pure physical power to lunge towards to incoming mantis and then he used his agility pierce the head of the mantis with his right-point finger.

It was clear that he was successful.

But it can be said that, if there is no medical assistance, his both arm was going to be ruined.

After about ten seconds later when he finally came to himself, he looked his both forearm and noticed that his bones can be seen easily.

At that time Alisa looked at him and came to his side, after she saw the wounds on Marcus' face on arms she furrowed her brows and started speaking.

"Come to my house, I have medicine for your arms"

Marcus had no power or anything to say the Alisa, and without saying anything any way he just followed her home.

After they entered the room Marcus just lied down on his bed and Alisa came up with some kind of medicines that he never saw before, one of them was a pure normal leaf, and some of the pills in the shape of a "Triangle".

It was different than the "Earth"

After Alisa brought the medicine she started talking.

"I will give you water, eat these plants directly and then swallow the pills with the water, then I will bandage your arms, with your nen the flesh and if harmed the tendons and muscles will recover quickly"

Marcus just nodded and started chewing on the plant Alisa brought him, the plants looked like a basic green leaf without any properties but after Marcus chewed on the plant he understood that it was no ordinary plant.

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