1 Humble lessons: 01 Humilty

(Cove-craft high school is a privately owned academy, like any school, there are rules that must be obeyed and every rule of course comes with its set of punishments, however there is one student that walks around the campus with an air of dominion over it, the so called queen of the Cove, Bethony Rockwall, because of her parents contributions she is considered untouchable by said rules and has since become the veritable bully of the academy with even the teachers giving her a wide birth in the halls and because of her high ranking in martial arts none of the other students dare stand up to her, that is until today when she picks on the wrong teacher at the wrong time, Shannon Alderman the schools History, Science, and Fitness couch, today has been a particularly rough day for him, for in the span of five hours he has had to break-up three fights, two of which he's been hit, had his launch "accidentally" eaten by another teacher, and has just gotten back from a needlessly drawn out teachers conference, with what is seemingly the longest day of his life essentially done all he has to do now is head up stairs to his room, pack his belongings and go home, unbeknownst to him however is Bethony on the stairway just several steps above him, reaching the first platform of the stairwell she stops and waits for him, Shannon passes by not noticing her agitated expression, thinking she's being ignored she calls out to him)

Bethony: HEY, PERVERT!

(This comment stops Shannon in his tracks as he slightly rotates his head back towards her)

Shannon: Excuse me?

Bethony: You heard me, you where looking up my skirt as we were walking up the stairs.

Shannon: ….(Deep breath) I'm sorry if you think that was what I was doing, but I assure you young lady that I did not even notice you where there, my only thought at the moment, (under breath) after a long day, is getting home, now if you'll excuse me.

(Taken aback by Shannon's demeanor towards her she grabs him by his arm as he attempts to walk away)

Bethony: You must not know who I am, but I know who you are Mr. Alderman and let me tell you this, no one simply walks away from me like that, so start showing some god damn respect because I can make your time at this school a living hell, or very short, it'd really depend on whatever I'm in the mood for.

Shannon: (Building frustration)….

Bethony: (Smug) Are you starting to get it, that little pay check you and the other teachers complain about is much better then no pay check at all wouldn't you say, (lite chuckle) at least it helps you pay the bills in your sad little house, right?

Shannon: ….(Deep breath) I know very well who you are Ms. Rockwall and I'm also very aware of your parents that your hiding behind.

Bethony: What did you say?

Shannon: I also know that this is your second year being held back and that the few friends you had have either graduated or left, leaving you alone at this school, with your birthday come and gone that makes you eighteen years old I believe, which means, assuming you don't get held back again, by the time you graduate you'll be twenty.

(A long moment of silence fills the air, Shannon then pulls his arm away from Bethony and begins walking)

Shannon: Schools out and I'm sure you've got nothing to do here so go home Ms. Rockwall.

(Bethony clinches her fist as Shannon makes his way to the second flight of stairs, then a memory of her sitting in the launch room alone goes through her mind, she suddenly lunges at Shannon with her fist raised, he quickly turns towards her and taking Bethony by her striking hand, flips her above his head and on to the ground, the impact knocks her out, later that day as the sun gets low Shannon finds himself sitting with the principal of the school)

Principal Lewis: You understand why this isn't really a conversation and more of me telling you that your fired right?

Shannon: (Sigh) Yeah I get it, if it helps I honestly regret my actions, I shouldn't have set her off like that.

Principle Lewis: ….Well, now that your officially fired, we're just two guys talking in my office, right?

Shannon: Yeah?

Principle Lewis: She deserved it.

Shannon: What?!

Principle Lewis: Mr. Alderman you're, you were, fairly new to this school, so I'm sure that by now you must've heard some of the rumors surrounding Ms. Rockwall.

Shannon: Yeah?

Principle Lewis: Trust me when I say there lacking in comparison to the reality, she's a menace, a spoiled brat that gets her way, with no one getting in her way.

Shannon: ….?

Principle Lewis: Do you wanna know what happened on my second day as principal of this school, I found her beating on one of the students because he had made a comment about her hair, I tried to stop her and she punched me in the gut as all the other students watched, I threaten to expel her but she just laughed, when I talked to her parents they told me that if I ever touched there daughter like that again not only will they pull thirty percent of the funding from the school but they'd kick me out, it was embarrassing to have to walk back through those doors with her standing there infront of the majority of the student body watching, she smiled as I was forced to apologize, and I'm not the only one with a story like that, you'll find that all the other teacher have there own Rockwall moments, your simply the first one that's paid the price for it, so if anything, for what it's worth, I'm sorry.

(Principal Lewis then get out of his seat and walking around to Shannon, places his hand on his shoulder)

Principle Lewis: Listen, I'll call around and see if I can find you another job, a teacher with your talents, I sure they'll be chomp'en at the bits to get a hold of you.

Shannon: I appreciate it.

Principle Lewis: When your done clearing out your desk you should take the route near the old gym, there might be a few students still walking around.

Shannon: Yeah, the last thing I want them to see is me with my head down.

Principle Lewis: (Under breath) Or another Bethony victim.

Shannon: What was that?

Principle Lewis: Hm?

(Later that day in the nurses office Bethony slowly wakes up rubbing her head)

Bethony: Ow, ….am I, in the nurses office, how did I get here?

Nurse: It was Mr. Alderman, he brought you in and then said he needed to go see principle Lewis.

Bethony: (Angered) That son of bitch is gonna pay for this!

(Bethony leaps out of bed and rushes out the door, as principle Lewis writes up a report, Bethony bursts through the door scanning the room)

Principle Lewis: Excuse me youn-

Bethony: Where is he?!

Principle Lewis: He, wh-

Bethony: Don't play dumb with me, I already know he was coming here, so where is he!

(Bethony stairs the principle down and as a bead of sweat rolls down his side he relents)

Principle Lewis: (Sigh) I told him to pack his things and go.

Bethony: (Stern) Where?

Principle Lewis: ….(Sigh) I told him to take the path near the old gym so the other students wouldn't see him.

(Without pause, Bethony runs off, as she's running memories begin to play in her mind)

Memories: My parents said we're moving, ….Sorry but they told me I couldn't be your friend any more.

Memories: She got held back, geez, she maybe the queen of the Cove but not a lot going on up there, (lite chuckle) maybe its because of all that hair.

(Outside, with his hands full of his belongings Shannon soon passes by the old gym and while he walks past, staring at the building, he's suddenly tackled from behind into its doors breaking through them, with his things now on the floor he begins picking himself up)

Shannon: Geez kid, you really need to wat-

(When he looks towards the student that tackled him, he sees Bethony picking herself up off the floor)

Shannon: Oh it's you, well you called it, thanks to you I'm fired.

Bethony: ….

Shannon: What's wrong, not going to gloat about it, no smug remark?

Bethony: ….(Frustrated) Who do you think you are?

Shannon: Excuse me?

Bethony: You think you can just embarrass me like that and walk away!

Shannon: One, I'm not walking away, I was fired, two, you should be less worried about your reputation as queen-b and more concerned with your grades.

(Bethony says nothing, she simply takes a fighting stance, Shannon crosses his arms in response)

Shannon: By proxy, you've already fired me, so I have nothing to lose by beating on you, with that said you are still younger then me so this is your only warning, (stern) don't.

(Bethony suddenly lunges at him)


(The two engauge with each other but early into there fight Shannon begins to notice the skill gap between them and decides to go on the defensive)

Bethony: What's wrong, can't keep up, where'd all that confidence go, HUH!!

(Shannon continues to focus on his defense to Bethony's annoyance)


(Bethony throws a punch towards Shannon's face only to have it caught and held)

Bethony: (Heavy breathing) ….?!

Shannon: (Sigh) This is a waste of time.

Bethony: (Heavy breathing) What did you say?

Shannon: (Deep breath) Listen, I shouldn't have upset you earlier, I had a long day and what I said to you was uncalled for, so I'm sorry.

Bethony: (Angered blush) ….

(Bethony stares Shannon down then suddenly she quickly grabs him by his neck tie and pulls him in kissing him deeply, a long dense silence fills the air)

Bethony: ….Mr. Alderman.

Shannon: ….?

Bethony: ….I'm, (Nervous) I'm sorry I did what I did, I ….(sigh) you where right-

(Bethony loosens her grip on Shannon's neck tie)

Bethony: What you said before on the stairwell, I'm alone at this school, and being held back, twice no less, its ….frustrating ….and I took that frustration out on others because it was easier to deal with that way, it felt good, but then one day you did something (lite chuckle) you probably don't even remember.

Shannon: "Hi there, my names Mr. Alderman, you seem down maybe I can help".

Bethony: ….It was the nicest thing that I'd heard at this school in what seemed like forever, I had gotten so used to being "queen bitch" that I started pretending that I didn't need any friends to begin with, but after that day I started watching you from a distance, always wanting to say something but scared I'd just push you away like I did everyone else, and today I did exactly what I was hoping I wouldn't do, I guess at this point it was a reflex….

(Bethony soon lets Shannon's neck tie slide out of her hand completely)

Bethony: ….Don't worry I won't tell anyone ….you won't have to see me again.

(As Bethony begins to leave Shannon calls out to her)

Shannon: Hold on Bethony, I may not be a teacher anymore but I can still teach.

(Bethony's eyes begin to well up as a smile grows across her face)

Shannon: I'll teach you to curve that attitude of yours, hopefully through these lessons you'll find a better you, now for your first lesson lets start with a proper introduction. My name is Shannon Alderman, its nice to meet you.

(Bethony wipes away her tears and introduces herself)

Bethony: (Excited deep breath) My name is Bethony Rockwall, I look forward to getting to know you Mr. Alderman.

Shannon: As do I.

(Shannon then walks towards Bethony, pats her on the head, then leaves)

Shannon: I'll see you again Bethony.

Bethony: (Excited) Right!

(As Shannon leaves a pondering expression grows on her face, later that night as principle Lewis makes his way to his car he hears a sound from off in the distance)

Principle Lewis: Hmm, ….must've been a raccoon.

(Bethony moves into sight and begins walking towards him)

Principle Lewis: Now miss Rockwall, you know that if you touch me-

Bethony: Today's little incident with Mr. Alderman, forget it ever happened.

(Realizing she's giving off a threatening vibe, Bethony readjusts her demeanor)

Bethony: (Deep breath) ….Please.

(Principle Lewis simple stands there with a surprised expression on his face, a moment passes and suddenly Bethony punches the side of his car leaving a large dent)

Bethony: I SAID PLEASE!!

Principle Lewis: Yeah, no problem I'm happy to do that, just don't do anything more to my car.

Bethony: Thank-you.

(Bethony then leaves, hiding the satisfied smile from the principle)

Principle Lewis: ….The hell was that about?!



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