1 chapter 1

love...its a drug everyone does it and nobody can ever get rid of it. everyone has it even if you don't think you do. i hate love you always loose it one way or another.

my name is isabella rose. im 15 i have bright blue eyes and my hair is strawberry blonde oh yeah and im 4'11 1/2". i lost my parents in january and its december now so about 12 months since. i dont really wanna get into how they died. i have to move in with my foster family. because my childhood home got put up for sale. and nobody would buy it till now. so now i have to move to a completely different state. i live or well used to live in chambersburg and now im going to canada.

i have already packed everything and now im waiting for the ups truck to get here. they are taking their sweet ass time getting here though. i lay on my empty bed closing my eyes and just listening to the silence. and then i finally hear the ups truck. i jump from the bed wanting to get this over with soon. i run down stairs hearing them knocking well more like pounding on the door. i swing the door open with a fake polite smile and they smile back at me. the boss im guessing is about to open his mouth to explain why they r here when i start talking.

"yeah i know why your here come on inside" i say politely and with the nicest attitude i could muster up. they smile at me and walk in the door going straight for the luggage and speeding out. i guess they wanted this to be over soon too i thought to myself and smiling a bit. i went upstairs and grabbed the stuff from my parents room i don't want it to get possibly destroyed. so i am taking it with me in my own car. yeah i have my licence and i get stopped allot because i have the height of an 11 year old.

anyways i start to put things in the trunk and backseat of my car when the boys walk up to me.

"we got everything in the truck do u want us to go now or later we could show you the way to your new home." he said looking at me kindness in his eyes. i look back at him and smile.

"if that is okay with you guys i could just use google maps or gps." i said and all of them shook their heads no.

"its no problem at all" they all say at the same time. i couldn't help but to giggle it was like they are all siblings.

"well i do have some food in the house and i know i cant leave it here and i wont be able to eat it and i dont want it to go to waste so are you guys hungry" i said and once i said that their eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store. they looked at me like i was extraordinary and all shook their heads yes. i closed and locked all the doors on my car and started to walk inside the house. i walk inside leaving the door open for them to come in. walking to the kitchen i open the fridge,and pull out a bunch of lunch meat and some bread. and we started eating everything that was in my kitchen. i stopped eating after my second sand which but i guess they haven't eaten in a while. after about an hour or so everyone was full and the only things left in my kitchen were crumbs and the containers the food came in.

"thank you so much we haven't eaten in a while" a man said he looked like the boss of the group and the others just stared at me with silent thanks and smiling at me. i smiled back giving a little nod so they know i heard them and as a way of saying thank you.

since everyone was done eating we headed to our vehicles and started the journey. i didn't dare look back at my childhood home. knowing that i would probably break down crying and get into an accident. we were almost to canada when it started to rain badly. the roads were flooding and you could barely see a foot in front of you. so i pull over and pull out my phone. checking to see where i am i see i am about 1 or 2 miles away from my new home yay. note the sarcasm. i decided that i would just drive the rest of the way because it wont take that long. and i don't feel like waiting it out. so i started my car up and went on my way. i could tell nobody was on the road because i mean who would be stupid enough to drive in this weather. my stupid self that's who.

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