Hubby, why not fall in love with me! Book

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Hubby, why not fall in love with me!


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After a heart wrenching breakup with her boyfriend, all Amaterasu wanted to do was stay at home and sulk. Unfortunately life had other plans for her. 1. Work 2. Food 3.Her husband.... Wait, HUSBAND!? How come she is married, didn't she just breakup with her boyfriend? They didn't know they worked in the same company? How is that possible, I mean, shouldn't you at least know where your husband works? "Emm, I may have accidentally ended up on a dating site and married some man wa-" " What!? you are destroying the story... No no no, you aren't supposed to do that, you are supposed to get a Happy Ever After ending, Argh, see what you did, You-" "You know, no ones life goes like fairy tales, and who knows, I might still get a happy ending." "Ugh, fine, I'll give you a chance..." No ones life is a fairy tale, your life will be a rollercoaster but then again, that's life.... Quote by no one ;)


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