1 Brothers

Nawa Monica had just arrived at her new school for the time being, Huaxia Academy. She was a little nervous because her brother had run off with his friends to join a motorbike act at a traveling circus. Yes you heard that right... a traveling circus. And because of his stupid life choices, she, a college junior had to put her courses on hold for the semester. Her parents had begged her to come back home and attend classes for their beloved son, so here she was.

If anything, Monica did not want to drop everything for her irresponsible brother just because of her parents orders, but she had learned long ago that going against her parents' wishes never ended well for her. The last time she did not listen to them, all the food in her fridge kept spoiling, and she had numerous occurrences of bad luck.

If you were wondering, Monica's family was one of witches and even though she was a woman of the family, her magical power was low in comparison to her brother who somehow inherited the family's magic as well, despite being the wrong gender for it. Now that's not to say that there aren't wizards, its just that the Nawa family only had female witches. Because of his astounding magic power, Monica's family, especially her parents, doted on her brother and catered to his every whim despite how ridiculous they may be.

So, because he was, well is the beloved child of the family, Monica found herself disguised as a man standing outside of her brother's new high school getting ready to spend the next two years, hopefully not, in a private boarding academy, as her brother. Her mother had prepared a potion to disguise Monica as her brother, so she appeared about 2 or 3 inches taller than her previous 5'8". Nothing was really too different except, yeah how could she forget! She now had an elephant and she had lost the boobs that had taken her soo long to perfect!

Yeah, she had spent about a year of time dedicated to magically perfecting her boobs! So, she was justifiably a little unhappy about this situation! Although she could change back, since her perfect boobs were magically crafted they would be undone either way... wuwu...

Now you may be thinking, "Ohh, I thought that Monica isn't any good at magic". And this thought isn't quite right. Actually, Monica is quite ingenious when it comes to find creative ways to utilize her power with little energy cost because she ties the logic behind it back to scientific ideas and concepts. In spite of this, her family still has far more raw power than herself, so it would be useless to try and get out of her predicament.

Monica sighed and took a deep breath walking towards the crowded entrance of the school where everyone was trying to push in to get good seats at the entrance ceremony in the auditorium. Monica weaved her way through the doors and made her way to the eleventh row where she could hopefully drown out the voice of the principal with her earbuds without getting caught. Unfortunately, a young looking peppy boy who looked like he had never once stepped outside, ran up to her introducing himself as Cheng Sang the puppy, practically broadcasting to the closest three rows that he was either extremely naïve or had never had a friend before. The group of students he ran from were trying to hide their giggles as he introduced himself and continued to say that his new friends had told him that was how people introduced themselves nowadays if they wanted to make a lot of friends. According to him, they apparently had lots of friends so it was fine, so this little idiot instantly believed them. Apparently since she was the first person who had not sent him off to make more friends, so according to him, she must really like him, so he decided to stay with her, and she could not seem to get rid of him no matter how hard she tried.

After the opening ceremony concluded for the new year Monica left the auditorium heading towards her homeroom class with the little puppy tailing her. The halls were crowded with upperclassmen and new students lingering in the halls to talk to their friends from previous years. Only one person really stood out to her from among the crowd, her brother's childhood friend from his years in elementary school that she thought had moved away to the united states.

Her eyes nearly met his as they were roaming the crowd and she ducked by instinct, but with her taller height it just drew more attention to herself, and her brother's friend, Toroki Akio, saw her and started jogging over.

"Zack, I haven't seen you in soo long! Why didn't you come and say hello? Has it been soo long that you have forgotten my face?"

Monica was a little unsure how to respond, so she shrugged his question off and threw out a safe answer, "yeah, what about it? You must have turned ugly in your five years overseas".

She did not hate the boy but she was already two years out of high school and a little too cranky and upset about this whole situation. Plus the excessive energy to her right and in front of her were really putting her off, especially since her energy for the entire year would not add up to what they were exuding. If she ever caught that darn brother of hers she would literally make all of his hair fall out and send him back to mom and dad with an itchy ass.

The little Cheng Sang took this break in the conversation to introduce himself to the other fool standing across from her. Bowing a near ninety degrees, the shorter boy shouted out, "Hello! I am Cheng Sang! Do you want to be my friend?"

"Sure, sure, buddy, pal! Any friend of Zack is a friend of mine", the dirty-blonde mop-head replied to Cheng Sang as a sad expression flickered across his face only to be replaced with a stretching smile half-a-second later.

"I don't know what it is, but I am getting more annoyed every second I stand here. Since you two are best friends now, I'll be on my way to homeroom now. Don't mind me, excuse me, excuse me", she said to the duo as she turned away from them and maneuvered her way through the crowd. Unbeknownst to her Akio's smile grew larger and more genuine at her last comment as she left.

On the other hand, she was quite happy that she had escaped her first run-in with people and possible discovery. She still had to figure out her class schedule and her room assignment from her homeroom teacher for tomorrow so she asked her peers how to get to his class and headed on her way.

She was not looking forward to the problems that would arise from having to room with a boy, but she was at least relieved that she would not easily be discovered. She realized that she was getting closer to her class for homeroom, the room number and the teacher's name being the only tibit of information that her parents had deemed necessary to share with her before sending her out into this mess!

As soon as she walked through the standard school door into the surprisingly white-walled and spring-green-ceilinged room she realized that her homeroom teacher was directing his gaze at her and he was giving her a death glare. If looks could kill she would be dead.