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Today I met someone who was very different from the people I have met before he didn't talk about my brother and was actually interested in having a conversation with me about what I liked and didn't have any care for who I was he didn't see me as Harry potter's sister but as just Victoria. A normal girl.

He gave me the idea as to how to find the toad efficiently instead of breaking my back trying to find it I didn't see anyone in my age who was this calm and composed as him I honestly wanted to meet him again.

He was different from most people our age. I was soo caught up with him that I didn't even ask for his last name. The next time I meet him I will ask him.

When I saw him again at the school he was helping Neville and Sheamus in spite of the fact that he was also having trouble but didn't show it to anyone.

When I saw him getting sorted into Slytherin I was bummed out cause I wanted to hang out with him he was fun and could actually hold a conversation that didn't involve Quidditch and honestly I didn't want to be in Griffindor because of my brother. It's not that I don't like my brother, it's just that people just forget that I am also here because of my brother and I wanted to prove myself to everyone that I am my own person, I am Victoria Potter and not Harry Potter's sister.

When my name got called I was nervous about which house will I go to my dad wanted me to go to Griffindor same as him and mom. But when the hat said Slytherin I was not upset I was happy I had a sense of glad when I walked up to him and sat next to him. We just talked about potions and jinxes and hexes and runes he was the most talented wizard for our age I had ever seen, honestly I am pleased I am in Slytherin with him.


In the greater hall, Victoria and I were eating and having a nice conversation. I would say that it is going good for me at least I would have someone in the house to talk to. But it was not all merry for everyone.

"Why is my sister in Slytherin? Something must be wrong and who is that guy she is talking to?" Harry said to Ron who had his mouthful of food.

"I don't know but it seems that she might know who he is." Ron pointed at Hermione. "She was with him during the train ride".

"I'll ask her about him," Harry said to Ron after drinking some water.

He walked up to Hermione who was having a conversation with Seamus and Neville. She then sees him and asks "Is there something I can help you with?"

"Yes, Hermione right?" Harry offers a hand and Hermione replies in kind. He then sits next to her and asks "Do you know something about that guy?" Harry points his finger at me. I was eating with Victoria and was having a wonderful conversation about Potions. When he looked at me laughing and having a talk with his sister he gets a bit angry but he hides it.

Hermione looks at who he was pointing at and sees me and says "Oh, his name is Jonathan."

But before she could complete Harry blurts out "Can you tell me more about him? Does he have a last name? or something?" His voice had hidden anger that was not so well hidden.

Hermione looks at him and thinks how rude he is trying to judge Jon even before he knew who he is? She said in an angry tone "Who do you think you are demanding answers from me of my friend?".

Harry was a bit surprised because no one had ever talked to him like that. He looks at Hermione and says "I'm sorry for that I am just worried about my sister?"

"What are you worried about? That Jon might eat your sister?" Asked sarcastically

"I don't know who he is and my sister doesn't usually get along with many people. So it just seems weird." Harry looked very distressed.

Hermione looked at him and said with pity in her voice "His name is Jonathan, he is an orphan and your sister came in our compartment looking for a toad and we talked to her and Jon gave the idea to make an announcement. He is a good guy you don't have to worry about your sister."

Harry get an Ohh moment and thinks 'So that is why she was acting like that'. Hermione looks at him and waves his hand in front of his face which breaks him from his deep thought. Hermione asks "Are you okay?"

"Ah, yes yes I am thank you for sharing the info. about your friend and I am sorry if I was rude to you." Harry says to Hermione and leaves to his friend Ron.

"So what did you find?" Said Ron with a mouthful of pudding.

"He is okay, he is an orphan and just happens to be sort of friends with Victoria." Ron was confused as to how did that happen. Harry explains everything.

Ron gets low and asks "Do you know how your parents are going to react to this?"

Harry gets a chill down the spine and says "When my father finds out about this he is going to shred that Hat."

When the dinner was over we were lead to the Slytherin common room which was in a Dungeon near the lake. the common room had glasses in the wall and they had a green tint, there were leather sofas and a big round table for some reason, there was a book section in the common room when I think about the common room the word that comes to my mind is classy.

Gemma Farley the prefect of our house said that I would get a separate room from the others because of my special circumstance.

Snape came to give the orientation speech as to how all Slytherin must stick together and cheating and rule-breaking is okay if you don't get caught. And I already like the man but it seems he has his doubts about me and looked at me and Victoria and then he left.

Victoria was assigned to the room with Daphne Greengrass and Olivia Kay she was a strawberry blond and was from Scottland.

I was going towards my room when I heard "You Filthy Mudblood!.". It was a very bitchy voice almost akin to well... a bitch. When I turned around he was with his whole gang Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle.

"What is it you want bleached blonde?" When I said that many of the students chuckled and some of the older ones laughed. Daphne looked at it and found it to be very stupid behaviour on part of Malfoy.

Draco looked angry and moved towards me and I had a hand on my wand just in case and suddenly Victoria jumps in and just gives him a death glare and he looks at me and says "What too scared to fight so you have a girl protecting you?"

"I don't care what you say she can still kick your ass" I shouted and everyone just bursts out laughing and Draco gets embarrassed and says "My father will hear about this"

"Aww, poor baby. Did you run out of good insults? Maybe daddy can buy you some new ones." When I said that even Daphne was laughing.

"You will regret this Mudblood." He walked away.

"Are you okay?" Victoria asked she had concern in her eyes

I took her hand and said "I am fine, thank you for helping me. Now it's getting late we should go to sleep." Victoria blushed and went straight away.

I then moved to the corner room of the first floor. It was 'The common people room' in words of the Slytherin Prefect this room has been given to the students of muggle origin and you know what that means it was my father's room.

I opened the room and 'Hello darkness, my old friend'. The room was just black furniture with a silver finish. The room had a big desk, a fireplace, a queen-size bed with green linen and pillows. There was a book rack which had some books.

A sense of dread came because Voldy liked to curse things. I pulled out my wand and examined the whole room for cursed objects and thankfully found nothing I then unpacked my stuff and I let Nimbus out of his cage and Cotton out of my sleeve gave her something to eat and then went to sleep today was a tough day and it is only going to get worse.


(Inside the Headmaster's chambers)

Dumbledore was gazing outside of his window and said "I am worried, Severus".

"Worried about what sir? Harry Potter is safe and in Griffindor." Snape said to a worried old man.

"It's not always about Harry Severus it's about Victoria I promised his father I will keep her safe." gazing out he saw that the night was bright and full of moonlight.

Snape moved forward and said, "Sir, she is in my house I can keep her safe."

Dumbledore turned and sat in his seat and asked "And what about Jonathan Severus? What do you think of him?" his voice had a very concerned tone.

Severus was hurt by Dumbledore's remark but still said everything in a cold tone. "Sir, might I remind you I was also sorted into Slytherin myself and I am a Half-Blood. The house accepts students who want to prove themselves.

Just because he is in Slytherin doesn't mean he is bad, you know that he can be there because he may want to prove himself, get out of that Orphanage you put him in. "For his protection" hmm?"

Dumbledore looked at his friend and said "I didn't mean to Severus... I know it's just that the child reminds me of him and I don't want him to go down the same dark path in search of his father."


In a darkly lit room, a man was bowing in front of a mirror. The man seemed to have a conversation with himself. The room was filled with garlic and had jars filled with specimens of different species, Books pertaining to dark arts and a briefcase that had faint sounds coming from it.

"Master we are finally inside the castle" said a man wearing a turban.

"You are doing very well Quirrel, soon I will have the stone and will gain a body and will again rise to my former glory." Said a raspy voice but the source of the voice was not clear where it was coming from.

"Yes, master once we the stone we can rid the world of this plague." Said the man wearing a turban clearly trying to kiss the ass of the other person.

"You are a loyal follower Quirrel, serve me well." The voice was like that of a person who was on his death bed.

"It shall be done." The man got up from the kneeling position and blow out the candle and the room became dark.


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