2 Chapter 2: Magical Awakening and Perks.

As a traverser who was awfully familiar with the plot, he clearly knew that currently-wraith-mort had only briefly disappeared in front of the scene at this time, but his remnant soul was still hiding in a forest in Albania, waiting for the chance to possess a living human.

Lucius's retreat at the moment is tantamount to defying Voldemort, and Rigel also knew that in the near future, Lucius would do a stupid thing, and because of this, Voldemort would lose a Horcrux.

As a result, after Voldemort's resurrection, Lucius would not only lose his position among the Death Eaters but also had the whole family severely punished by Voldemort and because of this, the Malfoy Manor was requisitioned, Lucius' wand was requisitioned, Draco was assigned a mission to die...

Even after Voldemort fell again in the original plot, Lucius was sent to Azkaban and the illustrious Malfoy family has since been ruined and irreparably weakened, and devastated.

Well, now that he was here, he could not let things go the same this time around. He is an honest-to-God traverser who had the plot memorized by heart. So, maybe he can change the world's fate a bit to suit him the best while reducing the butterfly effects caused by him.

It is rare to be able to live again, and specifically, in his dream world, he has no intention to follow the direction of the original plot and let his future be constrained by an invisible wall of fate like this.

What Rigel brought over from the previous life was not only the mature soul of an adult but also the adventurer spirit that was burning in his soul! To be able to live a lifetime again, even if he can't dominate the world as the protagonist of many arrogant transmigration novels, but at least a stable and worry-free life, freedom without work, wealth enough to enjoy leisurely, and dignity without looking at human faces are the minimum.

It would be better to have two or three girlfriends. Now that destiny has allowed himself to be reborn in the Malfoy family, one more thing may be added-he also wants to try to change the family's destiny, protect the family's glory, and even bring the family to the next level.


The exterior of Malfoy Manor is luxurious and grand and it occupies a very large area, but inside it is empty and only a few people live. In addition to himself and his father Lucius, there is also his mother Narcissa, brother Draco, butler Smith, and a domestic elf called Dobby.

Of course, the Malfoy family also has some families and townsfolk under their banner, but these people are generally responsible for the family's business on farms or mines, and only appear in the manor on festivals or when the annual family meeting is held.

As Rigel grew up, he could feel himself getting completely integrated into this world. There are family affections he didn't have before, and as an ex-orphan who died single, he cherishes everything he had here.

Narcissa, who is quite doting on him and Draco; Draco, who loves to show off, but is a bit snobby and desperately tried to imitate their father; Lucius who cares about his family but always maintains a cold expression.

The butler Smith is a capable middle-aged man, a capable handyman of his father, but Rigel could not find himself a way to like the man. The old man is very paranoid to the point of having OCD about the tedious family rules and etiquette and often reprimands Rigel for trivial matters.

On the other hand, Draco was quite the opposite, he was very much loved and valued by Smith because Draco inherited the snobbish and hypocritical spirit of the Malfoy family. He always combed his hair with meticulous care and even spoke with his nose pointing up, and every sentence is slowly said to keep the act.

Dobby the house-elf has the best relationship with Rigel. Whenever Rigel made a mistake, such as accidentally destroying some precious items in the manor, Dobby would always try to help Rigel cover it, and escape the punishment of the stuck-up-Smith, and whenever Rigel was hungry, even in the dead of night, Dobby would secretly deliver food to Rigel.

And Rigel was also very good to Dobby, whenever he gets something new and delicious from Narcissa, he would secretly keep a portion and wait for Dobby to come to his room at night to sit alone and share together the joy of sneaking snacks together.

As one of the 28 pure-blood families of the sacred, the Malfoy family is extremely paranoid about the concept of "pure-blood supremacy". It can even be said to be arrogant and domineering.

As a traversing modern person and an ex-muggle, Rigel had a direct conflict with the family's core concept of "pure blood supremacy". Rigel had a bit of trouble when he was a child, and Lucius reproached him for his carefree behavior and kindness towards his inferiors.

But Rigel didn't take this to heart and still went his own way, just to avoid getting on Lucius's nerves, he had to reduce contact with Muggles, at least on the surface. When Lucius couldn't see, Rigel likes to go to the Muggle world to try and use Muggle things and he even plays with Dobby the house-elf.

As for Narcissa, although she is also a stubborn pure-blooded supporter, she has nothing to do with her sons other than spoiling them rotten. On the contrary, she thinks that her younger son has his own opinion, but now he is young and does not know the world and defends Rigel.

It was because of her maintenance and perseverance, Lucius didn't say anything to Rigel. According to his character, he must scold Rigel, brainwash him more, and try to get deep into Rigel's mind and carve the concept of pure-blood supremacy.

Of course, there is another reason why Rigel can still live comfortably, and leisurely in such a pure-blooded family was that he was a genius. He has shown amazing language talent since he was one year old, and he can learn languages ​​much faster than his brother Draco.

And Rigel's genius is not limited to language ability, he showed extraordinary learning talent when he was four years old. Lucius bought a variety of books and rare tomes for the boy to read, as it was his hobby and primary pass time measure.

Rigel feels very embarrassed about his genius title in private, and the learning content is simply boring to him, not to mention this simple content for young children. In his previous life, he was an out-and-out academic bully. He was ranked first in the country in the Olympiads and national examinations in the United Kingdom and then received a scholarship to enter the University of Cambridge for further study.

With excellent grades, he received a double doctorate degree in archaeology and ancient anthropological linguistics, and he was proficient in English, French, Spanish, and other Latin languages.

After crossing over, it seems that because of re-experiencing brain development, he found that his memory and comprehension were even stronger than in his previous life. No matter what he read, he can remember everything, no matter what he learns, he can quickly understand and remember, Rigel could not help sighing, "Isn't it a kind of golden finger if I'm not forgetting that I have seen or heard? Did I somehow get a natural occulomency talent?"

When he was 3 years old, Rigel successfully caused a magical riot and stunned the old butler Smith who was constantly trying to teach him how to walk like a noble. He was confirmed to have the potential to become a wizard, but he could have his own magic wand after he turns 11 years old, and he had the qualifications to enroll in a magic school to systematically learn how to become a wizard.

One could say that Rigel was really relieved about this. After all, he has never appeared in the original book. He is not sure whether he must have the potential to learn magic, and he knows that the wizarding world cannot learn magic and these folks, in the magical community are commonly known as 'squibs' and they are so severely discriminated against that he can't imagine that he will do if he ends up as a Squib.

On the day of the magical riot, Narcissa was so excited that she hugged and kissed her precious baby. Lucius still had such a cold expression as it should be for a pureblood Lord, but his eyes can't conceal the joy overflowing in his heart. Draco watched all this, only envious. As for the stunned butler, after being sent into the room by the elf, no one paid any attention.

Lucius and Narcissa prepared a simple celebration for Rigel but he cared more about his own eyes than the cakes and desserts in the celebration. He found that when he was looking at his family, they were covered with a faint white light.

Rigel once thought that there was a problem with his eyes, but after several attempts, he finally found out the reason, he found that his eyes only saw the white light when looking at wizards, magical creatures, or magical objects.

If he looked closer, the white light was like a stream, flowing slowly over the wizard or magical object following a strange pattern. Rigel suspected that the so-called white light was actually the magical power and this speculation was confirmed by a family document not long after.

In the Middle Ages, the concept of "pure blood supremacy" was deeply ingrained in the wizarding world, and it does have certain truths. At that time, the number of wizards was sparse, and they were often persecuted by ignorant Muggles.

The pure-blood wizards led by Salazar Slytherin used the protection of pure-blood wizards as a slogan to unify the power of the wizarding world. The inheritance of the wizard was protected from persecution. Later, the great Slytherin and his three partners founded Hogwarts, one of the greatest magic schools in the world, and opened up to the vast community of wizards to teach all kinds of magic knowledge for generations.

This is not to mention. At that time, the bloodline of the pure-blood family was very pure, and the bloodline also carried the mysterious power that was the origin of magic. In order to ensure the inheritance of the bloodline power, it was necessary to rely on the intermarriage of close relatives to ensure the purity of the bloodline.

It's a pity that in those turbulent times, every Muggle witch hunt will bring about a rapid reduction in the wizard population, and even the demise of some well-known wizard families. Relying on the means of intermarriage of the same race has become more and more impractical.

The wizard families began their cross-family marriages. Although they still wore the title of "pure-blooded family", in fact, under the continuous dilution of the bloodline from generation to generation, the bloodline power has long since disappeared, and it has become an ancient legend passed down by the family.

The so-called pure-blood families in modern times, and the pure-blood families in the Middle Ages, have actually withdrawn from the south to the north.

In the original book, there are only a few people who have awakened the power of their magical blood. In Rigel's memory, there are only the parselmouth Voldemort, Tonks who was a natural metamorphagus, and Trenalway, who has a thin strain of seer's blood but has been pretending to be a crazy woman.

Harry Potter's parseltongue talent was passively acquired because of his attachment to Voldemort's soul fragments and was not a natural blood inheritance.

As one of the oldest families inherited from the Middle Ages, the bloodline of the Malfoy family also contains mysterious powers. However, according to the historical documents of the family, the Malfoy family has never had a precedent for awakening blood power since the seventh generation descendant-Almander II Malfoy, so Rigel was different.

The magic riot phenomenon of ordinary people did not attract the attention of Lucius and Narcissa. For unknown reasons, Rigel was lucky enough to awaken the bloodline power of the Malfoy family. This bloodline power is called the "Mage Sight" in the family records and can see through the flow of magic power in himself and others with the naked eye.

There are records in the family history that Almander II Malfoy once used his special ability to communicate with magic, creating an exclusive magical meaning, and writing a glorious page in the history of the Malfoy family. It is a pity that the record of this legendary Malfoy wizard has only a few words for unknown reasons and is very vague.

The fact that Rigel awakens the "Eye of Magic" is a little secret that belongs to him alone. It's not that he doesn't trust his relatives, but Rigel, as an adult soul, knows the importance of low-key life and keeping the cards hidden. This special ability may come in handy in some unexpected situations.

Through the eye of magic, Rigel can observe the magic value of everyone in the range of sight. As we all know, a great part of the power of a wizard depends on the magic power he possesses. The most obvious example is in the original book, the Fake Moody said when displaying the unforgivable curses in the classroom, that the killing curse is a very dangerous curse.

If you use the poor magic power of the students to use it, at most It can only make him bleed. Rigel quietly observed everyone in the family. Lucius' magic power was mixed with the weird gray and black. The total amount of magic power was quite strong in the family, but because Rigel lacked a comparison with outside wizards, so the exact strength was temporarily difficult to estimate. As for his mother, Narcissa and the butler Smith, the magic in their soul is very lackluster.

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