1 Chapter 1

There was a girl named Ashley who was playing on her phone and seen an AD for a game so she decided to watch it. And, after watching the AD she decided to download it and play it. After the game got done downloading she clicked on her phone screen to start playing the game.

Ashley was enjoying the game so far and there was a group chatting on it so she decided to chat in there to see what kind of other people were playing the game that could give her some tips on how to play the game. There was a girl that went by a game name of Viola Rose and so Ashley decided to ask her some questions about the game.

And, so the two got to talking and everyday the would get on they would greet each other in the chat and give each other game tips if one didn't know something then the other would help out the best they could. This was just the beginning of there friendship and, then others in the chat was talking about making a group chat on discord so they all could talk while not being on the game so they could all keep in touch.

Ashley and Rose kept talking everyday when they were not busy and they talked about everything going on in there life's they got to know each other very well and became the best of friends and to this day they still keep in touch and talk whenever they are not to busy.

Ashley had gotten a kitten and named her Chubby and asked Rose if she wanted to be Chubbys aunt and Rose was so happy to be asked to be the aunt to Chubby that she yelled YES. And, any time either one of the friends need dating advice or any advice at all they ask each other to help the other out the best they can.

Ever since the day they met on that game they been there as best friends and helps the other one out when they are having a hard time with something the other friend is always there to help out with whatever it is they are going through. And, all it took to make a new friend that became a best friend was playing a game. That game made two great and amazing people become friends to the best of friends that could count on the other to help them out when they needed it the most. There friendship still grows stronger to this day and will continue to grow into an amazing and wonderful friendship.

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