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...Gremory Mansion Dining...

The rich aroma of Tea in the dry air filled the inside of the Mansion.


(...( ͡o ͜͡o)...)

From a corner of the large dining room, I was gazing at the back of Grayfia Lucifige, who stood in the Dining room

table preparing the untensils.



Pouring a cup of the Tea she had brewed in the Teacup, she skillfully placed it on the dining table.

With Rhythmically practiced hands, she looked from behind to be the ideal maid of every wealthy family.

It was a mundane morning scene for a mother err... a maid.

However, My reincarnation Jhin Zepar heir to one of the esteemed 72 clan pillars Ars Goetia had lost his biological

mother (who would normally have been the one to show this scene) and father three years ago.

One morning, 7 years ago, my parents had gone on a business trip together.

The couple were involved in an accident on their business trip, and never returned to my side.

A number of adults whose names and faces my reincarnation didn't know made the funeral of my parents (who were,

reputable, members of the Anti Maou Faction.) go off without a hitch, but because I, who had been left on my own,

had no relatives to take responsibility for my upbringing, I had to be left in the care of my clan's facility until I'm old

enough to assume the mantle of clan heir.

However, My reincarnation had never once thought of resenting that.

The adults had grieved over My parents' death, and had greatly sympathized with my circumstances. That was


And above all, Grayfia, who was friends of my mother, had put forth her name to take care of me, and worked hard to

groom Me to be the next heir of my clan.


「Here you are Venenlana-sama.」


「Mmm...Thank you Grayfia...」

Being childhood friends, My mother and Grayfia had grown up like sisters, so My mother and Grayfia had an intimate

familial association due to that relationship. So it was a no brainer my mother betrayed the old maou faction, and

ended up joining Grayfia's side during the devil civil war.

Having said that, I knew full well that it was not easy to suddenly take in another person's orphan.

Now, I felt deep gratitude towards Grayfia who had visited me casually and even suggested to let me live with them

when I was all alone.

On top of that...


(Grayfia-san is really beautiful...)

For a reincarnated boy of my age, 7 years ago felt like the distant past.

The figures of my parents were already starting to become hazy in my memories.

However, even if I closed my eyes and searched for an image of my reincarnation's mother within my memories, it

didn't seem at all likely to me that she was as beautiful as the woman before my eyes right now.



Her body movement was so youthful, and her skin was young and vivacious, right up to the tips of her fingers.


(You're really pretty, Grayfia-san. You would definitely pass for a single woman.)

I swallowed my words―for which, if vocalized, I might be scolded『Don't flatter me』―and instead repeated them once

more under my breath.


(Grayfia-san's really pretty and alluring... She gives off a real womanly feel.)

Her beautiful waist, which didn't suit a woman who was more than a hundred years old, emphasized her abundantly

protruding bust

and round buttocks all the more.

Her lean ankles seemed to be the result of the devil civil war she partook in many years ago.


「Mmm, I wonder if that's it...?」

Her breasts, which hadn't lost their firmness, peeked around her skinny (yet moderately plump) back, even though

her beautifully ripe ass was covered by her maid uniform.


(I think Grayfia-san is more beautiful than the girls from my class, more than the women on TV.)

Her body seemed far more radiant than those of the young stars who appeared on TV, or the gravure idols in the

manga magazines I and the other boys took turns reading at the Devil school I go to.


「Uh, I hope Jhin-sama will like this egg on rice...」



Still staring at Grayfia, who gave off sex appeal even from the action of casually tilting her head to the side worry, I

unintentionally let out a stifled laugh.

At the same time, feeling a tingle around my groin, I restlessly adjusted the balance of my legs.



Then came footstep sounds, and the presence of a person standing behind me.


「Oh... What's the matter, standing around in a place like this Jhin?」


「Ah. Good morning Sirzechs-san.」


「Yeah, morning. Now, sit, sit.」

Grayfia's husband, Sirzechs, enthusiastically pushed my shoulders

and turned me towards the table.

Since I could not allow my subtle feelings from just now to be realized by Sirzechs or Grayfia, I took my seat with a

slightly stiff expression.


「Oh, good morning. Jhin.」The beautiful brunette standing right before me was none other than my Rias Gremory's

mother Venelana Gremory formerly known as Venelana Bael.


「Yeah, good morning.」


「You've gotten up early by yourself again, if only my daughter Rias was like you... Well, Jhin, you sit down too. Don't

hold back.」


「Ah, right...」


「We're family now, after all.」


「Thank you very much Venelana-sama.」


「Jhin! Such informal wording...」


「Ah... Sorry. Uh, thanks, Venelana-san.」


「Well, all right. Jhin, just don't ever call me oba-chan ok. or I'll start feeling like an old lady.」Venelana giggles.




「Ah, by the way Venelana-san will Zeoticus-san returned home today? He promised to train me in more advanced

lessons in demonic alchemy this afternoon...」


「Oh? did he now? I'm sorry to inform you this Jhin...but my husband left on a business trip early with Lord Phenex,

and won't be back for while.」


「Is that so? Then I guess it can't be helped then...」

After having idle chatter with the hot brunette milf the dining room suddenly became lively when the other occupants



「Hmm. I'm eating light today, so... Just Jade tea is fine Grayfia. My stomach feels a bit heavy.」


「Oh, again? you working hard that's a new change of pace Sirzechs -sama... Will you last until lunch?」


「Haha please don't look at me with those doubtful eyes, I figured I should start acting my age and be a good role

model for Jhin and Rias~tan.」


「I see.」

While carrying breakfast from the kitchen to the table, Grayfia stopped and questioned her husband again.


「Are you really okay with just tea Sirzechs-sama?」


「I'll be all right. I'll just be sitting a lot in my job anyway, so I think it'll be fine.」


「Don't you go drinking? You go out too often these days Sirzechs.」


「I can't just stop socializing you know mother.」

Grayfia brewed Sirzech's tea, which she had poured boiling-hot water into, and placed it in front of Sirzechs.



The eyebrows of Sirzechs, who nodded, were slightly knit. It really looked like his stomach wasn't doing well.


「Ah, I'll help.」

Grayfia shrugged her shoulders and authoritatively spoke to Me, who had gotten up.


「Jhin-sama, didn't Venelena-sama say not to hold back? And besides being a Maid, this is my job.」




「I'm Sorry, Jhin-sama, but could you wake up Rias oujou-sama instead? Super-fast, okay?」



Happier than anything to be able to help Grayfia, I rushed out of the dining room after a quick reply.


「Sorry. Oujou-sama is truly useless in the mornings.」

...Gremory House Mansion Bedrooms floor...


「Honestly. I wanted to stay there forever with Grayfia and Venelana, and yet... This is all Rias fault...」

I strode up the stairs of the Gremory Mansion to wake up Rias.

Being Venelana's only daughter, me and Rias had been very close friends since kindergarten, so it was rather easy

for me to shape her in how I saw things hehe...

Since last year, our classes had brought us together once more, and our savoury, inseparable, bond had grown even

deeper. This opportunity allowed me to slowly corrupt her bit by bit into my ideal lover.


「Rias, are you up? Hmm, you're sleeping naked again, aren't you?

Wake up quickly!」

Knocking on the door, I shouted at Rias, who must have been still fast asleep.

Contrary to our exactly opposite characters, Rias who, when she was awake, went around being the attention of all

as she walks and me who was the quiet, introverted type had gotten along perfectly since the old days.

It was probably because we were as mischievous as each other.

Since the old days, we had been raised and scolded by Venelana side-by-side.

Despite appearances, when Venelana got angry, she did not go easy on us.

While nostalgically thinking back to when we were little, using demonic alchemy power I procured a replica key to

Rias room.


「Here goes...」

Pressing the key into the doorknob to Rias's room, I easily unlocked the door.


...Rias Room...


「Rias wake up it's morning time for breakfast.





That face. So content...

She's totally zonked out from all those obscene hentai CDs we watched and imitated last night...

And she's still sleeping naked. I can't believe I've been seeing this fan service in real life for the past 7 years.

Jeez Rias it's like your inviting me to fuck your so early in the morning...






「Oi if you keep sleeping Grayfia-san will be angry at you.




「Heeyyyy!」I begun groping Rias's developing breast.


「Wah, uwaah?!」


「Get up right now!」


「Jhin? Wait, don't pull on my Pillow! Stop, ahaha, don't

touch me there it tickles!」


「Don't you care if you end up going to school without

breakfast again?」


「*laugh, that tickles... ! Why are you being Grayfia's lackey?!」


「Because if I help her she'll be more lenient and lower her guard on me, now get up or we'll be late.」


「Mou fine, but you're gonna be the one to change me again got it Jhin?」


「Sigh fine, fine.」Agreeing to her demand I princess carry Rias to the bathroom.

Arriving at the bathroom I set her down.




「Rias don't tell me. You managed to fall asleep standing up.」

Man she is scary-good at sleeping.


「Rias wake up. If you don't hurry up and wash your face, brush your teeth, and eat breakfast, all our time to do

naughty things is gonna disappear y'know.」

I waited for a response, but it was no use; she was still in a dream and couldn't hear me.

Oh well. From here on out, it's all up to me.

I took her toothbrush and put some toothpaste on it.


「Hey Rias. Open your mouth. Go Ahh~」



「*brush *brush」


「Sigh every morning it's the same with you.」




「Seriously Are you gonna be this spoiled forever? what will you do when we finally gain evil pieces of our own?"」


「Oooh~ That's an easy question teddy-san~ I'll just become Jhin's Queen and be spoiled by Jhin ~forever~...」 Rias

answers while still in a dazed state.

Oh? Hehe I guess I misjudged her for not planning far ahead into the future...Rias as my Queen piece..I must say that

idea is not half bad...

I'll take her up on her offer and claim her as my Queen in the future then.


「Alright, done. Now rinse your mouth...Next is your clothes.」


「*gargle. *spit, rinse.」

I opened the cabinet beside the sink and took out Rias's school uniform.


「Now then: socks. First your foot.」






「And... that was the right one! Now. the opposite!」

Needless to say, this can be kind of tedious.


「Right...time for pantsu time~...」


「Yeah~... Rias responded half asleep again..」

After putting Rias underwear the uniform was next...Seriously it's like I'm the one being manipulated to be the ideal

partner here...


「Oh come on, what kind of dolt puts their head in a sleeve?...There your left hand! And your right!..Would you wake



「You can do the buttons yourself, can't you? Cool. Alright, raise your leg and put on the petticoat.」


「Lift a centimeter higher and it'll go on. A bit higher... there done.」


「Ahh you've crossed one of your buttons...」


「Still sleepy fix it Jhin please~.」


「Don't give me that. Your awake now do it yourself.」


「I'll let you take the lead again when we do naughty things if you do~.」 Rias says casually.

Hearing her bargain my eyes glint, as I quickly knelt right away and fixed her buttons.

...As time passes, her chest seems to get bigger and bigger...Thinking about it now I'm such a lucky sly bastard *dark


As I fixed her one piece. I found myself looking at the developing hills wrapped by her brassiere.

They too, like my days in this household are slowly developing and bearing fruit *dark laughter*...


「There done.」

「Nn...thanks. 」

Saying her thanks Rias then proceeds to give me a passionate kiss on the lips as a sign of gratitude.


「Alright, alright enough lovey dovey we can do that later all we want without being seen after class. Right now it's

time for breakfast Hurry hurry.」


「Mou, you should really read a woman's mood more Jhin you idiot... I wanna do naughty things right now!~.」

Ignoring Rias protest I grab her hand and we go back down the stairs to have breakfast.

Thus the day began for Me, and Rias.

...Jhin and Rias after class...


「Sensei sure was more boring today than usual right Jhin?」


「Yep, I feel ya I still cant believe she had the gull to give us a 5 minute quiz after that too...」

While Complaining of our morning class, Rias clung to my arm affectionately as we walked towards the rooftop of the

school to have our lunch.


「Ah, wait a minute!」

I remembered something I had forgotten and suddenly stopped.


「Eh, again?!」


「Sorry, I completely forgot.」


「Do you absolutely have to go home?」Rias clung to me harder with moistened eyes.


「Yeah. Absolutely.」

I told Rias, who was clinging to me and tapping her foot on the spot, when I said I was going to return home for a



「Mou, fine I'm going on ahead then, Just don't **** Grayfia and Mother with your eyes for too long again okay? You

promised me that we'll do naughty things this lunch-time Jhin.」


「Yeah. I'll run back and catch up to you as soon as I can.」


「Sorry again! Save some food for me ok?」


「Kay. Don't keep me waiting!」


「Yeah. Later!」



Turning my back on Rias, I quickly conjured up a teleportation circle.

...…...Gremory Mansion...



Once I got back home, I stopped for a moment and used my demonic power to enchant my body with invisibility and

presence concealment.

Sneaking into the Mansion. I quietly approached the entrance, and went inside without detection.

As I was headed to the kitchen floor, I spotted Grayfia with other maids inside the living room, busily cleaning.

The other maids tried to offer their assistance to Grayfia, but she denied them and continued to clean her designated

spot professionally.


「Hmm, she's doing her best today too...」



After admiring Grayfia from a distance I left the living room, quietly.

Using my demonic power like sonar, I checked the area for threats.

The signature of Sirzechs, who was one of the Maou, were gone. I had no doubt he had already left the house to

attend a meeting or something, and it looks like he brought with him his other peerage members too, lucky me.

Having confirmed that the inside of the mansion was not heavily guarded, I secretly went to the kitchen, and went

straight to the kitchen storage room.

Having gone into the kitchen storage. I retrieved two large, round tins from a cupboard.


「They decreased by this much...Grayfia-san and Venelana-san sure love their Tea.」

Just from the weight of the two tins that I picked up, I got a rough estimate of how many Tea leaves were inside.

The contents of the two tins contained the tea leaves of what Grayfia and Venelana drink respectively during their

past time.

They tried serving their respective teas to me and Rias at one time, but me and Rias were fussy about their choice of

flavors, so they both never served it to us again.

Some time ago, Grayfia and Venelana passionately said that tea was bought by multiple successful people, and

savored in the dark.

So needless to say, they love their tea very much and never noticed a little increase or decrease in the amount.

I opened the two tins, and the fragrant aroma of the tea leaves gently rose.

While smelling that aroma, Using my demonic alchemy I produced a large glass bottle out of thin air with practiced

hand movement.

I placed the two tins and the bottle on the stainless steel of the kitchen storage, but never made a single sound.



Next, I produced two large sheets of oilpaper from demonic alchemy, spread it out, and poured the entire contents of

the two tins onto them.

I quickly spread the mountain of Tea leaves on top of the papers, and brought the lid of the glass bottle towards it.

The contents of the bottle I procured were a tasteless and odour-less liquid of my own grand creation. as I was

sprinkling that all over, and making it permeate the tea leaves, I applied my demonic power's essence into it as well.

This fluent procedure was careful and precise, just like that of a skilled alchemist.

In fact, I was confident that I performed this sequence more perfectly than any master alchemist would.


(After all, I have done it every day for the past 5 years now...)

I had performed this action consecutively every day, without fail. Without missing a single day for 5 whole fucking


Once I finished sprinkling all the liquid and applying my demonic power's essence, I removed thoroughly the damp

portions, and returned the remainder to the two tins.

Placing the two tins in the cupboard, as before, I closed the door, turned towards my equipment, then folded the oilpapers and stashed them all inside my bag.

Once I finished this series of actions, not a single trace of the Tea leaves remained in the kitchen storage.

...Then, I stopped moving for just a moment, having caught sight of the other tins of Jade Tea next to Grayfia and

Venelana's in the cupboard.


「Yeah. Let's add Sirzech's and Zeoticus part too. Just to be sure.」

Grayfia and Venelana should be approaching their limit before long.

Until then, it will be necessary to make Sirzechs and Zeoticus energy and sperm count decline sufficiently.

Materializing a different liquid using my demonic alchemy, this time

I soaked it into the tea leaves and applied my demonic energy's essence once again.

Now I really had finished all the work, and I clicked the lock on my school bag closed.


「Okay. Now I'm good.」

I had done this continuously for over 5 years.

For the past 5 years since I came to the Gremory house, without missing a single day...

I had resolved in my mind that I would definitely fulfill my desire of a harem in this second life.

By my own methods.

...Gremory Library...

For the whole 5 years since I became their lodger, I had continuously made the Gremory family except my corrupted

lover Rias to take certain drugs imbued with my demonic essence.

In the things they each loved and drank every day: Their food and even the tea...

For Sirzechs and Zeoticus, a drug with the effect of slowly, but surely, decreasing their fertility, vigor and sexual


And for Grayfia and Venelana, one with the exact opposite effect to Sirzechsi's and Zeoticus. A sort of aphrodisiac,

that slowly but surely corrodes their minds to my bidding...

My efforts had paid off, and there had been no signs of sex between the couples for over 4 years now.

I had crept into their bedrooms when they weren't around, and made sure that Grayfia and Venelana had a sexless


And now, the effects of their respective drugs are showing their signs...

I doubt Milicas will be born in this fiction at this rate now hahaha...*cough* where did that come from?... moving on.

I uneventfully finished the daily routine that absolutely nobody except my associate Rias knew about, and stealthily


Peeking on Grayfia once more, I checked her state of wellbeing.


「Oof...! Ah, mm...?」



Grayfia, who alone had bent forward to clean the bookshelves of the Gremory Library, twitched slightly.


「Eh...? Mmph...」


(*Dark laughter*...)

I had gained a certain confidence, not just from the scene I was witnessing now, but also from observing Grayfia

changing to her maid uniform every morning.


(Very soon, Grayfia-san.)

Grayfia's ripe body had shown a great transformation these last few years.


「No! I... Ha, fuh...」

Pausing from what she was doing, Grayfia restlessly looked around, and quickly moistened her lips with her tongue.


「Kuh, hmmm...」

She clutched her shaking shoulders, and rubbed her inner thighs together in frustration.


「Anh...! Hah, mmh... Why...?」

Her face blushed as far as her earlobes, and on her beautiful breasts, if one looked closely enough, her nipples were

so hard that it was clear even through her maid uniform.


「Strange, I'm, so... Ah, nuhh. Really strange...」

Shaking her head in refusal, she tried to distract herself, but Grayfia instantly twisted her body once again.


「Ah...! Haah, haah... It's no use... I'm, strange...!」


(No, you're not strange at all, Grayfia-san!)

While secretly watching Grayfia writhe frustratingly, I nodded in silence.

She isn't at all strange. Grayfia-san is truly beautiful.


(It's because I've awoken Grayfia-san's "Dark side"...)

...And then. When the time is right I'll be the one to comfort her awakened "Dark side"...


「...( :D)...」

For a mere moment, I expressed an emotion which resembled that of burning obsession, but it was promptly painted

over again by my innocent smile.


(...(^ ͜^)...)

This innocent smile wasn't just for the use in this household. No, no this phony smile, which was famous even

throughout the underworld, deceived all the adults around me.

Putting on this smile even fooled Serafall Leviathan who was known as the best Maou for judging character.


「Tch. This is bad...!」

Still expressing a smile without a bit of gloom, I made a teleportation circle and rushed to school.

I think I burned a lot of time from watching Grayfia's sexy scene too much, I might end up being scolded by my Rias

for being late for our kinky lunch~.

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