177 Kisses and Choices

Yet in the end, the king was unlucky. Katherine couldn't repair his ability to walk. She assumed that it was because too much time passed, and the injuries had partially healed wrongly. Again, something new she learned about her ability, and she was not happy about that.

As she was of no help, the king refused to be helpful as well, only saying that he had wanted Ethan as an ally of the Icelands instead of a possible threat. She highly doubted Ethan could be a good ally. There had to be something bigger behind it.

Leaving the room with a sour feeling, she discovered Nathaniel leaning against the wall next to the door. His arms were crossed in front of his chest, stretching his black shirt a bit over the muscles of his arms and broad shoulders. A small smile flittered over his lips when he noticed her gaze, yet his words were serious. "You are too kind to him."

She nodded, closing the door. "You were just as lenient."

"He still has some use. And he's Aston's father." His brows were furrowed as if he himself wasn't sure if that was the whole truth.

"I once had a cousin", she answered simply. Sometimes, family turned out to be bad company one would better be without. Yet, it was hard to leave them behind as long as they didn't betray oneself openly. Only when she mentioned it, did Katherine notice that this was no topic she wanted to talk about. So she changed it by placing her hand on his arm. "Let's go fix you up, alright? We can talk politics later."

The smile that hit her this time, was slow and stunning. "Alone in a room. It'll be my pleasure."

His hand ran down her back, sending a pleasant shiver through her skin, before she lightly slapped it away. "I heard healers are not allowed to flirt with their patients."

"But patients are allowed to flirt with their healers, are they not?", he rebuked, eyes glittering with mirth, but also intense enough to tell her that she would not get away easily. Now that the ice age was over, she saw a completely new side of him. And that daring smirk of his was damn sexy.

It told her straight away that a kiss was inevitable as soon as they were alone - maybe more. And when their lips touched, her mind would go haywire, making her a trembling mess of desire. Now already her knees were weak, and she sucked in a sharp breath.

For a second, fear struck her. How sure was she that he wouldn't exploit her weakness? That his ability wouldn't break lose and kill them? There were still things they didn't test about it...

"Katherine." Nathaniel's hand was on her cheek, his gloved thumb tenderly stroking it. "We won't go all the way. I know where to stop. If the wisps directly touch you, it might still be bad, so just a bit. A few kisses. Maybe like last time. I know it won't be enough, but I need that. I need you. You are... affecting me. And it just gets harder to resist every damn second."

The sharp breath he released was proof of his inner fight. It was hard for him to acknowledge his desire, how it was straining him, but it wasn't fair to keep it from her either. It was burning in him, encouraged by the sweet smell of roses in the air, and the softness that pressed against the leather.

"I'm afraid we can't be alone in a room if you say no", he whispered.

Her lips opened like a flower blossom in a soundless 'oh' as her gaze jumped over his body. Only now she noticed the taut muscles and fast rhythm of his breath. In his pants was a big bulge that he didn't even try to hide. Because of his teasing, she had thought there was still time, that she should first look after his bodily wellbeing before fulfilling their needs. A rational decision. Now, she knew that her husband needed her before he could appreciate rationality again.

When their eyes met again, he growled low in his chest and she saw the red fire burn even hotter. His hand wandered down to the back of her neck and grabbed it tightly. "Make your choice now, Katherine!"

Despite his intensity, her fear was gone. How could she think for a second that this man would hurt her? The last time, he tried to get away even when she lost her mind with lust. He was not the one to endanger them, and she had also learned her lesson. Hopefully. With a smile, she coiled her arms around his neck and went to her tiptoes. Her skin lit up in the brightness of her power when she whispered next to his lips: "I will always choose you."

Then she kissed him. He stilled as if in surprise, before a deep groan vibrated in his chest and his free arm gripped her waist, pressing her to him until they were almost melted together. Hungrily, he sucked on her lips, weaving his fingers in her hair. Her hips jerked when they touched the hardness on his abdomen, making them both moan.

Instinctively, he turned them, backing her up against a wall, so he could bring them even closer together. Her lips were sweet and hot and perfect, and her hands fisting in his hair felt painfully good. He could not get enough of her.

Suddenly, he pulled away, gasping for air. "We should - get upstairs."

Completely dazed, it took Katherine a second to nod. Then she was already in his arms. Taking two or three steps with each stride, Nathaniel carried her up the stairs, his pulse thumping in his ears.

A giggle of joy and hilarity fell off Katherine's lips. The way one kiss turned her into a fool for love, was absolutly incredible. But at least, Nathaniel seemed to have the same weakness. Wiggling in his arms, she pressed a kiss on his throat, then his jaw, earning her a growl as his arms tightened. "Don't. Tease. Me!"

"But I want to." Another kiss landed on his neckline, followed by a little lick. She could see his hairs rise up in goose bumps as he sucked in a breath to curse. On his back, wisps of darkness evaporated in her sphere of light, but for now, her power was stable. So she kissed and nibbled a bit more.

When they reached her room, he all but threw her on the bed. Panting heavily, he was soon over her slender form, towering above her like a big panther over his prey. His eyes were as hot as she felt.

For a second, he halted and pressed them shut, struggling with his emotions. Knowing that she might have driven it too far, Katherine reached out a hand to caress his cheek, and the tension in his muscles relaxed a bit. Then the deadly smirk was back on his mouth, eyes glinting evilly under hooded lids. "I will so pay you back for this, woman. Prepare yourself."

Katherine held her breath, excitement rippling over her skin and prickling between her legs.

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