How to Make the Iceprince Fall Book

novel - Historical Romance

How to Make the Iceprince Fall


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This is a story about two people using each other and how they end up in love instead. After killing her parents, Katherine's cousin sends her to an earl of the enemy nation for marriage. Of course, she doesn’t want to be a plaything – neither of the earl nor her murderous cousin – but what can she do being a seventeen-year-old girl in a men-controlled country? Having healing as her magic, while all others have some awesome attacking skills? Katherine vows to get her revenge anyway, and the first hurdle to a self-determined life is to seduce the earl to get his resources and connections. It couldn’t be that hard, right? Just that, after arriving in the earl’s territory, he tells her that he doesn’t even want to marry her. No, no, that can’t be! She needs to make him change his mind! Schedule: 1 chapter a week Ps: for the cover kudos to darksouls1 from pixabay


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