How to Make an Emperor
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How to Make an Emperor



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What is How to Make an Emperor

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A night before Ran's 7th birthday, she was summoned to Rosyllia—a world similar yet different from the world where she was born. No words can describe how angry Ran was. She was abducted! She was abducted right before her grand birthday which she was very excited of! And worst, she was abducted while she's still on her PJ's and bunny slippers! How can do this to a mere 7 year old girl? Such insolent beings! Gail, her "insolent abductor", offered a deal. He told her that he will take her and protect her from the monstrous beings in exchange of having her as his successor. Successor of what? Ran didn't bother asking, she's not interested anyway. All she want is go home, have a wonderful sleep and get ready for her party. However, Gail told her that he can only summon and transport beings from the other worlds and take them to Rosyllia but he cannot transport beings from Rosyllia and send them to the other worlds. "I can't send you back to your world but I know a way..." Within a second, Ran's blaring eyes began sparkling. "A way? How? Tell me! Should I slay a dragon? Kill an Ogre? Or murder you? C'mon, hurry up and tell me!" "How sadistic of you, little girl. You didn't even reach my waist yet you're already planning to kill me!" Gail chuckled and shook his head. "Accept my offer and I'll tell you." "Fine, fine. I accept your offer. Now, tell me how I can go back to my room." Gail flick his fingers and sparkling blue dust appeared out of no where. "The deal is sealed. Starting from this moment, you are now my successor." "Whatever. Now, what's the only way you said?" Ran folded her arms and stomped her feet on the ground as if in a hurry. Gail smiled. "Make an emperor." She was abducted, she was scammed, and she was trained harshly for 13 years—Is there still any misfortune that can befall on her? Sure, there is. She met the man she will turn into an emperor at the river—while bathing.


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