How To Love or Hate Book

novel - Romance

How To Love or Hate


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Kim Seo Yeon did not how to feel. From the moment she was born she was hurled into a world of poise and perfect manners - to do what was right for her family instead of herself. "Family comes first" was the motto drilled into her head and she abided by it diligently. her life was set out even before she was born. -go the most prestigious of schools and colleges -win and be the best - marry the heir of Park Enterprises - Park Jong In, her childhood friend.' her life was prepared like a little game of chess. but a little accident, a drunken mishap and a spontaneous decision places her in a unknown land, with no passport and no recollection of how she got there. Enter Do Kyung Min, a beautiful hotel owner with the most beautiful smile. but a dark secret from the past probes his mind with Seo Yeon's arrival that he wishes to forget. when these two people meet, their lives collide in ways unimaginable. the only question is this: will they make it? * * * “Four kids!” he grinned, “Two boys to protect you, and two girls for me to spoil.” “…” “And if you are willing, I'd like to have five more,” he added. “…” “…” “Are you trying to kill me?” Seo Yeon finally sputtered out in shock. “The process will be fun though,” he winked. “You-”


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