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How to kill procrastination?


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How to kill procrastination? Getting rid out of procrastination is not that easy because it's in human nature that most folks suffer from it. But to overcome this ailment you might have to go for some rules: Rule no: 1 is detailing you to make a to-do list, to note down some important things to do during every productive day, by means to make every day productive. Rule no: 2, also said to be the "Two-minutes rule", the best way to resolve the trouble by implementing a Two-minute rule or two-minute of work. For instance, if you regret missing your workout or makes you a procrastinator while exercising, simply apply this rule by doing two minutes of exercise which is quite useless, or even exercising two minutes is nothing, but instead of wasting time somewhere on superfluous things, I guess this would be a suitable panacea of procrastination. We people often unwilling to do gym for the whole hour or two but for the procrastinator, it'd be hard to do gym in a lengthy time, so Two-minutes is just a startup, as days run out, these two minutes will extend up. Rule no: 3, never miss TWICE. It's not a big trouble to miss your workout or gym once a week, but if missing twice, would make you in a habit of procrastination and inconsistency. Simply, consistency is a key to the threshold. Those are some precise rules, try out and make some difference in your attitude.