1 Prologue-The legend of the ghost truck

It is often said that there is a ghost-truck that speeds down our streets sending unsuspectful youths to the afterlife.

It often targets young children and old grandpas. It is said that if you were to step in and save them your soul would be captured and sent for re-incarnation in another world filled with magic and cultivation.

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It is the one-way ticket to being the MC of a novel.

I call it bullshit.

So when I saw a truck try to run over a drunkard on the other side of the street.

After warning him to get away, I didn't push him away.

Why? Cause I don't have a deathwish. I know my life sucks like every other highschooler I'm this country but it still ain't bad enough.

I flipped my finger at the truck and yelled at the driver to go get a license or something.

However to my horror the truck just phased through the man. A pale faced man stuck his head out of the truck and looked at me-

"Boy, I will remember you. You will be joining us soon enough". Then giving off a sinister smile he sped off into the distance with a speed unbeffiting for a truck.

Looks like I just pissed of someone I couldn't afford to piss off.

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