1 Prologue: the snake awakens V1

"ah, how did it come to this."

On a battlefield, a young voice sounded, without its usual angry tone.

"all this time holding back, letting others do the fighting, only been there to observe and correct the event so that nothing outside of canon happened."

bodies surrounded the young girl, the destroyed remains of the building decorating the scene, blood was sliding down her arms and legs. looking around the girl saw her friends, allies, and others fighting with their lives on the line against the enemy. "it all happened so quick" thought the visored.

only a couple of hours ago did Aizen and the other Arrancar arrived at the fake Karakura town and in a couple of seconds, all hell broke loose.

the fight broke out all over the place, the visored, shinigami and Arrancar fighting with each other.

at first, there was hope, the captains fought the Arrancar to a standstill, and others defeated their opponents, but when Aizen revealed the Hogyoku all changed. he single-handedly defeated some of the captains.

with captain commander Yamamoto incapable of using Ryuyinjaka all when to shit.

"I should have done more, maybe tell the others what was happening, talk to Urahara. ha! if Ichigo ever knew that I could have saved his mother on that night he would kill me without remorse."

on the battlefield Kisuke, Ishin and Yoruichi were fighting Aizen with all they had meanwhile Ichigo is there been useless. with quick movements, Yoruichi fought Aizen giving him thousands of punches per minute with no effects. Aizen just moved his hand and Yoruichi was defeated.

Aizen looked to Ichigo.

"it's useless, all your efforts are for nothing. with the Hogyoku already empowering me, there is no hope of you to defeat me."

the young girl looked at Ichigo, he was paralyzed in fear, and incapable of formulating an answer. "I will have to buy time for Ichigo to go and train his mugetsu," thought the visored. there was little hope that all will go according to canon in her mind this was not just the manga that she read hundreds of years ago, this was reality and she needed to do something.

years spent training for this moment, blood, sweat, and pain that went into training herself to the point that she was confident of defeating Aizen at his best, but the fear of derailing the history stopped her. the fear that with one wrong move all the meticulous planning of Kisuke would go wrong.

"What is the point of power if you don't do anything with it."

those words keep going in the mind. the word that her teacher on the west soul society branch told her.

"I suppose that it's time to stop holding back"

the girl looked in the direction of Ichigo and Aizen.

"oi! Ichigo. get away from him! don't stand there looking like an idiot, you bald!"

Ichigo looked back

"Hiyori! you are still alive!"

"of course I'm alive," she said as she stood up from the rubble." you will need a lot more than a couple of cuts and an open stomach to stop me"

looking at Aizen she said " hey! you stupid wanna be god. want to see what it means to get a power beyond the limits of a shinigami and hollow!"

Aizen looked at her with an unimpressed stare.

"interesting, even more than the fact that you are still alive, what could you a failed experiment do to me. one who has ascended beyond the means of mere mortal".

after his words the world stopped, the air started to be heavy, the reiatsu emerging from the bloodied girl started to rise without stopping.

"I was afraid of what could happen if I defeated you, but right now I don't give a fuck. Ichigo take your father the others and get out of here, I will buy you guys time to make a plan."

Aizen raised an eyebrow.

"ho, and what are you going to do? I have to congratulate you, the levels of reiatsu that you are releasing are even higher than some captains, but that's not even enough to pose a risk to me".

the girl took a stance with her sword that was already in its Shikai.

and screamed

"This is only the begging!"

the deep blue energy around her started to gather around Hiyori's body.

"This is where things start to change Aizen"

around the place, rocks started to levitate and turn into dust. the blue energy around her reached a peak and a blue beam of energy shoot into the sky.

"BANKAI! Tochi o hakai shi. Orochi!"

the world exploited in a show of light as the energy dispersed and in the center stood Hiyori with a giant snake around her. the snake stood among the rabble and the building. Its eight heads stood there unblinking staring at Aizen who stood there without any kind of external reaction at the revelation of the new Bankai of the visored.

"its that all ? a big snake. I was hoping for something more ex-lieutenant."

Hiyori looked at Aizen with a mocking glare, and without saying anything. started to accumulate energy again!

"This is the start and now the end! here I go Aizen! you wanted to become a god, without even reaching the limits of your most basic form. well, this is the power beyond Bankai! the limit of the power of a Shinigami!"

the world again stood still. Ichigo hurried to grab his dad, Yoruichi, and Keisuke to run from there hoping that they were alright. looking back he saw Hiyori surrounded by a wall of blue energy so deep and so compressed that her body couldn't be seen. he was choked as was Kisuke who knew Hiyori quite well.

"it seems like I didn't investigate your journey to the west branch well enough Hiyori"

Kisuke said with some shock. after all, he had known the small girl for many years. he saw how she changed 110 years ago from a rage-prone girl to a powerful but still easy to anger girl. but it seems that she had managed to evade even his perception.

"now I see why Shinji was so adamant that I talked to you before the war. you were afraid of what could happen or what could change. isn't that right Hiyori?"

Kisuke asked himself.

the fake city trembled, buildings began to fall down and even some of the other Shinigami in the area started to take notice.

Shinji who was among those that watched the show said.

"so you finally took the jump, ne, Hiyori"

the yell of Hiyori was heard all across the battlefield.

"yō Bankai: Subete o hakai shi. Yamata no Orochi!"

and like that the history of this world changed forever.