How to Become the Strongest Princess Book

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How to Become the Strongest Princess


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Hellium Dexter is a drained, 26 year old, old man who believes that his sole reason for living is to overwork himself. Contrary to his lifestyle, his agemates had been busy making their lives successful, with both time and money, plus girlfriends. While he, on the other hand, had been assigned to an unreasonable boss and toxic officemates who seem to enjoy living trampling others. The only paradise he can achieve in this earthly hell was manga, anime, and light novels. Yes, Hellium is an otaku. A true hero of his generation! A man with the power to overturn life and death situations by willpower and shouting! A 26-year-old who still have chuunibyou. Not like he can use his will power and shouting in the real world though. For example, when he saved a child from an attempt of suicide by jumping off a bridge. A mundane effort! And thus, Hellium Dexter died. What a quick death! However, contradicting the feeling of dying, he opened his eyes. Only to find himself on an unfamiliar scenery with a body that could only move a little. A baby?! Did he reincarnate as a baby? He can’t believe it and was about to be swallowed by joy when he realized something is missing… why doesn’t he have that thing down there?


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