1 Prologue and wishes

(A/N: Before we start there will be a harem but not a big one like almost every girl who's an important character in the series no at most like 6 or 8 but thats it no more for the Shinobi world. Until he goes to another world there wont be more than 6 or 8. im also taking suggestions for who you guys want in it. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki is already in it so choose the other 7.)


Alex Anderckson the most influential name. Many people want to be like him as he is not only the richest person but also the smartest. He has done many things from creating the most advance of technologies to creating cures for the most of dangerous of diseases. Everybody admires him wants to be like him, but that's not what were here for, were here for his story.

Alex was an orphan since he was born. He live in an orphanage most of his life. He moved out when he started to go to high school he got a job and everything. His high IQ was a big play in all of this as he pass through grades as if it was easy as walking, went to collage and the same thing happened he got a PHD in Science,Med-School,Math,History,Astronomy etc.

All this happened in 2 years since he moved out of the orphanage. From there onward's he started to create technology,cures and started to make a lot and I mean a lot of money. He became the richest person in the entire earth and also the most influential but of course this dint make him greedy or anything nope not in the least as instead of becoming greedy he became more nicer as he also started giving half of his earnings away to orphanages,charities,Hospitals and the like. he needed the other half for his study or creating new cures or technology.

But this dint mean he also dint have fun on the contrary he still had a lot of time for having fun although he did go to parties, he had more fun and spend more time on watching anime than partying.

Right now you could see him in the tallest building there is all the way on the top floor where his office was. He was contemplating on life as of right now he had nothing better to do than watch some anime but he already finished all of them and no new ones were coming out.

"*Sigh... There's nothing to do I already finished my goals that I had and finished All the anime i watched and liked." Said Alex

" Hey God can I be reincarnated with some wishes and go on fun adventures and battles." Said Alex not expecting a respond however his question was answer the next instant.

" Of course my Child, you can just wait a second."Said ???

"Wait what who said th-." tried to say Alex but he dint get the chance as the instant he was about to finish his question his vision went completely black.

Right now we can see Alex floating on a complete blank and white space, Literally there was nothing.

"What happened and why am i floating?" Asked Alex again not expecting an answer but to his surprise he received one.

"You are on my domain my child." Said ??? who was sitting on a white throne in front of Alex.

"Wait who are yo-... Actually never-mind I'm guessing you're God?" Asked Alex

"Yes you are correct I Am God also known as the *First* or the *Creator*." Said ??? now identified as God.

"Why am i here? and why are you known as the *first i get God or *creator* but why first." Asked Alex

"Well I am known as the *First* because I was the first ever being born even before Nothingness was a thing. As for the reason of why you are here is because you wanted to get reincarnated with some wishes and I wanted a successor also because of your high Karma." Said God

"Wait really can i really be reincarnated in a world like Naruto?" Asked Alex

"Of course what kind of God would I be if I dint let my successor not reincarnate in a wotrld they would like." Said God while smiling.

" Ok so how many whishes can i get and is there a limit?" asked Alex

"Well you could either get 10 chicken nuggets or 3 big macs." Said God

"Whats the difference between 10 chicken Nuggets and the 3 big Macs?"asked Alex playing Gods little game.

"A big difference if you choose 10 chicken nuggets you can wish for some skill as long as its not to much like instant mastery or gamer's mind or game'rs body. But if you choose the 3 big macs you can wish for anything with no limit as long as its not something like instantly getting the power of me."Explained God

" I see well I choose the 3 big macs." Said Alex

"Very well state your wishes." Said God

"Ok for my first big Ma-... I mean wish I want 'Skill Creation'."Said Alex

"Very well granted what else?" Asked God

"For my second wish I want to be able to use the strongest energy as well as have infinite amount of it." Said Alex while praying he would granted.

(A/N: I know what some of you might say " Author-sama but he said the only limit is no instantly having his power and not only that but also being the strongest energy" Yes the *God* has infinite energy and that would be consider his power. But i'm going to make this the only exception so don't be getting mad at me.)

"Very well granted now for your last wish."Said God

"Alright for my last wish I want a system that has everything a system should like Status,Shop,Inventory,Quest while also having things like a summoning tab and also skill point's in which i can use to upgrade any skill or technique to the furthest level I can. I would also get the system points,Summoning point's and Skill points from quest or killing someone and would get the points depending on the quest and or strength of the one i kill. If it wouldn't be to much of a problem the system would also allow me to travel to other anime worlds." Said Alex

"hmm... Granted all your wishes are done, now i would also like to know your new appearance and which world you would like to get reincarnated in."Said God

"For my appearance i would like to look like Solace Elsword but instead of black hair I want for it to be white and I would like to go to the Shinobi-World or Naruto-world and be born to the Uchiha with the highest pure bloodline and as for the timeline...I would like to be born 1 year after Kakashi."Said Alex

"Very well since that is all i'm going to send you now but remember you're the successor to the *GOD* so be sure to get strong."Said God

"Yes i wont disappoint you God."Said Alex

With that God wave his hand and send Alex to the Shinobi-World with both smiling, Alex for being reincarnated and God because he really liked Alex character.

(1 second later)

"Wait I forgot to tell him that by being my Successor he also has to marry my daughter's...Nah ill just tell him when he meets them ill do just that."Said God as he went back to watching One Piece.

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