272 How To Run

"Something like this won't kill you. I already told you this before, sister. I serve the demon lord, and you only have two options. You either bend the knee to him, or you suffer the consequences! I don't care about what you think we are! You are my enemy if you are against the demon lord!"

Dragonnel shouted this in anger and Givalich felt anger rise inside of her as well! This fool! He was ready to lay down his life for the exact same person that led to the destruction of their home! The demon lord is the one that made Volcanica into what it is today and Dragonnel just wanted to serve that same person! Is he mad!?

Givalich immediately concluded that there must be some sort of mind control magic that was being used on Dragonnel! This is too much and she was not going to believe that Dragonnel would betray his people like this!

"Fine then! Since you want to serve the demon lord so badly! I'll kill him and make you come back to your senses!"


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